Required Documents and Process to Change Profession in Saudi Arabia


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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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172 Responses to Required Documents and Process to Change Profession in Saudi Arabia

  1. Faysal says:

    @ Ali people do change profession on Iqama only to bring their families here, as you already have a profession which has no restrictions to bring your family so why you worried???.. we are here to make money by changing your profession on your iqama wont increase your earning 🙂

    • Ibrar Uddin Khan says:

      Dear Ali ,
      Ali my name is abrar & i live in Dammam & i work in hospital i want to get visa for my wife but visa should be parmanent i have profession in my IQama Building Electrician if you can help me then give me a miss bell on my mobile ,,, my mobile number is that 050-9841834 ,,,
      please contact with me i will be highly great full to you ,,,

  2. syed zeeshan says:

    hi guys,

    i need advice i am working jeddah IT company
    my degree is MBAIT telecom management
    my profession on aqama is buliding electrian …i want to change my aqama profession as now it is opened for foreigners …..

    what profession i should choose –so that i will be in save from NITAQAT LAW
    IT tech
    Comp programmer
    IT conslutant

  3. Ahmad Khan says:

    Salaam alaikum
    Please read the links in ArabNews – It looks like companies have access to change profession with internet and there is no need to attest all those documents mentioned in your blog
    both have conflicts in deadline date.

  4. I want whats require documents for visa and all etc , +92-3064138380 family visa

  5. adnan says:

    please tell me about technical visa? status in saudi arabia?can he take his wife to saudi arabia?if a qualified engineering degree holder is going on a technical visa to saudi arabia than what will be the status/means will he be treated like a labour by his company/employer?After a year,he gets married in pakistan than how can he take his wife to saudi arabia?what simple method need to be applied to take his wife to saudi arabia>?thanks

  6. Muhammad Imran says:

    Salam Yasir;
    Kindly guide, I heard that you have to wait for 6 months after your profession change to bring your family in KSA. Is this true? kindly guide what is the rule?

    one blogger in some forum posted that as per new law even after change of your profession, you cannot bring your family untill 6 months. kindly guide.


    • naveeed says:

      No you can bring your family after change of profession and no need to wait for 6 months. recently my friend bring his family by changing his profession

  7. bilal mirza says:

    yasir brother i really appreciated to u to solve the problems through information

    i really lov uuu

  8. Imran Karim says:

    I have recently change my profession to Cost Accountant on Iqama and would like to bring my family from Pakistan. My Iqama issued from Dammam city and I lived in Jeddah City. I have a B.Com degree, pls note that no as such attestation is done on my degree.

    I have sent my B.Com degree, Marraige certificate and B.Form to Pakistan, Pls let me know which document from which body need to be attested in order to get family visa.

    thanks & regards,

    • naveeed says:

      B Com Degree 1- from higher Education Commision, 2- Foreign Office and Marriage Cenrtificate also attested from Foregn office. and if you have company letter for degree attestation then also done it from saudi cultural office and saudi embassy too. if this not done then u pay the agent here in saudia for visa and no need to attest the degree. any other query ask me

  9. m.adnan. says:

    as per your reply,engineering visa /technical visa are same. Means,what I have understood from your reply that in both cases I can bring my family to saudi arabia even if I have technical visa without converting it into engineering visa,Is it true?
    Have understood? I am traveling on BUILDING TECNICIAN VISA. Now tell me can I bring my wife to saudi arabia,without changing IQMA or any other papers /documents?

  10. Hussain says:

    Dear Brother,
    I am diploma of Associate Engineer in mechanical, can you tell me what is the profession for Associate Engineer Mechanical.

  11. anju says:

    dear sir
    iam an indian staff nurse working in one of the private hospital in jeddah.i came through cleaner visa they gave the iqauma as cleaner and i was working as nurse as i have all the saudi licence and professional certificate,after 9 months they take our iqauma for to change profession but its almost 3 months that they are telling still its on processing paper is on moh like that .now we 25 staff we forced to cancel our anual vacation also.can you guide us please.

    • Hanif says:

      Good morning Anju,
      I am Hanif, from Tamil Nadu, India.
      Last month i changed my profession from labour to engineering profession through my office P.R.O, it took maximum one week and they given me new iqama and i got family visa as well.
      Please check with your PRO.

  12. Ali Bajaber says:

    Hi All,
    I’m Ali ,from last 2 month’s im waiting for my transfer from kafeel to new Establishment Company.
    last week my agent told me that in labor office, i already transferred.and yesterday he submitted my iqama & passport +BCA degree in Jawazat.he said after ten days they told hin to contacted my new company is Contracting.Just i need good profession to change from Banaa AAm to any but non-saudization Profession .

  13. Shahul says:

    Dear Yasir,

    I Need an help from u to sort out the problem as my iqama stated as “Loading / Unloading Labor” working with an IT Company as sales assistant.

    I had completed Bachelor degree in biochemistry & One year diploma course in computer studies.

    Can diploma will help to change the profession from the existing to related with computer position ?

    Is it necessary to attest the diploma from my home country?

    Kindly check & give your reply.

