Getting Driving License in Saudi Arabia


Guest Post by Asad Nawaz

(Please note that this is Asad’s Personal experience and not a legal document/procedure/guideline or training document. Anyone who experienced making a driving license in Saudi Arabia might have different views or thoughts. So just consider it a human’s personal experience)

Note: Some Information in this article is out-dated, To get updated procedure of getting driving license, please visit this URL.

Many people are skeptical about the driving license process in Saudi Arabia. However though my experience I have observed that if you remained cool and confident during the whole process; it is not a big deal. Before going for driving license; I came across different experiences on many blogs and that frightened me a bit. However when I went through the whole processes on my own, I found it to be easy.

People in Dammam used to go to Khobar as being approachable. To new comers, I suggest going to Dallah School Dammam where as per observation things are a bit easier and with little bit of effort one can get the driving license with in 5 hours i.e around 11 am.

What you need Before going for actual Test

  1. Complete all the documents i.e.
  2. Letter from company attested by chamber of commerce
  3. Translation of your home country Driving License
  4. Application Form for Driving License in Saudi Arabia (get it filled from govt relation officer from your company)

Procedure to Make Driving License

Go to Dallah Driving School. Get application form stamped from Driving school and go for medical test. This ascertain your blood group and eye sight. No need to go to main hospitals.There is a nearby dispensary (I forgot its name) on same road. They complete the procedure with 15 minutes and you will get the report then and there.

After this come back to school again and pay SAR 100 fee being one day course fee. Not necessary to attend. However for test purpose; you must get your attendance slip signed from instructor ( I got it signed from two persons one for computer test that was done by some Bengali guy there and other for actual driving test). Instructor will give you the time for test which is normally next working day at around 6 AM.

As there is no rush in this school so you may come any time before six. I was near to end of queue. Still I managed all the things within few hours. Before entering the waiting area near to computer test room, school officer will get your file from you. You may keep your test material i.e. signal card, written contents, etc with you.

Computer Test (Often called Signals test)

The first test is that of multiple choice questions on touch screen computer. Normally Saudi Nationals are given priority over non Saudis for attempting this test first. Once your name is called, go to the computer room. Discard or throw exam material in the waste bin before going into test room. Officer there will check your Iqama and tell you the computer no. at which you have to attempt the test.

Besides Arabic, you may attempt this exam in Urdu, English and Hindi. Attempt in the language you are more comfortable. Before start of exam; listen the instructions carefully. This helps you in understanding the format. You may defer question for later purpose if you don’t know the answer. Normally first 10 questions must be answered correctly and after this 5 out of 10 should be correct. Exam finishes if you meet the criteria even before completion of 20 questions. Mine was completed on answering 15th or 16th question. I deferred one for later on answering but that didn’t come at later stage.

Preparation Material for the Computer Tests

  • Signal Sheet given by school
  • Rules and regulation and penalty sheet (One page carrying all the stuff). This was given by same bengali guy who signed the attendance slip as mentioned above.
  • Third (which i believe helped me a lot) is the you tube video filmed by some Pakistani or Indian guy while taking the driving class

(Disclaimer about Video Material Below: The Videos below are not a part of this blog but they are just shared from a public link of YouTube. If you think these videos are illegal and should not be posted publicly on the internet please contact YouTube customer support.)

Part 1

Part 2

Some questions may come from outside of these contents, however with logical application; you may find the correct answer.

The Driving Test

Once it is done (whether passed or failed), you have to go through the actual driving test. You may opt for “MANUAL” or “AUTOMATIC).

I repeat the same that you may go for automatic car if you are not comfortable with manual cars. Also some of the manual cars are not in good shape and god forbid if clutch does not work properly on that day, you may not be able to pass the driving test, so I suggests going for automatic car which are available in the ground. This include Toyota Yaris, Toyota Corrolla and Honda. Although they are limited but you can wait for your turn. Instructor on ground easily allow this. Be patient and keep hold of your nerves while communicating with these guys as they are single headed. You may also bring your own vehicle. Try it be smaller in length to improve your chances of passing especially the reverse parking test.

Test is done in small batches around 5 to 10 cars. Place you car in the queue. First is the general forward movement with use of proper indicators. In between is a small passage. Be careful while passing that as if you touch the side poles, Instructor won’t pass you. Actually it is too easy to get through that path. Almost all the drivers can do so with convenience.

Reverse Parking Test

After this, you will place your car in the same queue for attempting reverse parking test.
This is done in batches too. Normally it is a batch of five cars as there are five parking slots in the test field. All five cars will move one after other to the parking lot and stopped somewhat 15 to 20 meters ahead of the parking slot. Instructor then tell the parking number in which every driver has to reverse park his car. It is assigned in the same sequence in which cars are lined up i.e. 1 to 5 with last one to park in 5th parking space, second last in 4th parking space and so on. Since I was the first one therefore I was assigned parking no 1.

