A Question to all Pakistani Pro Bloggers


Google is an Internet Giant in advertisement business, Internet Search, Video Sharing website You-tube and many other useful services. Recently someone from USA has created a blasphemy video of Islam and Prophet Muhammad and uploaded it on Youtube. Google has no part in it but Google is helping promoting blasphemy video to the world, although Google is not the one who created that video but still Google has some indirect part in promoting it via Youtube. Most of Pakistani Pro Bloggers have some kind of relation with Google in online earning.

A huge number of them are earning commission by publishing Google ads on their websites with Google Advertising Program Adsense. A huge number of Pakistani online businesses are using Google Advertising program AdWords. Other services of Google like Gmail, Blogger, Google Maps, Google Documents, Google Calender, Google Image Search and Google Places are also useful in promoting online business.

What do you think, Isn’t there any responsibility of Pakistani Pro Bloggers to protect the name of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from being insulted. Don’t you think Pakistani Pro Bloggers should show little or more courage and support to Islam against this policy of Google?

Remember the time time when Google closed your adsense accounts in bulk throughout Pakistan and it took him less than a second to do that. Google never warned you before blocking, Google never listened to most of your appeals and closed your accounts immediately.

Now Pro Bloggers, the ball is in your court, and it is your choice, Kick Google’s ass or keep earning money via Google. But when the time to answer will come, Could you manage to answer? “They kept insulting your prophet, what you did in response?”

Money is a big reality of today’s world however it is not everything. And if you are true Muslim and you have faith in Allah you will not loose a single penny of your livelihood that Allah allotted you in your universal account.

Before anyone points to me, I would like to tell you that my Adsense account is still running, I didn’t close it yet, I wish to see a little feed back from Pakistani Pro Bloggers and also discuss this issue with any knowledgeable person and then decide whether I should proceed using Google Services or Boycott Google forever.

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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6 Responses to A Question to all Pakistani Pro Bloggers

  1. actually we are turned into hypocrites we want to protest against blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W but we don’t want sites to be shuttered down and our business to be disturbed. I have personally found team twitter much respected for any religion.

  2. Great sharing I just want to tell you that I have No accounts But I am making money with google.

  3. There is no other than google . Google is the best. SO love google and keep earning….

  4. Perochak says:

    Actually, google is making money by hosting the video as it is their business and we all know it very well. There is no doubt that google is a big internet service provider.

    What I suggest is that Govt can do this is well manner.
    There is one other way to do that
    Build a Joint company which provide services as Google do and then Compete to them as by this way we will have an alternate and they have an position.

    The reason of Google Authority are we. We depend on it mostly in all. We find no other service as compare to it as we think that Google is always helpful as most cases they are. We should also promote other service providers including MSN, Yahoo etc and show google that their is an alternate of him too. So keep your horns down.

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  6. 123driftking says:

    Mates, what answer are you going to give when Allah will ask you what you did in response to the film which insulted your beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)? Will you just have your heads bent low and tell Allah that you didnt do anything. I know that causing violence is not the solution but you can inflict so much pain to google by not using their services as I did, I stopped using all google services including youtube and there are many alternatives to google and youtube like ask, yahoo, and dailymotion. Mates, you should learn to boycott and yasir imran, your blog is hosted at wordpress.com which costs 0 charges so why are you still using google adsense. One last thing, Yasir Imran, first learn to implement it yourself then ask other people to boycott adsense. It is one of my moral values that first you yourself do that task before asking other people to do it. Its a shame on you Pakistani bloggers (even I am Pakistani) who are money loving faggots. Didnt you feel any shame or guilt that even though our government has all bad qualities even corruption but they didnt accept a bounty of thousands of dollars from the filmmaker because they are true muslims. I hope this kicks some sense into all of you otherwise you are shameless gits and you will be punished badly by the almighty Allah and might even be put into inferno. If you do take some action, you will surely be rewarded if not in this world but surely by the almighty Allah when you are going to meet him.

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