How to Claim your Qitaf Points

What is Qitaf?

Qitaf is a rewards program that enables our customers to collect points and receive multiple benefits.

Who’s entitled to join Qitaf?
The program is available for all SAWA and LANA customers.

How can I register?
Registration is completed through any of the following:
SAWA customers can register by calling 902 and using the automatic answering system. LANA customers can call 1515.
Sending an SMS with the number 201 to 902.
Pressing #200* and then the call button.
When can I receive the benefits?
Immediately upon request.

Can I benefit from the same type of reward more than once?
Yes, you can use points to get one type of reward as long as this doesn’t exceed 5 times (500 points) every 60 days.
For example, if you have more than 700 points, you can exchange them 5 times for free SMS, for instance, and twice for a different reward.

What happens to the collected points if the service is cancelled or the application is updated?
Once the service is cancelled, membership gets cancelled and the points expire. Points cannot be transferred to another number.
However, if the applications are updated, the points remain the same.

What happens to the collected points if I upgrade my SAWA line to a postpaid number?
The points will be transferred once you complete your new membership procedure. Alternatively, the points can be added to your existing membership if available.

Can I benefit from the points if my prepaid card credit expires?
Yes, you can benefit from the points even if the credit expires as long as this is within the validity period of the service.

How can I get purchase vouchers?
When you collect 500 pints, you can call 902 to request purchase vouchers. Just give in the required information including your full name and address to receive the voucher within 14 days.

How to Claim your Qitaf Points

Send the following corresponding code to 902

201: Program registration
202: To know the number of collected points
203: Exchange points (100 points) for credit (SR 35)
204: Exchange points (100 points) for local SMS (140 SMS)
205: Exchange points (100 points) for international SMS (80 SMS)
206: Exchange points (100 points) for MMS (60 MMS)

Please note: You need a minimum of 100 points be receive the benefits.
For example, when you collect 100 points, you can choose any of the following:
140 local SMS, SR 35 of extra credit, 80 international SMS, or 60 local MMS.

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70 Responses to How to Claim your Qitaf Points

  1. Talal says:

    By the way, now you can Redeem Sawa and Lana Qitaf points and buy products from different shops,

  2. beena says:

    Thnx for the info

  3. adventurs says:

    STC has modified the codes in exchanging Qitaf points:
    Send the following codes to 902:
    202 To know the number of collected points
    9119 To benefits from 35SAR of on-net and international usage with 100 Qitaf points.
    9229 To benefits from 120SAR of on-net and international usage with 300 Qitaf points.
    9339 To benefits from 200SAR of on-net and international usage with 500 Qitaf points.

    • Hanif says:

      If we send 9119 to 202 then a message with content ” Dear Customer Please send this code to unified SMS channel number (900).. then what i do

  4. Mohammed Khan says:

    i have my degree of B. Sc. if u can guide me for permanent family visa which designation required as per my degree.

    pls reply

  5. Suaida Sulaiman says:

    I have already 100 Qitaf points, but the problem I cannot redeem it…when i sent 9119 to 902, the rply is your request for redemption cannot be processed as your mobile number is not active…

  6. Shabbir says:

    Dear I have more than 1200 points in my landline. I want to exchange it with qitaf vouchers. I have tried many times to get help from stc but to no avail. Can you please help.

  7. mustafa says:

    i entr the 4224 (by mistak ) now diduect from my incoming call what i will do now
    plesr give reply

  8. Ahmed Sultan says:

    I even have Qitaf points in my STC prepaid sim, but i do not know how to use it. After reading your blog i understood little what.

  9. ziurkhan says:

    I need qitaf points so friends if u r have qitaf points please tell me I wll send u STC balance

  10. ziurkhan says:

    I want to buy qitaf points just sawa STC qitaf points

  11. rahiznassan says:

    Now the number has been changed from 902 to 900. Therefore, send the mentioned codes to 902.

  12. i have 600 point i want collect from jerir i can

  13. mohammed says:

    How to transferred points to another one..?

  14. shafiq ahmed says:

    My qitaf account is blacklisted what I do

  15. Abdul rahim says:

    I need all sms from sawa in english what I can do?

  16. Kumar kc says:

    If i send 9119 to 902 then a message with content ” Dear Customer Please send this code to unified SMS channel number (900).. then what i do

  17. Fred says:

    why i did not recieved my load from sawa/lana

  18. ronaldo says:

    when i try to enrol in qitaf, the reply said my number is blacklisted in qitaf. what should i do?

  19. karthik says:

    Hi team
    I have made pizza order through redeeming my qitaf points now store cancel d my order will I get back my points

  20. Vaseem says:

    Thanks a lot for your excellent information on qitaf points.

  21. Usman says:

    Thanks,that was helpful

  22. Maham Abdul Muqsit says:

    Plzz help me what is LANA?

  23. sivakumar says:

    35SR extra credit

  24. Jengski says:

    How to earn qitaf points?

  25. pat says:

    i accidentally redeemed the QITAF points how to cancel it

  26. RM says:

    If I go to a Qitaf partner (non STC), what will be the value of 100 Qitaf points? i.e. 100 Qitaf points = — SR. Can I just go to Qitaf partner shop give my number and show my Iqama and exchange points for their products?

    • Noman Alvi says:

      yesterday i checked with Jarir Store, they calculated the Qitaf Points like this. 100 Qitaf Points / 5 = 20 SR.

  27. Noman Alvi says:

    i have 4000+ Qitaf points with my STF HATIF ( Landline Number.) now i want to redeem at Panda Store or Jarir Store but they are checking the Qitaf points from my Sawa number which is 100+ only. but how can i use my Landline Qitaf points ?

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