Required Documents and Process to Change Profession in Saudi Arabia


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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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174 Responses to Required Documents and Process to Change Profession in Saudi Arabia

  1. Raham Zada Shakil says:

    My name is Shakil, i am on Home Driver visa n now i want to change my Profession .
    I have a MBA & ERP and SAP , so can anyone tell me is that possible for me to change my profession?
    Now i am in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

  2. shavad says:

    Dear brother , i am from india and my profession in iqama is labour, my company is under green category, i dont have any degree, is it possible for my company to change my profession to any other good profession so that i can bring my family here. plz answer….. jazakhallahu khair

    • Abdul says:

      dear brother, according to your inquiry if we go through proper channel then there is no option to keep family with you on labour profession as (eg WIFE) untill unless you marry in KSA . but if your company Mandoob (lawyer) is strong so you can get any good profession by paying extra amount to get profession of family status.

    • Habeeb says:

      I think u can bring ur wife for visiting without changing ur profession, after that u can extend visiting period two times, one of my friend did this his profession is masory

    • Yasir Imran says:

      Yes, that is correct.

  3. naheem says:

    Dear all, Assalamu alaikum, is there any website or source where we can check the saudi embassy/consulate number ( 4 digit number which comes back side of degree certificate). please reply

    • Abdul says:

      only MOFA or Embassies can check this verification codes or directly you can go to any authorize agents by saudi embassy and consult them so they will clear you about attestation either it is genuine or fake.

  4. Kamran says:

    hello.. please tell me is the BA BSc degree is must for getting visa in saudia?

    • Abdul says:

      first find visa because on behalf of your degree no one will issue visa for you. if you have visa then it depends on your visa status. if your current profession is not according to your qualification then degree will help you to change your profession according to degree.

  5. shafqat zaman says:

    dear yasir imran can u tell me if chamber of commerce attested the documents than also need the attestation from ministry of foreign affairs ksa are not.
    please reply

  6. Aftaab says:

    Hi Imran, I am new to Saudi Arabia, I was working with a company in dubai since last 5 years and now have been relocated to Saudi , I am currently on business Visit . I have been infomred by the company PRO that it will be taking nearly 8 months to get my Iqama. Can you please advise what is the process to get the Iqama and what is the next step that the company will normally follow in this situation. I cannot wait for so many months as my family is in Dubai. Jazakallah Khair

    • omarfaruk says:

      assalamu imran i am bangladeshi i am working communication shope, now my profession is labour. i want change communication can do it.and my sponsor out saudi arabia.he give me all paper no problem. where go for make it. plz help me

  7. Aftaab says:

    Dear Abdul,
    Please comment

  8. Asad says:

    can any body help me out how to change my kafeel from my wife to a company? what is the procedure?

  9. HAMEED says:

    how many days required to finish saudi cultural attestation after finishing the HRD+MEA???

  10. Adeel says:

    dear brother i have FA (intermediate degree) can i change my visa profession?

  11. SJ Khan says:

    Dear All,
    Has anyone recently changed their iqama profession recently from technician to Engineer? What’s the involvement of SCE in this process?


  12. Faisal says:

    Can i change my profession from labor visa to any other visa (family spou) with the help of a Two years B.Com (Commerce Degree)

  13. Muzammil says:

    Dear your blog is ver usefull,
    I am Muzammil from India I have plan to change profession, My Company can’t do this because my sponsor company only three person don’t have any saudi. So I am trying from outside he will change my profession without passport and any other document by means he change profession only in Iqama not passort…My qustion..
    Compasory to change both iqama and passport.?
    In future i will face any problom for take family visit visa, Iqama renewal, Exit Re entry..?

    • Syed Afsar Ali says:

      assalam o alaikum Mr Muzammil
      I need some detailed information from you cuz i have same problem of changing of iqama profession currently i am working as a draftman but in my iqama profession is carpenter and i dnt have graduation certificates i just stdy intermideate (10+2) if i want to change the profession of iqama without company interfair how can i change and how much it wil cost me
      jazakallah khair
      Syed Afsar Ali
      Riyadh ksa

  14. shabeer says:

    Dear Yasir,

    Can i change my profession labour(Cleaning) to any other profession so that i can bring my family. I have degree and PG certificates.

    With regards

  15. Syed says:

    Dear Brother,

    I am Syed badar from India recently i join saudi with Computer eng, in Iqama it is mention Kaharba fanni, i think electrical Technician, i want to bring my family in saudi, is this professional visa is ok to bring my family or should i submit my MCA digree as i have.

    Thanks & Jazak Allah Khair for your cooperation.


  16. Anvar says:

    Hi Yasir,
    I have few queries regarding iqama transfer and profession change. Firstly, My kafeel is in red category and the company i work is in green.As my kafeel is in red i am not able to renew my iqama and the validity of my iqama ends on December last.Actually my present company is ready to transfer my iqama but they are asking me renew it first and then we’ll transfer,because there must be a minimum 3 months validity for transfer the iqama ,they are telling like this. please let me know is it possible to transfer the iqama with 1 month validity or not? Second thing, My profession in iqama is construction worker and my actual profession is Software developer.I have done all the attestation procedures for profession change .Is it possible to change my profession if my kafeel is in red category.Please leave a reply as soon as possible because i am in big trouble,if either the transfer or renwal has not done in 1 month I’ll have to leave KSA.

