Type Urdu Without Keyboard With Frontype

If you have to write your document, e-mail, blog or any thing in Urdu language and you having problem in typing Urdu from keyboard then don’t worry frontype on-screen urdu keyword is ready to solve your problem. It is available free for download. Frontype is also very attractive and nice because of its graphical look and you can also customize its size, transparency and keys for your ease.


Advantages of Frontype

  • No need to tear off your eyes from the screen
  • The current situation is always reflected, language, register, special symbols everything is spread before the eyes
  • Wide opportunities of individual tuning in – disposition, size, transparency, color, attaching to the chosen programs.

You can download Frontype from here.

Enjoy typing Urdu with this handy little tool.

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2 Responses to Type Urdu Without Keyboard With Frontype

  1. Thanks for the tip on “Type Urdu Without Keyboard With Frontype”.
    We have Rebloged this article for our readers. Are there any keyboards in Arabic language?
    With warmest regards.

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