Social Media’s Protest against Race2 Movie Poster

Social Media Protest against Race2 Movie Poster

Social Media Protest against Race2 Movie Poster

Social Media is so angry about using Quranic Verse in Indian Movie Race2 ‘s poster. While seeing multiple posters I found that actually the Poster designer has used Any Mosque’s picture as a background which has Islamic Calligraphy and Quran Verses on its walls decoration. A lot of people on Pakistani Social Media scene think that putting Quran verse beside a partially nude model is blasphemy (of Quranic Verse) so they are protesting to ban Race2 Movie and its publicity.

I don’t know a Mosque’s background was used in the movie poster intentionally or unintentionally, is that planned or a small mistake of Graphic Designer and I don’t even know how Muslims should react on this.

However such examples are commonly found in our society. Another example of such an act is; Quran Verses are printed occasionally in Pakistani newspapers and pictures of many actress/models are printed either on the same page or another fold of the newspaper. After expiration these newspapers are used for serving Snacks and Samosas country-wide. These pieces of newspapers are thrown away into streets under people’s feet or kept in-between bricks of building walls. Which is also an insult to Quran. Then why don’t we raise objections on Newspapers + Our Society for blasphemy.

Few years back, I have seen a TV report on Torn papers from Quran found in mud of Lahore canal and only one man from society is gathering these papers with Quran verse and handling them with respect.

One friend of mine Bilal Khan at Social Media has a different opinion, “Social media raises such posts only to get more Likes, more visitors and more attention, nothing else”. Another friend Abbas Bashir said that “Protest is our right and we must do it when somebody will do the blasphemy act, Protest is the right approach to stop such acts in future”.

Mehran Fida, another buddy added into conversation “Agree with yasir bhai….Some times a shared SERVER company keep both porn and Islamic sites and contents together ……lets not stick on these things make ur self according to Islam …act on Islamic golden rules…..make ur self powerful and then go for revenge”

Famous TV Actor Asad Malik, who also like to join such debates has a unique opinion. “As for me as a Muslim, verses of The Gita are only words, in the same way Quran Verses in Islamic Calligraphy is only a decoration for non-Muslims. How can someone declare it a blasphemy act ? It is us who do blasphemy acts regularly in our daily life. Even after understanding teaching of Quran, We keep repeating actions which are forbidden in Islam.”

He said,

“Does it really matter at all yasir ??? Meray liye geeta ke ashlok sirf aik “likhaayi” hain, so un logon ke liye bhi ye aik sajaawat ki cheez hai…

Iss main aayat ki bay hurmatee kesay ho gaee???

Tauheen to me karta hoon in aayaat ki dailay basis par, jo samajh kar bhi wohi karta chalaa jaata hoon jis se ye aayaat rok rahi hain”

The purpose of writing this post is how long we keep protesting against such small issues, such protests are just like hurting ourselves, hurting our society, hurting our country, Such protests cannot stop negative people to repeat such actions and destroying world peace and relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. Instead of protesting we should develop a clear policy country-wide or world-wide upon which the whole world agrees. It could be a mutual agreement between Muslims and non-Muslims. “We will respect your (non-Muslims) believes and you will respect ours”

Political platform at a Global level could be a right place for it, not our streets and parks.

No offence to anyone.

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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