Permanent Family Visa Application Form Saudi Arabia Download

Expats community in Saudi Arabia is seeking and requesting information and required Forms for applying Family Visa in Saudi Arabia. So I decided I will try to put this info at my blog to make it available for the expats community.

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About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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39 Responses to Permanent Family Visa Application Form Saudi Arabia Download

  1. Dear Yasir,

    Can I also apply for my parents permanent visa from this form? I think it’s for wife and kids.


  2. NOMAN says:


  3. shams says:

    hi ,

    can you provide me the Professions details, for eligible family visa…

    i have b-tech pass degree in electronics, but my profession is Amil Addi (gernal labour)…

    waiting your reply…

  4. Muhammad Zubair says:

    Dear Yasir bhai,

    It will be great help for me if you let me know the requirements for applying a permanent family visa for my wife. Thanks in advance.

  5. Seshu K Pitani says:

    Hey Mr. Yasir, Thank you for attaching the form here. I am in search of it and got it here. Thank you very much for posting and helping people in need.

  6. syed Mubarak says:

    Dear sir,
    how are you ? hope are you fine and good grace of Allah you and your family and friends.
    hope you help me inshallah see i have my IQAMA profession FANNI KHARBAI so i can bering my fimaly to saudi arabia it possible please let me know on this regards.

    thanks and best regards
    Syed Mubarak mehdi

  7. zakir khan says:

    i want cancle my family permanent visa what is the procegure.

  8. Muhammad says:

    Dear I am working in ksa as Engineer but profession on my Iqamma is Mason my company is in green category and i have done all attestion of my BSC Eng degree from pakistan, now i submitted my document for change of profession ….I just want to know the Profession like Maison can be changeable or not…Waiting for your reply…Muhammad

  9. rajab says:

    asalam alaikum, sir how are u?hpoe ur great in the name of Allah,sir me and my husband converted as a muslim,we both are working in ksa we have three children.alhamdulillah,my all 3 children born here,because of my husband working in company his contract finished and my 2 children went to india,now it is very difficult for children to enter in ksa.we are trying long time to bring my both children here on permanant visa but its not possible,now a days my children harrashed by grandparents ,not to pray,dont go to islam school,im so sad sir plz help me to bring my children here permanantly,so that they will grow with parents and most important with islam,i hope you will help me out and try to help my children.asalam alaikum.

  10. pushpadas says:

    halo sir my profession electrical eng i can bring my family

  11. jey em says:

    hi i am IT, but my visa is ” HVAC Technician ” is this visa allowed to bring my wife here in riyadh?

  12. akif mufti says:


  13. Salam! I just want to ask you regarding the procedure on how to apply permanent visa in Saudi Arabia my husband working in Alkhobar he wanted me to come thats why he want to apply a permanent visa i was working also in Saudi Arabia almost 9 years in Makkah but my question is in my Birth Certificate and my Passport my middle initial ” S” is not the same with my Marriage Contract because the time we are applying our marriage contract my middle initial was ” I ” the First name of my Grandfather not his Family Name but i have already an a Affidavit from the Attorney saying that the Birth certificate, passport and my marriage contract belongs to one person only. He just finish to get a Family status from the Chamber and he is going to translate all our documents in Arabic. Please can you explain to me it is possible for my husband to get a Permanent Family Visa? Thank you and ALLAH Bless and more power.

  14. michel says:

    I want to bring my family on permanent residence visa. I am living in Dammam.
    My Iqama position is Computer Technician. I have all documents attested.
    My application rejected because my degree is Economics (3 year ) &
    PG Diploma (1 Year- Library Automation & Networking).
    Now I want to know,
    What is the suitable position (in Iqama ) for economics degree holder?
    or how can you help me on this.

  15. Usman says:

    I m here with my family since last 5 yrs. my profession is labour, i would like to apply visit visa for my parents.can plz give me ur ideas(like is it possible to get visa for my parents and if so what r the documents i have to submit)

  16. zahid says:

    where is istiktdaam office in makkah ??

