What is the Use of Indian Aid??

Indian Government always trying to find ways to hurt Pakistan or Pakistani people. Now according to this story posted by Daily.Pk there are evidences found that Indian is involved in creating massive flood of history of Pakistan throughout the country. This affected more than 12 million people to go homeless, more than 1600 people died of this and a big disaster in many other ways. Later on Indian govt offered its humble sympathy to flood victims and donated a $ 5 Million aid to Pakistan just to show its innocences. I don’t understand why Indian govt is involved in violation terror and torture against Muslims as Many of the Indian Muslims are taking part in progress of India and their services are building Indian economy. From showbiz to sports, from scientists to artists. The problem is Media, who is not showing truth to Indian people but creating propaganda against Pakistan every day. Please check this report. This story was originally posted here.

THE United Nations says 3.5 million children in Pakistan are at risk from waterborne diseases, warning of a “second wave of death” from the country’s devastating floods. U.N. humanitarian spokesman Maurizio Giuliano said Monday as many as six million people in Pakistan face the risk of contracting diarrhea, dysentery and other illnesses if donors do not provide more aid following the country’s devastating floods.

The World Health Organization’s representative in Pakistan, Guido Sabatinelli, says a lack of clean water and unavailability of medication is a “deadly combination” for those already in poor living conditions. The U.N. has launched an appeal for $460 million, but charities say the response has been sluggish, with only about 35 percent of the goal being met so far. Three weeks of monsoon rains have triggered Pakistan’s worst flooding, with an estimated 1,600 people killed and 20 million affected in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh provinces. On Monday, authorities said a new wave of flooding was likely along the Indus River in Punjab and Sindh. The Daily Mail finds that the death and destruction following a natural disaster of unprecedented torrential rains has man-made imprints on it. The sudden swelling of the rivers continues even after the rains have stopped or their intensity has reduced. The surge of water is not due to the melting of glaciers alone.
It has been brought about that the Sarobi Dam on the River Kabul close to the Pak-Afghan border, is being maintained by India. The sudden flow of water in the River Kabul could have only occurred if Afghanistan had been hit by the same level of torrential rains as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. However, meteorological data indicates that neither was there unprecedented rainfall in Afghanistan this summer, nor any glacial melting contributing to the flooding in River Kabul. That leaves only one option available, that the flood gates of Sarobi Dam were deliberately opened to cause extreme flooding in River Kabul bringing devastation in the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but none in Afghanistan. Simultaneously, carefully synchronizing the Kabul River’s flooding, the over a dozen dams built by India in Indian occupied Kashmir, release their water, flooding Chenab and Indus, causing maximum damage in Punjab and Sindh. This sinister plan is one regarding which The Daily Mail has been warning since ages, but the Indus Water Commission and concerned authorities have paid no heed. The Indian manipulation of Kabul River along with Chenab and Indus has done its damage, although as the UN warns, the worst is not over, while more floods are expected, the onslaught of epidemic and waterborne diseases is going to wreak greater havoc. For India, it is a dream come true. On the one hand, death and human misery has left the flood stricken people shell shocked, on the other, the communication infrastructure is totally devastated. The standing crops have been ruined and there is now an acute fear of famine. India bet on Pakistani leader’s callousness, corruption and selfish attitudes to act as a catalyst to catapult the devastation.

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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21 Responses to What is the Use of Indian Aid??

  1. Omer Bangash says:

    come on! How come India can cause rain floodings in western Pakistan, and that too in western rivers?
    Also, about eastern rivers, it was decided in 1960’s agreement that Pakistan will build dams on ravi and sutlaj to handle moonsoon floods… Pakistan hasn’t built a single flood water encatchment dam on these rivers even after 50 years!
    Please don’t spread false word and don’t blame others for yours (Pakistan’s) internal incompetencies…

    • Yasir Imran says:

      That isn’t the false word brother, It is reported by many media sources.

      Yes, Pakistan didn’t make the dams, that’s the mistake.

    • Isfand says:

      You are absolutly right!!Indeed we must stop blaming on other our faults,its time to take our reponsabilities………as a pakistani i really feel sorry for this article

  2. neel123 says:

    Yes, we Indians also do not understand why the idiotic govt. is wasting money on an enemy nation, which can be used for the poor people within India …. !

    Aid is aid after all, whether it comes from a friend or an enemy …… you Pakistanis can always refuse to accept it if you want …… !

    As far as media misinformation propaganda is concerned, you think whatever the Pakistani media is saying is true………. we Indians think otherwise…….. so a better way would be to look at the international media and see their opinion about Pakistan and India….. !

    • Yasir Imran says:

      When the Indian media reports the same thing, Bombay attacks and others, you guys believe it blindly and turn your guns toward Pakistan.

      We got some baghairt politician who accepted this but no Pakistani want it.

