Malik Riaz will donate 2 billion US $ for flood vicitims.

Malik RiazPakistan Observer reported.

ISLAMABAD—Chairman Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain announced the donation of 75% of all his assets for the relief and rehabilitation of flood victims.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Malik Riaz Hussain announced unprecedented amount of US$ 2 Billion to the cause of helping the flood victims and elaborated the severity of the calamity damaging the agriculture and economy of the country to the extent of 60 percent. When the anchor person of CNN reconfirmed whether Malik Riaz Hussain would donate US$ 2 billion he not. not. Only confirmed but went a step further saying “ ever more”. Chairman Bahria Town dwelled on the massive poverty the country is facing and the relevant social issues that arise out of it. billionaires of Pakistan to come forward and help their country. “If 140 rich Pakistanis come together and commit to alleviating poverty, then this grave national problem could be solved within days he said.”

In this regard, he personally committed to give away 75% of all his wealth to charitable causes within Pakistan.Malik Riaz Hussain said that if Pakistan gets US$ 25 billion, it will be enough for the construction of 10 thousands homes which not only accommodate 80,000 people but will also provide them facilities of education, healthcare & entertainment.

He said if approached Bahria Town will construct these houses on no profit basis. Infact he is ready to donate more from his pocket for this cause. He suggested a special team should be established to monitor funds utilization & quality of the houses being constructed. Speaking of Bahria Town’s ongoing efforts for the poor, Malik Riaz Hussain said his company presently provides 150 thousand free daily meals, free Healthcare to 80 thousand individuals, everyday. They are also providing them relief goods including tents, utensils, daily items etc. He said “And I am ready to spend my each every penny for this purpose, because if my people are out of food, out of houses, I cannot sleep.”

Express Urdu news reported it like this.

It is really unbelievable news I read first at Express news & then Pakistan observer also reported. Malik Riaz is among top 10 rich man of Pakistan and he did a great job. He also invited other rich man of Pakistan to come ahead and help him doing charity work. This is the amount of biggest aid I ever heard. If such people still exist in Pakistan I think no other country can damage Pakistan. He will get thousands of duas from poor people of Pakistan and in Ramadan I think he just purchased the jannah (paradise) from Allah taala by annoucning this.

GOD Bless Pakistan and GOD Bless Malik Riaz.

Update: The news is confirmed. Check Bahria Town Website.


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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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19 Responses to Malik Riaz will donate 2 billion US $ for flood vicitims.

  1. Muhammad Akhtar says:

    i can’t beleive on it because it is only marketing of Bahria Town

    • Yasir Imran says:

      I must say this is the bad thing Pakistani people have.

      Always thinking negative…
      Someone is doing good = He is bad
      Someone is not doing good=He is bad

      No positive thinking, (only Badgumani)

      May be he did a lot of charity but you don’t know about that. Even he want to make his name on the media, Spending $ 2b is not easy. Even if he is doing his marketing. Will this marketing return $2b ???

    • Jack says:

      he is the true Pakistani ” mr Muhammad Akhtar “. if he want to market his towns thr is the lots of othr ways ok.he jst help all the flood victims and please pray for them and doesn’t degrade his good cause for your just a bull shit thoughts shame on you mr Akhtar sham on you………………

  2. I agree with you Yasir, At least we have one true Pakistani…

  3. Muhammad Ashraful Quader says:

    It is an example of great piece of humanity. I wish and pray that God gives this great gentleman more strength to support people in distress. We all should come forward and join hands to help the flood victims

  4. Nabil Ikram says:

    This is so hilarious. People are so over-emotional. This man is a disgusting opportunist who is planning to get his hands on one of the biggest construction/development contracts in the history of this country, and wot a clever game he is playing.
    Please make a correction…Malik Riaz has not “DONATED” 75% of his fortune, but instead “OFFERED” to “PLEDGE” this percentage for reconstruction purposes. There is a BIG difference in the two terms. This man has a history of bribing government officials, forcing people to sell their lands, illegally occupying government land on extremely low prices, a case of murder in supreme court, and numerous other scandals against him. And FYI, he is a very good friend of our honest president Mr. Zardari and our minister Rehman Malik.

