My Grand Father

Mirza Fazal Hussain

My Father and His Brothers

Mirza Manzoor Hussain, Mirza Iqbal Hussain, Mirza Riaz Hussain

Me and My Brothers

Mirza Nasir Mehmood, Mirza Qaiser Mehmood, Mirza Faisal Imran, Mirza Yasir Imran, Mirza Mohammad Bilal

Photo Gallery of my Family

24 Responses to Family

  1. Muhammad Asif Tufail Mirza says:

    Salam Sir’
    If u dont mind i want say something about your tribe or in other word Brothri which is very nescessery for to all the Mughal.
    If maked a palte_form where the u can solve and help the needy Mughal and help in any shap like Money’ Education’Busliness to gather in which all the Partner must be Mughal
    if u like this suggestion you cantact at this

  2. mirzayasir4 says:

    I will send a mail to you brother. Thanks

  3. Saif says:

    O bhai loogoo main bhi hoon


  4. attiya says:

    a.a.h r u , i have seen ur webpage , tht is really good , carry on and God bless u


  5. MOHSIN says:

    aslaam_u_alikam i see your web,and i was very happy to see your all pics.its good step.god bless you,and your family ,

  6. Nasir Imran says:

    Dear bhai (YI)
    kia hall hai..? hope u will fine… mai nay aap ke pictures deaki. jaisay mai apnay aap ko deak raha ho.. yaqeen nahi atta ke aap bil kul mere ho bahu hai.. i can’t belive it.

    please keep in touch..

    Nasir Imran

    Cell No. 0532820408

    MSN ID :
    Yahoo ID :

    Please add me

  7. alyas says:

    salam Yasir,

    its good to see your wonderful job there. boss please change my picture from your friends list i am not like before if you want i can send you my new pictures which you can post there. well take a good care of your self inshaAllah i want to come for umrah so will meet you there.


  8. Yasir Imran says:

    Thank you Alyas 🙂
    Sure, I’ll change, you just mail me & I’ll update those pictures.
    Infect time changes everybody, if you see me I also got changed.
    & Welcome you to umrah, just let me know & I’ll meet you there.
    Keep visiting 🙂

  9. santasree sarma biswas says:

    i think u should change ur opinion abt india

  10. M says:

    aapkay baray bhai to taliban maaloom hutay hain 🙂

  11. Muhammad Ikram says:

    hope u r fine always,very good yaar,good job,keep it up.ALLAH bless u and take care always……….thnx

  12. Yasir Imran says:

    Ikram saheb

    bohat shukria, mehrbani, Thanks

  13. imtiaz Ali Mugheri says:

    Dear yasir iaslam ile-kam iam a pakistani from sindh province and from larkana city. the city of Benzeer Bhutto. Dear i have completed my B.S.C
    from khairpur Univiristy sindh. and now iam doing D.I.T course. my dear i
    belong to a poor family so that i want any little job in saudi arab. but i have
    no sourse my brother. so i beg for your help. i have applied many times to pakistani Govt: but my dear they say have u any sourse? so from where i bring sourse. my dear iam 20/ years old. my family depend upon 10/ members. my please help me. mane ap ka shkur guzar rahonga. thanks
    may God bless u. thanks.
    imtiaz Ali mugheri.

  14. gadijah says:

    slms,do you make your own paste and would you sell to me?

  15. my dear
    my i have completed B.Sc from khair pur univercity . so wi need source of mony because idonot have mony for futher education
    so plz help me to further study

  16. my daer islam aslam o alakum
    iam shelter of Kamber Ali . i re i applied many times for govt jobs but shortage of mony i can not get any becauase here jobs is not given without mony .but i am very worried up date for job ,so i request u that plz help me in without dilay
    may God bless u

  17. ibbii says:

    Asslam-o-Alikum Sir,
    Main Nay apka blog ( dikha , Mera bhi aik blog hay.Mera khayal hay k ager hum apnay blogs k links exchange ker lain to hum dono ko faida ho sakta hay.Ya meray blog ka link hay ( ). Isay check krain ager apko link exchange krnay main dilchasbi hay to mujhay inform krain.
    Admin (

  18. arif hussain says:

    Dear Yasir Bhai Aslam ile-kam Iam Arif Hussain from Karachi, Pakistan. I want to your help for my family visit visa for saudia arab Riyadh . my brother-in-law live in saudi arab and my brother in law iqama is AAmil / mean is Labour .and my brother in law dughter is wedding .
    So Yasir Bhai How is possible we attend marriege brother in law dughter .
    plssssssss help us:-

    and my skype id i.e :- arifsoniaa
    waiting ur early reply in this regards will be highly thankfull to you
    arif hussain
    92 333 2131669

  19. Nic says:

    Mr. Yasir,

    I want to develop a web … i dont have an idea yet … can you help me? can you please email me to Thank you

  20. Sameer says:

    Hi brother,

    Can you mail me the application form to apply permanent family visa please ?

    mail id :

    with regards


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