Family Visa for Saudi Arabia – Requirements and Process

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article is Just shared for the sake of information from the Blog of Khurram Shahzad who has described the process of family visa for Saudi Arabia. Many of my blog visitors asking about this process at another post No change in family visa rules Saudi Arabia-Official. I will try to share similar stuff as per readers’s demand and interest in the future.

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About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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804 Responses to Family Visa for Saudi Arabia – Requirements and Process

  1. smit says:

    please tell me whether wife need any document attestation for family visa for going saudi arabia?

    • Yasir Imran says:

      She must have a valid passport. Upto 12 pictures with white background and 12 with color background. She must get a medical clearance. She must have National ID card and if there are children, You must have a birth certificated attested or Form-B attested.

  2. mohammed akram says:

    salamalekum bro,

    i got my diploma and marriage certificate attested in india and will receive them shortly, my profession in iquama is mechanique manshath sanaiyya, pls guide me

  3. Ahmed says:

    Dear yasir,
    I have Iqama and my sponser is my father and my profession on iqama is student. I have got the job offer as project engineer here in KSA. Please I want to know regarding the requirements to change my profession on Iqama and sponsership transfer. Hope to have immidiate respone from your side.


  4. Dear Sir,

    my visa status is pipe welder and i need to bring my family in KSA. can i change my visa status in Eqama .i have deploma certification with it technician and including all stamp with saudi Amabase.
    based on it technician cirtificate can i rename …and how much time to get approval from labbor office for change the status.

  5. jisha jose says:

    Dear sir,
    I am female and working here since 4 years as a staff nurse,i would like to bring my husband here on free visa (Technician).Is it safe to bring him now on free visa,your immediate reply is highly appreciable.

  6. Khurram says:

    Hi ,
    I have don my Bachelor (BBA) Hons and MBA , I got a Saudi work visa and the profession is (Funny alaktronia) Electronic technition. Am i eligible for this visa on these Degrees ..Or do I require a diploma in electronics .

    • techinican says:

      New rules no family visa for all technician profession, coz today i went to apply a visa they rejected it and said apply for visit visa after hajj. before hajj no visit visa also.

  7. Asad says:

    Getting a family visa is one of the requirements of people working in Saudi Arabia so that they can enjoy the life with peach of mind as there is limited fun places to go and all your life moves around your family.
    First and foremost thing is the job title on iqama. Is it a professional one or not. Many a times you may get the visa but profession might not represent your actual portfolio in the company. Therefore it is important that you must be have a proper profession mentioned on your iqama like doctor, engineer, accountant, programmer, etc.

    Second important thing is that your qualification must depict the relevance with your profession. This is quite important as if official at istakdam office does not find your degree in line with your iqama profession by one or other reason; he may not accept the form.

    In may case since i came initially on business visa; therefore before release of job visa; i specifically asked HR manager to take care of this as my current job portfolio is an extension of my base profession. On his demand; i also showed him all my credentials (qualifications) so that he would be sure of the fact that which profession suits the requirement. In my case; i advised him to get “Accountant” visa from Labor office and he agreed to that. It is a matter of convincing your employer especially those dealing in HR & Govt Relation affairs.

    Once you get the iqama; you are eligible to apply for Family Visa. For this; you need a letter from the company stating your brief profile and salary details. This is prepared by Govt Relation officer (GRO) in your company. It needs to be signed by person whose name is registered in the chamber of commerce. He may be the CEO or HR manager as the case may be. Afterwards; GRO will get it attested from Chamber of Commerce. A nominal fee of 25 SAR is charged for this. I get all these things done through my GRO in the company. Please note that continuous follow up with company officials is important so as to expedite your case; otherwise they may process in normal go and take sufficient time.
    After this; GRO will fill the family visa form mentioning all the details along with dependent information.