When all the vehicles behind me started moving; I started reversing my car with right indicator on. Now the basic rule which i learned from my Egyptian friend in the office ( there could be other way also)

  1. The distance between the pole and car should be around one and half foot approximately.
  2. Second stop your car when the small window on the right hand side of the back door is parallel to the pole.

Now while keeping the car stopped, fully move the steering on the right side. Once done, start reversing the car. Keep you look on the left mirror to see the white line and once your car back wheel on the left side is round 20 to 25 centimeters (8 to 10 inches) away from that line, stop the car. Now fully move the steering on the left side. After this reverse the car and it will be safely placed between the two lines. Don’t try to move more further once the steering is back to its original place as this may push you car behind the allowable area.

After this instructor will ask to take the car out of parking area to see if you can safely bring it back to its original location. After taking out the car, stop it on the track as instructor will take your file to put his remarks. A tick means you are passed; otherwise you have to attempt the same on subsequent week. Instructor put a tick on my file and asked me to take the car back to parking location and wait in the file delivery room.

I waited for around half an hours after which all the files arrived. I got the file from there and confirmed about the procedure for payment of license fee. You may go directly to Riyadh bank if you want to, otherwise you may find taxi drivers working as an agent who will take you to the one of the collection agent office. These offices charges around 40 SAR for processing payment on your behalf. License fee is dependent upon the time period for which you want to issue your license permit. I preferred paying for 10 years which costs 400 SAR. Additionally I pay 10 SAR to taxi driver who bring me to the collection agent office.

Please note that it is your choice to go to bank directly or go the payment processing agent.
I came back to the driving school with same taxi driver and went to the license issuance / registration dept. There was a small queue there. On my turn, I presented the file to officer there, who checked the records online and punched some data in the system. He asked me to get aside so that during the time my license in printed, data of the person after me can be entered in the system.

After minutes or so he called my name and handed over my license to me. It was a matter of great joy and relief for me as all my worries to free movement were gone within a matter of few hours.

Thanks a Lot…

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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83 Responses to Getting Driving License in Saudi Arabia

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  2. Mohsin says:

    who said its so easy to get the license card even after passing the test…
    its been 3 weeks i had passed both driving and written (computer) tests, but, everyday when you go to get your license card, they will say, Token machine is not working n bla bla so come next saturday…

    • Ehetesham baig says:

      As I see Mr. Mohsin’s post is very latest, I would like add my experience of today in khobar. People are coming early at 3 or 4 am and climbing the main gates and occupying the seats available as the officer(as they call them huh!!) is willing to give token to those who are seated. One guy in one seat only..But still they are not lucky enough as he called them again to come tomorrow.
      Now the new shock to me after see the place fir two days is, the person holding iqama from a place should only see ir go to that place dallah only…. And unfortunately, I stay in khobar

    • Yasir Imran says:

      That is not good. But in Jeddah situation is very different now.

  3. Mai pahle saudi me kaam karta tha to mere pass driving license tha uske baad mai exit chala gaya abhi phir mai wapas aaya hoon doosre company me aur mujhe driving license chahiye aur mera pahle wala license expire bhi ho gaya hai january me, to mujhe yeh jaanna hai k mujhe license kaise milega phir se test wagaira dena hoga ya sirf pahle wala license jama karne se doosra license mill jayega. Please eska answer mujhe jaldi chahiye

  4. Huzaif says:

    I have passed the test ,now they have given me a class for traffic signals today from 4pm to 7pm. So what procedure i have to adopt next after the class . Will the signals test be taken today or I have to come again ?

  5. junaid says:

    i had driving license with my previous employer, i went on exit and came back on a new visa but my earlier company had taken my driving license. can i get a new driving license on a copy of earlier licence.

  6. Muhammad Shakeel says:

    I am from pakistan just arrived in saudi and want to apply for driving license. i just want to ask that i have UK driving license so is it possible to exchange my license with saudi license. what is the proceudre to do so. i will really appreciate the help.

  7. kashif Rashid ali says:

    Dear yasir
    My name is kashif and i am new in KSA Jeddah.I want to ask u about the Iqama i didnt get my and passed two months.What should be the legal way to do stay and get the Iqama?My sponsor is saudi Bin ladin group and they are in Red category now a days.will i stay after 90days completion or need exit?
    Please reply if u have information about this My email address is and mobile number is 966565892708

    Thanks in advance

  8. Sajid says:

    Its 24july, but still no cards are available, i have passed the test on 14th July, since then i have went there 3 times, but every time they refused saying that card are not available, please tell me if i would go to come other city like Riyadh (along with my file and Fee paid receipt) do they issue a license from there?

  9. rachel says:

    how’s your date of birth on the saudi driver’s license?? as i heard, for foreigner, the date of birth on the license like ’01/01/year/’ regardless my real date of birth?? is it true??

