Future Options for foreign workers in Saudi Arabia

After yesterday’s shocking news for Saudi Arabian expatriates. A statement that is like a sigh of relief and relaxation has been given by Saudi Labor Minister Adel Fakeih. Summery of this statement is that. Expatriates should not worry about their future in Saudi Arabia and We (Saudi Govt) didn’t forget you any moment in andy decesion. I have noted following important points from Minister’s today’s statement that is published at Arabnews.com

  1. Companies in the Kingdom will have time limit until Sept. 7 to achieve a prescribed quota of Saudi employees.
  2. Saudization violating companies fall into 2 categories.
    Yellow : Companies that have not reached Saudization quota levels of employment
    Red : Companies that have flouted Saudization rules altogether.
  3. Yellow category, the visas of their employees, who have spent six years or more, will not be renewed.
  4. Red category, their foreign employees will not be able to renew their work visas with those companies at all.
  5. Expatriate workers employed by red and yellow companies that they would be allowed to move to green-category companies.
  6. Foreign workers who are in Red and Yellow category do not require a no-objection certificate from their employer (Sponsor’s permission) in order to switch jobs.Yellow or red categories will no longer be able to block their foreign workers from switching jobs to companies in the green category.
  7. There is a chance Nearly 50 percent employees from Yellow & Red categories can be absorbed by the green-category companies.
  8. For any problems Saudi Labor Minister Adel Fakeih can be reaced via his e-mail address: afakeih@mol.gov.sa

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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11 Responses to Future Options for foreign workers in Saudi Arabia

  1. khan says:

    the Misiter seems that he is talking just in air . Who will suffer , the workers if some one wants to go on holidays who will suffer if he realy want to do like he should also start from his own office and then from the homes and then also give some time like 3yrs every company need to hire abt such a % of KSA local pplz , and mean while if he is so much intrested why not they start from the age limit as a lot of the Arabs are here living and working .
    he should also onsider the imigartion and MAKAT AMAL role as so many pplz are affeted by them as some one have the Iqma HE CAN WORK ANY type of work to live as these Kafil some times did not need them to work for them and dint pay them .
    he should make the life more easy not making so much hurdles .


  3. NOOR says:


  4. farahshah says:

    ‘O’ Allah!! Please save and help the muslims all over the world,I personally think that the problems which we are facing today is only because of the fact that being a muslim we had forgot the islamic teachings,we can help us by prayering to Allah!!O Allah please forgive us and showed us the right path!!

  5. Akber says:

    I wrote my comments that any country want he people to work to same as KSA too, but they have to put restirctions on their people also. becuase I read in newspaper that employer has to give training the good salary etc. but what after getting trainings will saudi really work for one company and not switch to other. That won’t work atleast saudi also require to work atleast 1 year or 2 year for same employer. Their attendance should go to Labor dept with proof they work for them.

    • Yasir Imran says:

      Those are some nice suggestions. If govt consider them while making new policy for companies and nitaqat program, then new laws would be good for both Saudi Nationals and non-Saudi people

  6. ….Since this summer many expatriates will move to a new destination quite a few will once again be faced with the process of adjusting to a new home and a new life. Regardless of how many times you ve ….

  7. Waqas says:

    Dear Yasir,
    I have been following your blog for some days now. I found this blog very informative and brilliant. Hope you will keep alive this blog for other expatriats for time to come.I have moved to kingdom almost three months ago. I want to ask something from you and all old expats here in kingdom. Today, a relative of mine told me that they have got some official paper from ministry of labor (i think) that the expats with improper professions must change their profession to proper one until 7 january 2012. And the paper states that the expats in red zone will be sent to exit immediately whether they have spent 6 years here or they are new or not completed 6 years. To be accurate the paper asks the kafeels in red zone to hand over passports of their amals to ministry for exit purpose. The paper says that the expats must change their profession to appropriate one otherwise they will badly suffer. My cousin has seen this paper and told me about this. He was also very upset with this. Because i am new here, i ask you and other expats whether this news is correct or not? If correct then what action one adopt to nullify this situation. Please do reply either you have any information or not.

  8. Muhammad Saleem says:

    Salam Dear,
    I am Muhammad Saleem from Pakistan. My brother is working in Saudi Arabia. He recently sent a barber visa for me. Actually I have graduated from university. I want to know that is possible for me to change the profession, in case I go to Saudi Arabia.
    Thanking you in an anticipation.

  9. mai ne 12 sall sahroora saudi arab mai kaam kia ab dobarah aana chata hu agher koi visa mila tu muje zaroor batna

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