    Now comes the actual task i.e. going to istakdam office to apply for family visa. My advise is to take your company’s GRO along with you as that there could be no communication issue. Also due to their frequent visits they develop relationship with these guys.
    Documents to be made available for presenting to official at istakdam office includes the following:
    – Family visa application form as mentioned above
    – Copy of your iqama
    – Copy of your work permit (Normally it is with the company and they take a copy of the same for you)
    – Letter from your company in Arabic as mentioned above and attested by the Chamber of Commerce
    – Copy of the passport of each one member of your family i.e. wife and kids
    – Copy of your passport
    – Marriage Certificate (Nikah nama) duly attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi Embassy Islamabad,
    – Original Degree (attested by HEC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Cultural Office and Saudi Embassy),
    – B Form issued by Nadra for kids (attested by Ministry of Foreign affairs and Saudi Embassy). Relevant only if you have kids
    – Translated Copies of all the above three documents. No need to get them translated from Pakistan as there are certified translation agent in Jawazat office who get it done for 20SAR each. Also Saudi Embassy is no more doing attestation of translation copies of these document as same is not done by MOFA , Pakistan. So no worries; bring only original documents as per requirement and get the translation done from here. There is no need for any attestation of translated documents from any where.

    The day i went there; there was hardly few people around 2 to 3. On the first counter; GRO accompanying me presented the case file. Official there looked at all the documents. Within a moment he asked for my original iqama and then for degree. I gave it to him. He asked me as about my degree and profession which i told him. On this; he put his initials on the form and asked to go to the supervisor for confirmation. I along with my co’s GRO went to supervisor counter. There was one guy only ahead of us. After a brief waiting period; my turn came and GRO gave the document to supervisor. He just looked at the docs and put his initials as a counter confirmation. I forgot if there was some stamping or not.

    After this my co’s GRO asked me to wait in the lounge for some time so he can go to Riyaz bank to make payment. You may pay this before coming to Istakdam office; however on the safe side it is better to make this payment once the request is duly accepted by this office. After 15 minutes or so; GRO came back and we went to the first counter so that person can punch the required family data in the system. Do tell him to put this data in English so as to match the name on passport. Once he completed the data entry; he took the print out of the same on Family Visa Slip commonly called “Yellow Slip”. It is nearly an A4 size slip in yellow color carrying the names of the dependents. Istakdam officer gave that slip to me to check if the names are correct and if there is any typing error he can rectify the same. On confirmation he handed over the same to me and tell you the tentative time by which that visa will be available in your country’s saudi embassy. In my case; he gave me a time of 10 days from date of issue.

    Next step is that of applying for visa from source country i.e. Pakistan I will brief you about the process in Pakistan in my next write up; Insha Allah.



    • ashraf says:

      thanks a lot mr.asad.can u plz tell me the validity of yellow paper from istekhdaam till i will submit to embassy..may allah bless u.

    • Yasir Imran says:

      I am not sure but when I asked an agent in Pakistan who used to have contact with Saudi Embassy in regard of visas. He told me Work visas have a validity of 1 year. And family visa (yellow paper) has 2 years validity.

    • Shaharayr says:

      Dear Asad.

      Can you send me soft copy of letter which have brief detail of Employee.. i have not any GRO and i cant write arabic.

      i will pray for you if you send soft copy on my ID at


  8. Hisham amjad says:

    i wanted to ask that i am going to apply for visit visa for my mother .i am well aware of all the procedure but the problem is that my mother and father have recently moved from saudi arabia on FINAL EXIT and right now they are in DUBAI on Visit Visa living there!
    My question is when i apply for a VISIT VISA for saudi arabia will they be able to get if from DUBAI?
    OR they would have to travel back to pakistan to get the visa?


    Hisham amjad

  9. dalvi shabnam says:

    my husband has got call form mofa to give his document he has submittee it on wed 14th 2011 they said visa num will be shown on monday 19th 2011 but it has been not shown still.i want to say i am moving secound time at saudi becoz of that it has some problem can u say how much time it takes to show visa id on me ans soon plz.

  10. sahil says:

    what does this arabic sentence mean as i got this after aplying online

    تعتذر وزارة الخارجية عن تلبية الطلب

  11. Javed Khan says:

    Dear Yasir,

    thanks for such a useful information, I have two questions:

    1- Do I need wife Passport copy for Permanent visa.
    2- My Degree and Marriage certificate is already attested from Saudi Embassy, Do I need to attest the arabic translation from Saudi Embassy or I can just translate them here from some authorized attestation office.

  12. Asad says:

    Dear Javed

    For Family Visa; you need to have a copy of your family members passport at the time of application.

    You may get your educational documents and Marriage certificate translated from a authorized translation agent.