  14. Siddique says:

    I am Siddique…
    I have ajob offer from a renowned company in saudi….
    I have gone through degree certificate attestations and all…..but finally they said they dont have a mechanical engineer visa and have given for a technician visa….is it possible to take my family?…
    Can i apply for change of prefession without any minimum lapse on receiving iqama there….
    Thanking you in advance

  15. Jahir Hussain says:

    I have changed (3rd time) my sponsorship last year November 2011, how many times we can change transfer-ship in saudi arabia? after that when i can change transfer-ship to some one. 1, or 2 years
    Thank you for your replay

  16. Imran says:

    Assalam o Alikum,

    Dear Brother I want to purchase Accountant or Auditor visa, please let me know from where I can buy it?

  17. Abdul says:

    Dear brothers, AoA,
    I want to serve my country people and want them to live proudly as a pakistani. Dear employee of MIddle – East as i am a educationist and want to contribute something which will be help ful for most of my brothers. I can provide 1 year and 2 year diploma on behalf of Professional Experience which you can use any where e.g: change profession/increment in salary/visa’s etc. Needy person can contact on ( ) Thanks,

  18. Saddiq says:

    Dear Brother,

    I have recently changed my profession and Visa office is refusing to give family visa. Pls. some one help what is the reason and when are they going to open visa issue

  19. Rizwan Ahmed says:

    Dear Imran,

    i have done 3 yrs diploma in computer science and i want to change profession as COMPUTER PROGRAMMER, please advise is it possible ? and can i bring my family in KSA. looking your soonest reply.

    Best REgards,

  20. Khurram Muhammad Ali says:

    Aslam o Alikum,
    I have Recently changed my profession as computer engineer, so can i apply for permanent family visa right now or I have to wait for 1 year and apply for family visit visa

  21. Khilji says:

    Dear all,
    Please help me,
    I am selected in good company of KSA, i am engineer,
    company said you have not enough experience, so You will consider as technician,
    now consultancy / Agent said You go to Riyadh on labor visa and he said it Will change in saudi arabia
    Although my degree has been attested from saudi cultural attache and royal embassy of saudi arabia,
    Now situation is that Engineer to technician to labor visa.
    Please suggest me
    can company change my profession after reach riyadh.

    Please please please give me ur advise. . . . . . . . . .

  22. amad asghar says:

    dear imran
    i work here in saudi arabia…i have electronic engineering degree..i am working in telecom sector…..i have a profession of amil matam (hotel) visa. now i want to bring my mother father brother and sister to saudi arabia…wat should i do…should i convert my profession to engineering. wat will be the process. or can i bring my family on visit visa or any other process….kindly help….

  23. Farman Ullah says:

    Asalamo Alikum
    Dear Friend.

    My name is Farman Ullah. my iqama pfrofession is amil manzali. i have attested all my certificates and degrees. so now i want to change my profession. i don’t know how to change it, what is the requirements. bcoz of this iqama i can’t get a good job, and can’t transferable. so dear friend give me some advise. Thanks

    • Abdul says:

      you have to give all documents to kafeel or company agent which called (mandoob) so then your document will submit in maktab-e-amal to change your profession.

  24. Muhammad Bacha Hussain says:

    Salam Yasir,
    I am in KSA and working as Software Application Developer in MOE Dammam via an agent company.But my profession is labour and my Kafil is in Riyadh.I have done Master in computer science and i want to change my profession but i think my Kafil will not agree to change it.So what is the solution, please guide me with detail.I will be very thankful to you and will wait for your reply.

    Muhammad Bacha Hussain

  25. muhammad hanif says:

    salamoalakum my name is hanif from pakistan i want change my profesion in iqama the letter ishued by my company(n.o.c)attested by whom i already attest by chamber of comerce shall its attested by saudi forigen office or not? plz give me the answer i thankful to u and “ahesae tasweeq”able to get family permanint visa or not

    • Abdul says:

      yes it should be attested by saudi forigen office then saudia embassy/conslate islamabad will accept your document to attest.

  26. noman says:

    One of my relatives has come to KSA on Project Engineer Visa, problem is that he is MSc and by chance they have given him a PE visa. Now he has to make his iqama but cannot put an application to Saudi Council of Engineering. Can you help in this regard?

    • Abdul says:

      As he is experienced person and got engineer visa so i can help him to get B-Tech Degree on his experience base, These documents can also submit in Saudi Engineering council for Engineer visa. Already i helped one guy,he is in Jeddah now and got cleard from all departments in saudia and he is working there now. alhmduLILLAH.



  27. kamran says:

    hi my name is kamran, i am on Amil Aadi ( general labour ) visa n now i want to change it with Mu’allim visa ( teacher ) visa . I have a & LLB degree, so can anyone tell me is that possible for me to change my profession?

  28. Sheal says:

    can you please help me out as well. i need to know about some good agent in Islamabad to get my degrees attested from mofa, saudi cultural office and saudi embassy. i have completed all the documents. just need an agent to get them attested.

  29. zahid bhugari says:

    i ame minster fishries.sindh pakistan i need visa suadi
    kindly help

  30. manan safdar says:

    AOA…Good wishes to all. if someone can help to testify that changing Profession will be allowed to everybody from start of Ramadan/ from 20th july 2012. is it true??

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