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Every day you come across with people having different opinions, beliefs, values and needs. The actual idea is to communicate with others your own beliefs and perspectives, and persuade them by communicating in the most effective manner. There are three components of communicating your point of view to others; it could be verbal, non-verbal orpara-verbal. The communication is effective only if you create harmony with these three components. Verbal communication is referred to the content of the message, either it is relevant or irrelevant, the non-verbal communication is referred to the message you send through body language and the para-verbal communication is referred to your style of delivering the message especially your tone, and volume of your voices.
Having decent communication skills is essential for the success nowadays. Positive aspect of the good communication skill will definitely enhance the opportunities for you in your business or career. It will enable you to excel in certain fields where others lacking this ability, won’t succeed. Few things, which could help you in building strong communication skills, are as follows.


Your body language should be in tone with the message that you are conveying. The first and foremost role is not to act nervous. Make sure that you will sustain your relaxed posture with your hands clasped ahead of you. Eye contact should surely be maintained. Avoid a slouching posture with hands crossed that will give a bad and non-serious impression of yours. Also, avoid showing off your nervousness by displaying ticks e.g. wringing hands, or picking from your nails.


Be sure that whatever your message is, it should be strong, concise and clear. Come to the point directly without wasting time on wondering around by telling the stories which will surely make the listener least interested in your message. You should have proof of what you are saying because if any listener by some chance finds out any misgivings, nobody will listen to you anymore. Make sure that your listeners understand you by asking them of queries or their opinions.

Patience is the must characteristic of you, while communicating. If you are conveying any sort of message to your audience, then you should have the stamina to hear what their thoughts are about your message. They can be harsh or negative. In that case, you should be patient enough to hear them all and clear, and then reply them with relaxed mind and strong counter-argument so as to convince them about your idea or make them understand what they are not getting.


Consistency is linked with your verbal communication or in simple words the content of the message. It means that your overall speech or communicational message should include consistent write up. You should not alter from what you have said earlier in your message. Your point of communication should remain the same.


In order to improve your skills deliberately, practicing helps the most. With the consistent practice you should be able to improve your skills considerable, without dismaying yourself in front of others. Half hour in front of a mirror with no audience will surely help you. This also aids in enhancing the confidence of fluency of the language.

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About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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  1. بھائی ہوسکے تو اس تحریر کو اردو میں بھی شائع کردیں شاید ہم جیسوں کے کام بھی آجائے جن کی انگلش تھوڑی کمزور ہے

  2. Rehut Team says:

    Nice one, very interesting!!

  3. Rehut Team says:

    NIce, interesting

  4. suriender says:

    Hii Yasir I read your entire entire article . And I realize that how communication skill will change your life. If want to grow that this is the most priority thing in these days.

  5. QJ says:

    That’s a good list, but I believe meeting knowledgeable people and interacting with them often also helps a lot!

  6. fiztalmirnad says:

    thnkx…….it ‘ll help me in my lecture….:)

  7. sa'dia says:

    superp article

  8. Malik Farhan says:


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