  3. neel123 says:

    As I suggested, better thing would be to look at what the international community has to say .

    • Isfand says:

      Mr Yasir Imran its just wrong tht you are saying something like tht,the true cause of the floods is tht we didnt have constructed enough dams,self reflection and self correction are the hallmarks of progressive nation,we must stop blaming India,this disaster is man made disaster and its our fault!By the way who said India was involved?Zaid Hamid……..hahaha……….
      I was subcribed to your blog but now im going to delete my subription
      (be honest and pubblish this comment)

  4. Isfand says:

    Thanks India,Thanks for the Aid! : )

    • Yasir Imran says:

      You must say Thanks to Saudi Arabia first who donated more for your help than any other country. You must say thanks first to the people who are helping the poor people on the spot everyday. You must say thanks to Malik Riaz who announced a big amount of money for flood victims.

      But you are starting with saying thanks to India ?
      Who are calling us an enemy nation ? Who always proved its enmity with us from the time of our existence ?

      Who is building dams in Occupied Kashmir to destroy our agriculture in Punjab province ?

      Your identity is doubtful, I don’t know who you and probably misusing someone’s id.

  5. Isfand Yar Sohail says:

    lol no im not abusing anyone’s id, i didnt thought i could look as an Indian,i dont know
    wht i can do make my id more credible……..check my name on facebook lol

    “But you are starting with saying thanks to India ?
    Who are calling us an enemy nation ? Who always proved its enmity with us from the time of our existence ? ”

    Yes indeed we must say thanks to everybody who have donated money and everybody who is helping the victims in this difficult moments,even i as a student in Italy organized with some friends a fund raising for the flood victims.
    Actually i thanked only India ,because the article was abt India and not other countries.
    Who are calling us an enemy nation?Actually India have always moved toward a peace with Pakistan much more than we have done in the 63 years.
    Lets see: 1947 we invaded Kashmir even before the Mahajara choosed Pakistan or India(even if he personally ddnt wanted, he would have joined Pakistan,without any doubt as tht was the desire of the Kashmiris)
    The Un said in 1948 in order to resolve Kashmir’s problem we must withdraw our troops from “Azad Kahmir” so will India will follow and there will be a plebiscite,but unfortunatly Pakistan never withdraw his troops from Kashmir as demanded by Un.(if you wondering why we had to withdraw first our troops its simply because we started the war)
    1965: We strated anthor reckless war with the Operation Gibraltar
    1971:Once again we strted another war with a preemptive strike on 11 indian bases
    1999:Do i even need to say tht we started another war?
    As if all this was not enough since 19990’s we are promoting terrorism in India and Kashmir.
    So a country with this kind of record,will you call it your best friend?

    “Who is building dams in Occupied Kashmir to destroy our agriculture in Punjab province ?”

    Can you please give me any link about “dams diverting water” which is not Pakistani,thanks

    In regarding to the water crisis we Pakistani always feared tht since the source rivers of the Indus basin were in India, it could potentially create droughts and famines in Pakistan, especially at times of war. However, India did not revoke the treaty during any of three later Indo-Pakistani Wars.
    But fortunatly India never revoked the treaty as he is not doing it.
    The main reason of our water crisis is because we have a disastrous water irrigation system which loose abt 25% of our water another reason is simply and we should not forgot the other main reasons, Global Warming and overpopulation.
    (our biggest problem have been tht 5 of the first 6 decades we didnt had free media so it was easy to manipulate information and even now the army still have some controll on wht is teached us in schools)
    i truly advise you to wath this progman abt Pakistan’s history

    or other videos of this channel on youtube


    • Yasir Imran says:

      You are a bit more impressed from India and you are presenting facts that are not correct. The debate which you have started is so lengthy and cannot be covered in one comment reply or one post. I will try to reply point to point in my future posts. I guess you got an Indian soul and you are heavily feeded by Int’l media propaganda . But don’t try to destroy the facts.

  6. Isfand Yar Sohail says:

    Ya maybe my answer is a little bit lenghty but i only tried to anwer to your remarks in a complete way.

    Can you plz tell which of my facts are wrong……..?
    Which facts im trying to destroy……….?

    Int’l propaganda ? lol

    • Yasir Imran says:

      1947: we didn’t invade Kashmir, it was India who did it first by occupying part of the Kashmir. Kashmir was supposed to be a part of Muslim division of Sub-Continent.
      1971: we didn’t start war with India, it was India who interrupt in east Pakistan issues, who funded terrorist organizations there and destroy part of Pakistan.

      India didn’t use water powers at time of war but they are using it at the time of peace and destroying Pakistan’s agriculture. In 1960 agreement b/w Pakistan and India, India must approve any dams they built in occupied Kashmir but India didn’t follow that agreement.
      Shame on people like you who have closed eyes and blindly supporting a terrorist country.