    • Afzal says:


      Your time is very critical and yasir is not a specialist for such cases..
      It’s better to consult with some body who knows these procedures well.
      Don’t wait for yasir to reply you in weeks…

      Thanks bye.

  17. Shihab says:

    Dear Yasir,
    Before also I raised this question, no body answer or not given correct answer. I heard that if profession changed peoples are not allowed to bring his family in permanent visa even he has all degree certificate (attested) ans same profession with Degree Certificate. My Profession is Economics Analyst and My Degree Bachelor of Arts in Economics (3 year BA Economics). Please provide me the correct reply.


    • Imran Karim says:

      Yes I had the same exp in this July when I change my prof which allow family permanent visa but despite of all doc attestation they refuse to give me with the reason that ministry stopped issuing permanent family visa for those who hv recently change their profession early this year.

      Eventually I had no choice but to get the visa frm back door channel.

  18. kareena says:

    helo all,
    iam from india working as a staff nurse in one of the private hospital in ksa but UN fortunately my profession in iqama and passport as labour is it possible to change my profession.

  19. Islamullah khan says:

    dear brother.i am from india my profession is house driver visa. now i want to change professin.i have a B.A.and Quality Control can anyone tell my is that passible for me change to my profession?
    Now i am in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

  20. waqar says:

    Dear brother , i am from pakistan and my profession in iqama is building panter , my company is under green category, i dont have any degree, is it possible for my company to change my profession to any other good profession so that i can bring my family here. plz answer….. jazakhallahu khair please Reply me 0500117510,,,

    • Abdul says:

      As per high demand of international employees now you guys can avail experience base certification world wide recognized. its a competency based diploma for those who are experienced in there field of work. On behalf of this certification candidate can change profession on iqama / can apply for promotion in company etc.
      contact details:

  21. usama akhlaq says:

    My iqama profaction is amil manzali I chang this profaction I live in al-hasa my iqama number:2353579150

  22. Vinoth says:

    Dear Yasir,

    I just came to Saudi in electrical technician visa,I have 4 years experience in computer technician field. i have my experience certificate but i didn’t complete diploma. I have only transfer certificate(TC) of diploma .i got a job through interview here in computer field. but they don’t know about profession change process. is it possible to change my profession with my experience certificate and diploma TC ?

  23. salman amjad says:

    imran bro tell me plz i want to change my profession labur to any good profession..i have 3 year diploma in textile designing bt i m working in construction company..i have aletter from my company in tiz letter address to saudi consulte in pakistan for attestation my u tell me can i able to change my profession in diploma aoociate eng?

  24. Nusrath Pasha says:

    Salam brother
    I need to change a profesion in my my iquma it is a labour.iam working as a MHE Technician (material handling equpiment technician)I have indian school certificate only. ( ssc secondry school certificate only ) can i take a family visa in saudi Arabia. My basic salary 4600 sar.

  25. Nusrath Pasha says:

    As salam allakum bhai
    I am from india.hyderabad.i am a maintenance technician in a hydrolic mechine In a repited my iquma my profesion as a labour.i dont have a degree. But I have secondary school certificate.i need to bring my family to ksa as family visa it is possible to bring.i request to my company to change my profession they are asking me a is possible to change a profession in this certificate. ssc (secondary school
    certificate)please can u suggest me.
    Thanks Regards
    Nusrath pasha.


  26. majid says:

    I am master in computer science and came on project engineer visa. They are asking saudi engineering council engineering approval.

  27. Tarique says:

    Dear Sir,
    Any one advice me to how can change profession for family visa.I would like tel i have B.Com degree with complete attestation upto Saudi MOFA and working in Senior Procurement.
    My current holding visa as a Building Technician.
    Please advice me what are the document required,procedure and in which category fall for family visa.

    Your immediate advice appreciated.

  28. wanted says:

    Bro yasir how can i change my profession from electrical enr to electronic engr as my company hair me from Pakistan .they send for me an electrical engr visa but my degrr is electronic engineering .
    now i want change my profession .

  29. Irfan Baig says:

    Assalam o alaikum respected brothers I am very thankful of the admin of this page who has created this helpful page for all those who are interested to change their professions.My story is also related to this topic if someone of you can help me then I shall be very thankful of him. I would like to change my profession on Iqama from Amil Manzali to any building line profession .My educational qualification is graduation( Bsc double Mathematics and statistics ) from Punjab university. I am currently living in Dammam Adama .I came here 2 months before and working with painters just only pulling and pushing the skala I am really tired of this job .when I bought my visa I was not aware of saudi rules and professions in Arabic language .I am interested to get any official job in Pakistan My profession was math teacher .I also have a good experience of computer technician job .but due to my profession on iqama I have problem if some one of you can help me kindly tell me the right path you can send me e-mail at ( ) thanks

  30. prakash says:

    sir ..i want my iqama professional but i don’t have a degree certificate..i done 10+2 education is done..i did diploma also but subject is not completed…now im working in Saudi Arabia as mechanical supervisor ..would you please tel me how can i change my profession be’s i want bring my family …can you give me suggestion

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