Reality of Youth Representative of PML(N) Fawad Khalid – Exposed

The article below is just shared from Genuine Pakistan and it is written by Zeeshan Faisal. I just shared this article to let people know the language of PMLN supporters and PMLN Youth who are blaming Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Imran Khan Supporters for abusing and showing vulgar behavior publicly. Let us see how manned PMLN supporters are. Fawad Khalid is not a single person having such behavior, there are a lot of people who follow his page and support his vulgar language. Now I don’t have any confusion guys like Fawad are on payroll of political parties.


First of all I would like you to present the actual page of this guy. This guy has been studied abroad and initially joined APML, later the guy joined PML(N) in December 2011. As his official page is being made on 25 December, 2011. Fawad Khalid – PML(N) is now the official representative of PML(N) and is also Social Media Team (Pioneer Member).

This guy abuses publicly on his page to everyone who like PTI or even someone tries to correct his language. This guy has used very abusive words against PTI including PoTI (the bladder). At one place he had been said Imran Khan as zaani and yahoodi.

The guy claims that he left APML (Musharraf Party) because of ideological differences but the sources of AMPL say that this guy was being dismissed from them because of his hatred to Urdu speaking people (Sindhi people)

This is just the mentality of how Fawad Khalid – PML(N) thinks. This time he exposed Rana Sanaullah with himself

Further Fawad Khalid – PML(N) insulted the khawaja sara who was supporting PTI in a jalsa. He must have forgotten that khawaja sara are officially allowed to vote. Additionally he must have known that one khawaja sara association in Lahore has already announced to join his party PML(N) and PML(N) leaders welcomed association’s announcement

Although PML(N) have big differences with PPPP but Fawad Khalid – PML(N) likes Sharmila Farooqi and could not resist himself on praising her for getting annoyed by PTI supporters as he regularly follows her tweets

Fawad Khalid – PML(N) could not resist himself by openly inviting the world to Hate Imran Khan. Keep in mind this is the Page of official representative of PML(N). This time he ask everyone to join I Hate Imran Khan (The Master of U Turns)

After confessing that he does not know about the I Hate Imran Khan (The Master of U Turn)’s page but he started officially telling people these are one of his interests. Look at the likes of the official page of Fawad Khalid – PML(N)

This is the first time I am going to reveal how Fawad Khalid – PML(N) started insulting Imran Khan. I think he watched the trailer of the movie Kaptan and made a hate stuff. Remember this guy is the official representative of PML(N) Youth

He also insulted the PTI woman leader

Fawad Khalid – PML(N) further said PTI as KIDCO party and made a joke consisted of kids having topless dresses. He also included Veena Malik in the picture

In taking revenge from Imran Khan and PTI, Fawad Khalid – PML(N) denied the fact of IRI Polls and added the false statement that IRI disapproves any such polls. Everybody knows the authenticity of these polls by IRI as reported by the entire media including Express Tribune and Kamran Khan Show (Geo news). Should we consider that PML(N) is officially denying the fact or is it individual thinking only?

When reached to his extreme revenge, Fawad Khalid – PML(N) crossed all the limits of decency and started calling PTI as PoTI (the bladder). Look at the picture

Fawad Khalid – PML(N) called Imran Khan as Jew several times on his page and used the word PoTI (bladder) countless times for PTI

Finally Fawad Khalid – PML(N) came straight to street language and said Ponki Jao (Keep barking). Most of the people have heard such language from MSF members of colleges in Punjab

After doing all this Mr Fawad Khalid – PML(N) thinks himself as Angel. Being the official representative he thinks that his language is very much decent as compared to the so-called PTI supporters whose authenticity has not yet proved that whether they were actually PTI supporters or not?
Anyways, this is how that angel Fawad Khalid – Exposed reported all the abusers to Cyber Crime Agency

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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7 Responses to Reality of Youth Representative of PML(N) Fawad Khalid – Exposed

  1. Abubakr says:

    Shame on PMLN and their supporters who become blind in love of fake leader Nawaz Sharif.

  2. asif says:

    Welldone Yasir…Very Nice to expose this hypocrite….God Bless you will wait for your articles in future…..

  3. LOKI Oddin says:

    LOKI Here the Owner Admin Content Creator of I Hate Imran Khan The Master OF U turn and You ***** KIds Stop giving my credit to Fawad Khalid the page is mine Idea is mine and work is mine so **** *******

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  5. Shame on you. Show me a proof where PMLN has ever acknowledged Fawad Khalid, as an official PMLN representative. NEVER. And you know it.
    You can keep lying though….bcz this is all you can do – cheap low! Shame on you….if you have any!

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