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Yasir Imran

In a fast food restaurant Al-Baik, Jeddah

Welcome to My Blog. I am a Yasir Imran, a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. I am a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. I write because I want to express my thoughts. I like to read and discuss current affairs and politics.

Being a Muslim I keep an eye on Muslims’ problems, Issues and misconceptions about Islam. Then I try to propose solutions as per my ideology. I always put my efforts in raising positive issues that might improve the condition of Muslim Ummah.

Further more, at my blog you will find a touch to my personal life, my Photography and my Urdu blogging.

میرے بلاگ پر خوش آمدید۔ میرا نام یاسر عمران ہے اور میں پاکستان سے تعلق رکھتا ہوں۔ آج کل معاش کے سلسلے میں سعودی عرب میں مقیم ہوں۔میں ایک ویب ڈیزائنر اور ڈویلپر ہوں اور مسلم امہ کے اجتماعی حالات پر نظر رکھتا ہوں اور چاہتا ہوں کہ مسلمانوں کی حالت میں مثبت تبدیلی لا سکوں۔

My Blog –https://yasirimran.wordpress.com

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Me in my home in Pakistan.


I am receiving prize from College principle

Yasir Imran

Me in my previous office.


I am going for Umrah

Yasir Imran

In my current office.

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88 Responses to About Me

  1. Doctor S says:

    Mr. Yasir, how can you be contacted on email? You can send an email to the email address I’m entering in the comment form. I have something to ask.

  2. Hasan Ali says:

    Mr. Yasir Imran I am fan of your blog and I want to write on your blog so what did I do for it

  3. Hasan Ali says:

    Sir Yasir Imran I have sent you my guest post on your e-mail address 🙂

  4. Hasan Ali says:

    Sir Yasir Imran I am very shocked that how did you add facebook Like Box on your free wordpress blog. I have also try it on my blog but it does not work please tell me how did you do this ??????

    • Yasir Imran says:

      yar I am not sir… 🙂
      Secondly you have to like my blog first 😀
      You can easily do it now, go to appearance->widgets & you will find a new widget called “facebook like box” just add it into side bar & put your FB page URL over there. WordPress.com team is adding innovation to wp blogs everyday. There is nothing special in that.
      For the sake of testing I just created my FB page yesterday.
      BTW, your article is going very nice, I am waiting for more of something like that. As I told you earlier. You can have a contributor account at my blog anytime.

  5. Hasan Ali says:

    Yasir Imran you are my inspiration and thank you for the information. Yes I want a contributor account of your blog you can send my username and password on my e-mail address.
    Thank You are a nice person 🙂

    • Yasir Imran says:

      I have already send you an invite from wordpress.com
      Try logging in with your wordpress account. You will find my blog under your account. There you can submit a post.

  6. Liaqat Ali says:

    I m working in faisalabad pakistan in IT.Dept and share with u about suject and also current affair in politic of world.

  7. Hassaan says:

    Hi, i like your blog very much.. i assume that you are very much into adventures and stuff.. 🙂
    you will also like my post http://www.techenlife.com/?p=802 ( visit to killer mountain.. the nanga parbat )

    looking for feedback 🙂

  8. salam,

    What about job opportunities for PHP or Android software engineer in Jaddah or Riaz? If i am earning 60,000 Rs in Pakistan. What you would suggest?

    waiting for your email.


  9. mustafa says:

    Hello Sir,
    Myself Mustafa Hussain from jeddah i got to know that you are a web designer and a graphic designer . So right now i have a project that i have all the drawing about a New construction in industrial area so i have autocad drawing ( dwg ) so i want those drawing into 3d presentation. can you design it for my company ……

  10. Abdul Rehman says:

    I really like your website and wanted u to write on my blog:)
    My Bog Address:www.gaibianpost.com

  11. mohammad khalil says:

    i got the visa from istkadam that is yellow slip and after two and half weeks i send that slip to pakistan by air mail for stamping……..now recently one person said to me that slip must stamp before sending from “external ministry” الخارجيه

    tell me it is neccessary or not bec my one friend take one week before me and he send it directly PAKISTAN and stamp i am worried relply me……..

  12. azhar says:

    kindly tell me, my son his age is 22 years , he is in pakistan, can i apply visist visa for him,

  13. Junaid Khan says:

    I need your help in terms of my family permanet visa as everything is fine but I am unable to find out the application form and further to say that I dont have any format that how to fill it out. please help me in this regards

  14. Hidayath says:

    Salam mr. yasir
    16 months before my kids 11yrs twin traveld to india on exit re-entry visa due to some problem they did not come back, but now i got new visa from istakdam and sent to indian agent for further process later after one week agent said they must have exit stamp on their passport to re enter in saudi arabia what shall i do now?
    some people said they must stay in india for 2 yrs then only its possible to get re-entry again.
    and some people said it is possible to go to jawzjath to cancel/delete their previous visa status.
    i am really confused.
    pls guide me for your comment is highly appreciated.

    Hidayath, riyadh

  15. Hidayath says:

    Thanx for ur prompt reply,
    After cacelling exit re-entry visa is it possible they are eligible to come soon afterwards or they should wait for 1 year or 2years is must. If so what happen to the fresh visa validity which i got last week from istakdam ? plz highlight

  16. Hidayath says:

    Al hamdulliha,
    I have done as you said. Finally my kids came to ksa. Just today i made new iqama for them and Inshallaha they will start going school from next week.
    Thanks,,,,,, you are good human being,,,,,, I appericiate.

  17. Assalam-o-Alaikum!
    Yasir. I am glad that I found someone having similar views like I have. Lets meet someday.

  18. mian akhtar ali says:

    Yasi bhi my name is mian akhtar ali iam frome dhulain. Shareef. Stay in s.a becouse of u I can see what is going on around dinga evry morning when I get up isee news ialwas wate for new update iam very much intrusted in politiks so u help me lot to keep an touch with with it thanks thanku very much

  19. Tuff says:

    Hello brother,

    Please advise profession of vehicle supervisor need certificate attestion for ksa visa,

  20. Irfan Ali says:

    I want to buy a book (Comprative Study Of Muslims Sects -Mdule # CS02)
    Auther :Mubashir nazir.
    Please Tell Me
    Where i buy this book

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