Now Its Time For Karachi!

Imran Khan, PTI, 25 dec, PTI in Karachi, Imran Khan in Karachi

Friends after Lahore now Imran Khan’s Tsunami is heading over Karachi and now its time for the youth of Karachi to support Imran Khan, a true leader of Pakistan.

Friends if I were not a 15 years old boy then I must participate in this revolutionary gathering but my parents restricted me so its my duty to obey them but I request to my elder brothers and sisters to come out of there home, leave Facebook, Twitter and other useless things and join hands with Imran Khan because he is the only one I see who speak truth, who speak about the development of Pakistan, who speak about the youth of Pakistan.

So friends hope you will be there on 25 December on Mazar of our beloved Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinaah.

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