Top 5 Urdu Recipe Websites in Pakistan

Urdu is Pakistan’s national language and most of the denizens prefer it over English as it is much easier to apprehend and deal with. While surfing on the internet, whether it is about shopping for groceries or inquiring about a flight, the residents of Pakistan yearn to look for websites that are willing to guide them in Urdu. Similarly, when going through online food portals, Urdu websites and food platforms are the most preferred ones. In this article, we have compiled a list of top five Urdu recipes websites that are popular in Pakistan.


Kfoods is one of the leading names in Pakistani websites that are popular for their Urdu recipes content. From Indian to Chinese recipes, kfoods has the most popular Urdu recipes provided by various famous personalities of the culinary world like Chef Rahat. Kfoods has many Urdu recipes ranging from desi recipes like achari sabzi to more exotic ones like Chinese chicken chow mien. Both vegetarian and meat lovers can find something useful in the Urdu recipes section of the website as well as on the blog. The website also has a separate section for health and beauty tips, which makes it more popular among its users.


If you look up the term “Urdu recipes” on the internet, would be among the top results. In a diminutive period of less than a year, sooperchef has made a reputation for providing quality content to its users. Along with a 4k two-minute video guide, sooperchef’s website is popular for its easy cooking recipes in both Urdu and English language. With more than 2 million followers on social media, sooperchef features more than 300 Urdu recipes which include continental, desi, Chinese, American and special dessert recipes. Sooperchef also has it’s every own iOS and Android app named as “ “Pakistani Recipes Urdu“ with a discussion forum where foodies can share their ideas with each other.


Another website that has cemented its name among the top food portals of Pakistan that feature Urdu recipes, is known as Besides being a food website, hamariweb also shares daily political and breaking news. The website has a special section, dedicated solely to Urdu recipes. It features more than a whopping 1000 Urdu cooking recipes compiled by renowned chefs like Chef Zakir, Rida Aftab, and Zarnak Sidhwa.

4. is a website that is well known for people who love to read Urdu content online. From Islam to Urdu news, jokes, and even horoscope, urdupoint covers all. However, there is a section that is reserved for the foodies looking for Urdu recipes online. The section labeled as “pakwaan” shows a wide range of Urdu recipes to choose from and also daily updated health and cleanliness tips.


The last but not the least on our list, is an Urdu recipes website which is quite popular among the chefs and housewives of Pakistan who are looking for new and easy Urdu cooking recipes every day. As the name suggests, is solely dedicated to providing quality Urdu recipes to its users. Apart from this, the website also features daily articles of health and fitness tips, and online grocery shopping facility for people living in the United States.

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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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5 Responses to Top 5 Urdu Recipe Websites in Pakistan

  1. Zeshan says:

    Iam already follower of your mention website sooperChef. These websites are providing best stuff in urdu language. Urdu recipes of these websites are easy and we can easily learn cooking by follow Thanks alot for this list. jazak Allah.

  2. Wow, Good website for news and entertainment. Most of your article is well written.

  3. afreenzia says:

    Well written article..

  4. Pakistani Food Recipes says:

    therecipespk is also taking place in online recipes site. I visited the website and found it useful. Have a look at it.

  5. All the above mentioned recipes sites are great. All have collection of recipes.

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