Top Five Most Famous Recipes Eaten In Pakistan


Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures: the four provinces, Punjab, Sindh, Kpk, and Baluchistan each represent their cultures through their own language. And just like that, their food is one of the distinguishing characters of each province. Today, the writing team of Pakistan’s largest online food network, sooperchef is presenting the top five most famous Pakistani cooking recipes that are eaten all over the country with great delight.


Whether you don’t want to cook, are out of gas, or just willing to have a good evening with your friends and family, karahi is the top option in any of these and many other cases. Be it beef, veal, mutton, lamb, shinwari or chicken karahi, there are very few people who would be willing to say no to it. this delectable meat dish is made by shallow frying meat and vegetables (like green chilies and tomatoes) in a deep metallic pan which looks very much like the Japanese wok, known as the karahi (hence the name). It is served at all kinds of eateries and sold by the kilo, making it a very popular dinner recipe in Pakistan.


Let alone Pakistanis in this case, even if you ask a foreigner about a delicious cuisine from Pakistan, you are sure to listen to the word biryani! This delectable biryani recipe is prepared with all kinds of meat like veal, beef, and mutton but its version, the chicken biryani is most famous due to its effortless preparation and easy availability of ingredients used for the preparation. Sometimes it is confused with pulao but pulao is seasoned with broth while biryani is seasoned with spices.

Sarson ka Saag

Let us take a vegan recipe for the third spot on our list, say hello to the sarson ka saag. There is no doubt that whether you are or not of a Punjabi origin, you must’ve had the privilege to taste this Punjabi delicacy at least once. This delicious recipe is prepared with mustard leaves in spring and winter season, but in summers, when it is no longer available, it is prepared with spinach and served with a flatbread made with corn flour, known as makkay di roti.


Originally prepared with a whole lamb, the Baluchistani sijji is a delectable recipe from the province of Baluchistan. Nowadays the chicken version of the Baluchistani sijji is famous all over Pakistan, which is prepared by marinating and then skewing a whole chicken on an iron rod and then slow roasting with the help of coals.

Ras malai

The last but not the least favorite entry on our list has made it all the way from Bangladesh but has made its way into the hearts and kitchens of Pakistan. Yes, we are talking about the creamy and scrumptious ras malai recipe. The west describes it as a rich cheesecake having no crust and the Indian subcontinent (countries including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) sees ras malai as one of the most relished desserts of all.

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