In my college

I studied 4 years in Lahore in College . These are my friends of my BCS class, my college and my room mates.

  • Muahammed Ahmed Bhandara
  • Muhammed Ashfaq
  • Aftab Javaid Randhawa
  • Muhammad Saqib
  • Mian Asim Mitru
  • Javaid Latif Mughal
  • Khurrum Shehzad
  • Farsaad Naseem
  • Haroon Rasheed
  • Huma Malik
  • Kamran Ali Khan
  • Muhammad Asad Kashmiri
  • Muhammad Samil ullah
  • Muzammil Shah
  • Raja Hassan
  • Abdul Khalique
  • Rana Mazhar Hussain
  • Mohammad Farhan Khan
  • Alyas Aziz Malik
  • Mohammed Naveed Akhter
  • Mian Usman Mitru

In Saudi Arabia

  • Suruj Miah
  • Abdulaziz Mubarak
  • Muhammed Usman

In my home city and my school fellows

  • Ayaz Ahmed Qureshi
  • Sayed Saqib Abbas
  • Muhammed Iqbal

If anybody has objection why his picture is online, please let me know and I’ll remove your picture.


15 Responses to Friends

  1. Raja Omer Jamil says:

    Oayyyyyyyyyy .. where is my name 😀

  2. Raja Omer Jamil says:


  3. Yasir Imran says:

    Raja saheb aapki picture nahi hai mere pas

  4. imtiaz Ali Mugheri says:

    hello my dear yasir iam from pakistan my name is imtiaz Ali and my Qulifaction is B.S.C from khairpur Unirisity sindh i have seen u in net so i want your help brother.if u want to help me please contect me at: o344-3906409

  5. imtiaz Ali Mugheri says:

    my dear iam needy of your help.yar mane aik poor family sy hone agar ap mere madad karegy to ALLah tala ap ko hamesha khosh rakega .
    yar agar mare wasty koe choti c job ho to please mere madad kejea.

  6. imtiaz Ali Mugheri says:

    will u help me for the sake of God? imtiaz Ali mugheri.

  7. Dear Imtiaz ali
    I am living in Saudi Arabia, not Pakistan,please let me know how can I help you. Please add your c.v in Job search websites like and


  8. azhar says:

    u know me ?

  9. Hamid Rasheed says:

    Mirzaaaaaaaaaa yar meri photo laa diti aye tu per mera naaaaa q ni likhya tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :p

  10. Yasir Imran says:

    O yar waqai, tera nam nahi likha, asal main tu itna famous hai k naam likhne ki zrur hee nahi, kher likh deta hu yar 🙂

  11. Farsaad Naseem says:

    AOA yasir,
    how are you doing buddy? How is your life going?
    its very nice to see your blog.

    • Yasir Imran says:

      Wa Alekum Slam Farsaad brother,
      Alhamdulillah, I am very fine and living in Saudi Arabia these days. Very nice to see your comments here, See I keep all of my friends snaps here, although I can’t meet them but still I have their memories. It was great time with you guys. How’s your life, whats going on these days?

  12. sumbel says:

    dear mr yasir aoa
    i want some info about ashfaq khurram or mushtaq they were three brothers and once upon a time in 2000 ashfaq use to study in lahore comsit and then went to romania as per my last info i am based in sydney now and very curious to know where are they all now so if you can give me a link about them i shall be very obliged.
    sumbel javed

    • Yasir Imran says:

      Ashfaq is now settled in U.K with his family. I think he have kids now.
      Mushtaq is also living in U.K, but I think he is not yet settled and his stay is temporary.
      Khurrum is also in UK, I think he got married. He came to Pakistan in last 6 months, I don’t know when exectly.
      Their elder brother Shehzad is also in Europe. You can find them on facebook easily.

  13. MIRZA ARIF BAIG says:


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