    • Isfand Yar Sohail says:

      Yes you are right Kashmir was supposed to be part of Pakistan no doubt on that,but we invaded Kashmir(we created this mess) im the only one saying,THE UN RESOLUTION OF 1948 SAYS it clearly pashooton rebels SUPPORTED BY THE PAKISTANI goverment INVADED KASHMIR in 1947 even before the rajput made any decision to join India or Pakistan.
      In 1971 actually yes we started the war once again:with a preemptive strike on 11 indian bases……….can you please tell why we forced Sheik Mujibur Rahman to declare independency,why we ddnt, before give him the right to become our prime minister as his party obtained an absolutly majority in the pakistani parliment?Why our army arrested him?Why our army started a genocide in Bangladsh?
      Yes you are after our army arrival in Bagaldesh India started to support the Mukhti Bahini Guerrillas in the refugee camps in India(10 million ppl migrated from Bangladesh to east Bengal,a humatinarian crisis created by our army and goverment), they started to fight against the presence of Pakistani army……….but why they were fighting Pakistan army these bengalis?
      already our govt. violated our constituton by not making Mujib our prime minister and arresting him.As if it wasnt enough our army started a GENOCIDE in bangladesh!!! Do i even need to say tht thousand and thousand of women raped by our army,houndred of thousands of civilians killed by our army!Moraly wont you support someone who is fighting agaisnt a genocide?

      Abt the water shortage:Pakistan’s water supply is dwindling because of climate change, outdated farming techniques and an exploding population!
      Inefficient irrigation and drainage techniques have degraded soil and worsened shortages, forcing many small farmers to pump for groundwater
      You claims tht India is diverting water:let see who started these declarations
      Hafiz Sayeed? isnt the same guy who founded Lashkar-i-Taiba? lol

      Even the International water experts say that there is little evidence India is diverting water from Pakistan.
      Pakistan’s Indus Water Commissioner, Jamaat Ali Shah, said his country believes that one proposed Indian dam on the Kishanganga, an Indus tributary, violates the treaty by making Pakistan’s own plans for a hydroelectric project downstream unworkable.
      how you can understand its a propasal!!the current situation has nothin to do wid tht.its a proposal so will find an agreement if there truly there will be some problems.
      I repeat the fault is not entirely our, most of the time we had a dictatrship(so no free media) so we really cant be sure tht wht they have teached(and teaching) at school is true or not…………….
      Some links abt wht ive sayed






      Indeed not even India managed well the Kasmir’s sitation

      Shame on me?
      for speaking the truth?………….

  7. Kashmiri says:

    India is terrorist country doing shameful killing in Kashmir and now also trying to destroy other neighbors

    • Isfand Yar Sohail says:

      Indeed you are right India didnt managed well the Kashmir situation sicne 1947,but even Pakistan didnt helped them by not having a constructive behavour and a will to resolve our differences by a peacefull and diplomatic solution.(As Un suggested in 1948 Pakisatan must move away their troops from Kasmir first,than India will have to follow and finally there would have been a plebiscite, so the Kashmiri could choose whether to join India ya Pakistan, and no doubt they would have choosed Pakistan.
      Why Pakistani army didnt movey away their army?
      The truth is tht Pakistani army have economicaly prospered thnks to the tensions with India.
      As written in the book “Military Inc” every country has an army but Pakistan’s army have a country(Pakistan)

  8. Most harsh realities of nationwide crimes are kept secret but their effects are viewable for centuries. Floods in Pakistan are an example of modern age warfare by creating natural disasters for your enemies. It is reported that India and Afghanistan opened Flood Gates of their dams built on top of the rivers coming to Pakistan. Since we have an enemy friendly government in Pakistan, they were keen to call it a natural disaster and are not willing to investigate into the reasons for this flood as the reasons will expose their incompetence as well as their disloyalty to the country. For details you can check out Indian Water Weapon .

  9. Most harsh realities of nationwide crimes are kept secret but their effects are viewable for centuries. Floods in Pakistan are an example of modern age warfare by creating natural disasters for your enemies. It is reported that India and Afghanistan opened Flood Gates of their dams built on top of the rivers coming to Pakistan. Since we have an enemy friendly government in Pakistan, they were keen to call it a natural disaster and are not willing to investigate into the reasons for this flood as the reasons will expose their incompetence as well as their disloyalty to the country. For details you can check out Indian Water Weapon .

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  11. aleboyz says:

    Hey Folks, I seriously don’t understand why so much hate against India. Trust me from the bottom of heart most Indians want Pakistan to be successful. We all know for the fact Kashmir is the only sticking point between 2 nations, however both of them will not just walk away from Kashmir. Why can’t we convert the LOC into international border & allow free movement of people, trade & get with thing which is much more important. Please stop this hate campaign.

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