How Imran Khan knows about Memo Scandal before it happened?

The question became very famous. How Imran Khan knows about Memo Scandal earlier than it happened. This question was first asked by one of the top TV talk show anchor from a PTI member.


The PTI representative was unable to reply correctly, probably he was not aware of this story. Upon that a lot of people considered Imran Khan a part of ISI or other secret agencies. Few also declared him a part of ISI. This question gave an opportunity all those who have other favorites in Pakistani politics to declare Imran Khan a bad person, a bad politician that is not suitable for Pakistan. Furthermore Anchor person baselessly alleged PTI’s leadership of backhand involvement with the ISI. PTI still has an answer to this question that was published in press release at official PTI site on 22nd November.

Quote from PTI press release.

In one of the high rated programs on the most popular private TV channel this Sunday, the anchor person baselessly alleged PTI’s leadership of backhand involvement with the ISI. She questioned, how Khan sb knew about the Memogate scandal on 30th October 2011, whereas the Pakistani media opened the story in mid November. Here is how we knew.

On October 10, 2011, The Financial Times published an article by Mansoor Ijaz: “Time to take on Pakistan’s Jihadist spies”. The article reads, inter alia:

Early on May 9, a week after US Special Forces stormed the hideout of Osama bin Laden and killed him, a senior Pakistani diplomat telephoned me with an urgent request. Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan’s president, needed to communicate a message to White House national security officials that would bypass Pakistan’s military and intelligence channels. The embarrassment of bin Laden being found on Pakistani soil had humiliated Mr Zardari’s weak civilian government to such an extent that the president feared a military takeover was imminent. He needed an American fist on his army chief’s desk to end any misguided notions of a coup – and fast.

The diplomat made clear that the civilian government’s preferred channel to receive Mr Zardari’s message was Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff. He was a time-tested friend of Pakistan and could convey the necessary message with force not only to President Barack Obama, but also to Gen Kayani.

In a flurry of phone calls and emails over two days a memorandum was crafted that included a critical offer from the Pakistani president to the Obama administration: “The new national security team will eliminate Section S of the ISI charged with maintaining relations to the Taliban, Haqqani network, etc. This will dramatically improve relations with Afghanistan.

The memo was delivered to Admiral Mullen at 14.00 hours on May 10.”

It was evident from the tone of Mansoor Ijaz that the matter was not just urgent, it was also of serious nature and a case of high treason on the ‘diplomat’ who he referred to here. It was hence also crystal clear that only the Ambassador to US, Hussain Haqqani, was the diplomat close enough to President Zardari and with back channel contacts enough to reach Adm. Mike Mullen in America.

Khan sb. is an educated man who does not only go on local media’s heresay and blame games, but looks for proofs in international media as well. His only mistake was telling people the truth about what had already been quoted in international media. Our media skeptics need to have more homework done before they raise allegations on a leader of such high stature.

Rest assured, the public of Pakistan is not to be fooled any more. The zeal and numbers that joined Lahore jalsa were just the beginning of a proof of people’s trust in PTI.

I also have a snapshot from Financial Times website.

Time to take on Pakistan’s jihadist spies -

You can read the article here.

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4 Responses to How Imran Khan knows about Memo Scandal before it happened?

  1. freaksup says:

    may be “ZARAE K MUTABIK”

  2. saleem says:

    very good reply 4m Pti but acept or nt to acept there is a something behind the scene. is’nt?

  3. Rehman says:

    Pti basically supported/backed by army.. thats y Ik knew that.. & its a shame for him to describe his party as Democratic Polotical Party

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