  10. jasim says:

    what is the procedure of learners license here in saudia arabia.?

  11. joel says:

    I dont have any license from my country of origin? would this be a problem if want to get a license in saudi arabia? and how much would it cost me?

    • Yasir Imran says:

      In that case you should get a training ranging from 5 days to 20 days depending on your capabilities. Once training finished you have to take driving test & should pass it, after that you should take a road signals test & pass it.

      The Driving License fees are as below.
      2 Years = 80 SR
      5 Years = 250 SR
      10 Years = 450 SR

    • Muhammad Bilal says:

      Please let me know the training charges. I have not my driving license of my home country. I am from Pakistan.

  12. Really great. Credit for your content on the write up Getting Driving License in Saudi Arabia | Yasir Imran Mirza, they
    are actually highly helpful!! I really enjoyed reading
    your write-up.

  13. Yasir Imran Mirza… Thank you…

  14. Farooq says:

    Getting a saudi Licence if you already have a UK valid Licence.
    Get the above form filled in and take it to the nearest hospital to get you blood check done.
    2. You need to Translate your UK licence to Arabic.

    3. You need to buy a file cover( green One) who knows why green!!!
    Check list within the file
    i) Copy of your Iqama
    ii)Translated UK Licence
    iii) Form (1)
    iv) Copy of your Passport

    4. Go to Dallah driving school and meet Mudeer (Manager), if you simply hand in the file to the clerk at the desk, you might end up paying good sum (for nothing); Ask mudeer that you have the UK licence and need a Saudi one.
    5. A guy will come and take you for driving test. (Use horn if necessary) The driving test includes driving for half a KM (in my case)
    6. Pay SR 200 for 5 years
    7. Get your saudi licence.

    The whole process took me 2 hours. Make sure you reach to Dallah Office early (around 8)

    Good Luck

  15. Zeeshan says:

    great info yasir !! keep it up !!
    I am new in the city and facing issues. i am pakistani, was wondering if you could help me.
    I am in khobar

  16. sulaiman says:

    i am a student and i want to make a student license so what to do what should i do thank you

  17. Aftab says:

    Assalamalyekum, is there any website to check Driving licence is valid or not …..
    thanks wating for reply…

  18. Hareesh says:

    is the process of getting license in Saudi Arabia is easy compare to other GCC countries ???

  19. Ganesh Nyaupane says:

    I don’t have my home country driving license and i can’t perfectly drive now what all the procdure do i need to follow to get saudi driving license and how much does it cost including school fee, fee for driving in KSA without having home country driving License, or it is not possible to get License without having my home country License and all the charges to get License and how long does it take? i am from Nepal

  20. jordan says:

    Dear Gentlemen

    I just want to clarify about holder of medium saudi driving license whether can be allowed or restricted to drive coaster (about 25 seater) and Dyna truck

    Appreciate your utmost assistance

    • Yasir Imran says:

      No sir, Coaster is a big vehicle, it requires professional driver license.

    • jordan says:

      Dear Mr Yasir,

      Thank you very much as matter is being clearly clarified, with that I presumed that medium license holder is restricted to drive Dyna as well, meanwhile does light duty license holder is allowed to drive ambulance? awaiting for your kind assistance once again

      Best Regards

  21. zohaib ahmed suleman says:

    i am new in saudi arabia .. i have my country driving licence but unfortunately i don’t know driving. please advise what should i do

  22. noushad says:

    pls give answer, fist time am failed the camputer test .secnd chance howmany marks earned for passing transport vehicles licence (trailer)

  23. Javed says:

    Dear Yasir,
    My Driving classes are on 20 July 2013 but can not attent classes due to some reason,what will happen if i miss my driving classes?if i go later they will give me new date??
    Help me in this regard pls.

  24. Hassan says:

    I hava a saudi driving license valid till 2017, but I have changed my company & my new iqama number is different from Iqama Number mentioned on driving license.

    Do I need to strat from scratch and go through driving test or my existing license will be modified with my new iqama number?

  25. Mohammed Asif says:

    I want to know Dallah working hours during month of Ramadan basically for Jizan region.

  26. Bryan Mendoza says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this!

    Ramadan Kareem!!!

  27. Driving Computer test qusten and anser

  28. usman baig says:

    Sir mra iqma driver ka ni h kia m medim licence banwa skta hn plz help me 0582264486

  29. Ubaid says:

    I make file for licence in Jubail but I failed in computer test and try only one time
    Now I m In Riyadh i m applying again so how can I will make again file are what is a procedure plz tell me any body

  30. Asrar Farooqui says:

    Asalamualaiekum , Can any body please tell me whether i will have to undergo the whole procedure again for getting the license since i was having a valid license before i did go exit and now i am back on new visa . will i have to undergo the whole tests(Parking and computer) again.

    Asrar Farooqui

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