    • Yasir Imran says:

      Sometimes a sudden statement or breaking news creates a huge impact on minds of people. Many people who don’t know about Malik Riaz’s past just thought he has given a sincere statesmen for the sake of Pakistani people but yes, true, Pakistani people are emotional. They forgot he is a business man and a business man always thinks to promote his business even if whole country is dying. As soon as his corruption stories appeared on Media, people will understand his real plans.
      Thank you for the comment.

  5. asad maqsood says:

    please do reply
    where is Malik Riaz donation for flood relief ?
    did he give it to government ?

  6. Jack says:

    he is the true Pakistani ” mr Muhammad Akhtar “. if he want to market his towns thr is the lots of othr ways ok.he jst help all the flood victims and please pray for them and doesn’t degrade his good cause for your just a bull shit thoughts shame on you mr Akhtar sham on you………………

  7. Omar says:

    Lanat teri shakal pe Zardari.
    Ja kehin ja ke doob mar – kisi beghairat ki Aulaad.

  8. Malik Khalid says:

    Aggar har Pakistani Aur Khasunan Pakistani Politition Dill Khol Kar Imdad Dain To Yeh Bahali Chand Dinoon Main Ho Saktee hay Mugar Koi Kisee kaa Ehsas Nahin Karta har kisee Ko Sirf Apni Fiker Hay Pakistan Ko Loot kar Khaa gay hain Yeh Officer Barocrates Aur Yeh Lotayray siasatdaan Khuda Khair Karay Is Pakistan Kee Buhat Kucsh Bardasht kar raha hay

  9. Kamal says:

    And another flood also passed .It is more than a year. No scent even given.
    He is from same area and same caste of Malik Rahman. Both are same and Zulfqar Mirza said all true . You can count the both fake Maliks one man.

  10. Hash says:

    2 Billion $, thats what he said … isnt it…

  11. QM1 says:

    Maybe he changed his mind after the CNN interview ? Happens all the time

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  13. malik riyaz hussain chairman bahriya town says:

    ASSLAM O ALLIAKUM , mere ApeeL ( MALIK RIYAZ HUSSAIN CHAIRMAN BAHRIYA TOWN ) SE HAI K ,mera name Ghulam rasool hai , jub flood 2010 aya tha to total sindh doob gye thee, imdadi system start huwa aur ye imdad kisi ko mili to kisi ko nahe mili. waqt guzarta gya , ngo aur govt: ne mutasir logon ke madad bhe ke , mgr mutasir to buhut thee lekin madad un logon ke huwe ,jin ke support thee. kher , ALLAH TAALA sab ko khush rakhe hamien kisi se bhe koe shikayat nahe hai . hamara village ,jis ka name village ibrahim laghari hai , taluka johi , district dadu sindh hai. total village damage huwa tha , buhut ngo walay aye aur food supply kiya mgr kisi ne bhe ghar banane ke scheme nahe de. 165 ghar damaged huwe . buht koshish k ba wajood koe kahien se koe madad na mil ske. es waqt apni madad k tahit gareb mutasir logon ne kache makaan bana liye hain. es waqt bhe buhut log ese hain ,jin k pas kache makaan banane k lye kuch pese nahe hain k wo apne famiy k lye kacha makaan bana skein. mere bs ek request hai k aap agr hamare madad krna chahien to aap k hum sab buhut mashkoor rahenge. insanyat ke madad krna aap agr chahte hain to hamare contact pe rujoo kr skte hain. thanks sir.

  14. malik riyaz hussain chairman bahriya town says:

    this contact 03083915825 from village ibrahim laghari ,taluka johi , district dadu sindh. ye contact nmbr sirf aur sirf , hamare kuch ghar damage huwe hain ,us k liye dya giya hai, agr aap es me madad krna chahte hain to bilkul es number pe urgent call kr skte hain .agr madad nahe kr skte hain to phir aap rabta na kejye , kyon k es se dil azaari ho jate hai hum jese un garibon ke ,jo es waqt bhe apne ghar banane k liye aap bhaiyon ke madad k intzaar me bethe hain,

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