  17. Hameed says:

    Assalam Alaykum.
    I Changed my profession In Jan 2011. When I tried to apply for Permanent Family Visa, I came to know that Saudi Government temporarily stopped issuing Permanent Family Visa for those who changed the profession. Can you let me know the present status. Jazakallah-e-Khair.


    issue my family visa my name farhan razzaqiue visa funnikarbai

  19. mahar nadeem says:

    Dear Aslam
    can we use this form for visit visa and what is the procedure to apply for visit visa

  20. Tari says:

    Dear Yasir,
    I have question….plz reply me
    my all documents are attested from Pakistan, now remaining from Pakistan Embassy and MOFA Saudi arabia.
    my question is my daughter have separate passport do still I need birth certificate to be attest from Pakistan?

    please reply me

  21. hussain says:

    Assalam alai kum, Yasir Bhai, We are happy that you have taken up a job which is helpful for most people like us . We pray Allah to help you and ur family in each step of your life.
    I am working in a company & my wife is working as a visa teacher in an international school, she has her Iqama, attested degree certificate. We want to get our two children, 6 yrs & 7yrs old who were born and brought up here in k.s.a, now they are in India. Kindly suggest what things are required for family visa and the amount to be paid for it. Jazakallah..


    • Yasir Imran says:

      Wa Alekum Slam, Hussain Bhai and all other brothers, First of all I must say sorry for not answering quickly because I am not having enough time for it due to job and home responsibilities.

      In Saudi Arabia, rules could change anytime so my best advice is to visit nearest Istikdam office, meet the clerk/officer at reception and ask him about the issue. They will provide right guidance at no cost. I hope it helps.

  22. abdul ravof oruvil says:

    It will be great help for me if you let me know the requirements for applying a permanent family visa for my wife. Thanks in advance.

    • Tariq says:

      Well… Asalamoalaikum
      I posted alot on this site, first of all I am thankful to Mr. Yasir who provided us a platform to discuss these issues
      Today Alhamdullilah I have got visa for my wife and my daughter .. kindly let me know your profession please

  23. Mir Shabaz says:

    Dear Yasir,
    I just renewed (22 days before) & transferred my iqama sponsonship from a saudi individual sponsor in Al Ahsa, Dammam to Riyad Capital based in Riyadh. My Iqama shows issue place to be dammam, i am seeing this as trouble as i have to go dammam ministries for any work, for example: family visit visa, permanent family (wife) visa.
    What might be the best solution to change this from location from Dammam to Riyadh.
    My Iqama profession is ‘Marketing Specialist’ “Ekthe sasi tasweek’ which i changed 1 week before, can i apply family visa with this duration? What are my chances, i got my my UK MBA Degree attested, translated, and marriage certificate attested & translated…
    Thank you.

  24. salman says:

    aoa yasir bhai . can i bring my mother on permanent & visit visa my iqama profession is kharbai amm . ? before i apply online visit visa at and they rejected . there is any other to apply manually visit visa for mother . plz help me m v.upset due to this issue .

  25. Salman Saeed says:

    aoa yasir bhai . can i bring my mother on permanent & visit visa my iqama profession is kharbai amm . ? before i apply online visit visa at and they rejected like this (foriegn mininstry appologies to meet the demand). there is any other way to apply manually visit visa for mother . plz help me m v.upset due to this issue .


  26. gud day sir…. it is possible to apply a family visa to al khobar saudi arabia…..? my husband is already there….

  27. anyway sir my husband is a heavy equipment driver in al khobar…

  28. NAEEM says:


  29. hamid masood says:

    I am diploma holder in DAE and my profession is salesman.i want permanent family visa for saudia can u help me sir

  30. khuram says:

    Yaar Please help me… anybody can send me visa application family form…?

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