  13. Tanveer Hayder says:

    Dear Yasir Bhai,

    I am also I .T Professional since 2000. I did MIT recently from Virtual University, My broth-in-law is in Saudi Arabia, since 7 years. Every year when he comes Pakistan, encourage me to come in Saudi Arabia. As I decided to go for Saudi Arabia and I asked him for purchase a visa for me. Even It is very costly round 20K SR.

    Today I was searching the list of Profession who are eligible to bring their family in Saudi Arabia. I found your site and here I got v.good information regarding many things. SUDDENLY I see comments of Technician “New rules no family visa for all technician profession, coz today i went to apply a visa they rejected it and said apply for visit visa after hajj. before hajj no visit visa also.” After reading these comments I got v.disappointed because my Brother in Law tell me that He buy Technician Visa for me which is family status visa. Please guide me which profession visa is best for FAMILY STATUS . Secondly Please also guide me I have 10 years experience in SQL Server and MS Access development also in Networking. Is there any chance for me to survive with family in Saudi Arabia.
    I am waiting for your kind responce and guidline as elder brother. My email is :
    Tanveer Hayder

  14. dalvi shabnam says:

    my husband has apply for vist visa of plz say me how many days i apper visa id online i am visting 2 time in ksa help me plz

  15. ashraf says:


  16. dalvi shabnam says:

    plz ans me i am wating my husband has appled for family vist visa at ramdan after eid he got msg to submittee this document at mofa they said they will show visa num on monday 19th sep now one week passed but still no ans they hve not shown any visa id.its my secound time to come at saudi; when ever i check its shown my application num and some different langauge.can u say how many days it takes to show visa num. can u check its my application num 3565035 id num=2223780392.plz reply soon.

    • WellWisher says:

      I tried via online with ur visa no and translated into english as below

      “”Does not have a visa to this number or the input data is incorrect
      or that the visa is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”””

  17. Danish says:

    Hi, I have received a visa for 90days.It says “AMAL” meaning work. Occupation is something else. But below it says “AMAL” which means work in Arabic. I even heard if the occupation is mentioned as Amal,it means labour.Is there anything like work visa and labour visa? So basically what do we know whether this is a work visa or …..? I have got an offer as Restaurant Manager.A probabtion period of 3 months exists in the contract.And the contract is for 2 years. I wanted to know why the visa says 90days?Will the employer change it when i reach there?This is for an American based Organization.

    • Danish says:

      the occupation mentioned in visa is something else.and not amal or aamil.
      But the last line in the centre its mention AMAL.i asked an arabic scholar and he said it means work or employment visa.

  18. pooja says:

    new rule no family visa for all technician is its true pls repond

  19. Mustafa hussain says:

    Assalam alaikum Sir this is mustafa hussain from jeddah azizzyeh . my iqama profession is telecom technician, so i would like to know that can i get a family visa …if yes what are the procedure i have not complete my graduation .and how much time its need to get visa….

  20. Vijay says:

    Dear Mr.Yasir,
    Salam Aalkum,I am Indian and I applied the family Visit Visa By Online on 22nd sept.2011.
    Right now i am awaiting for my Sponsor letter,i think i will get it from him by 01st October 2011.since he will return from foreign visit by 30th September.
    Here i want to get the advise,i heard from other agency that the MOFA office stooped to issue the Visa for HAJJ
    Weather the information is right or not and if it’s wrong what is the last date for that i need to submit the documents to jawassat.
    And the Application form for whatever i applied on 22nd it still value or i need to be apply new one.

    Please advise Mr.yasir.

    Thanks and Regards,


  21. Mohammad Naved Khan says:

    aoa, dear sir, I have a profession of keyat taylor and i want issuance of family visa at earliest, could you tel me please if i submit my file to you may give this service i will bear all charges and fees. please reply

  22. arifa says:

    Hi Mr. Yassir, ASAK..
    great work you are doing here, by providing answers and guidance to queries of people in need., considering how tough and confusing office and visa matters in Saudia.
    Me and my family too is caught up in one such issue in relation to family visa, and i am seeking your help on this. My husband is working in Saudia since few months, and we are planning to join him at the earliest.We had a visa issued and stamped for me and my two kids, along with his initial visa, about 4 months back. Unfortunately, we didnt travel on this Visa. After reaching saudia, my husband obtained a new family visa,and we submitted the yellow slip and all the trappings,for stamping , at the consulate in Mumbai. They returned the passports saying the previous visa has to be cancelled before stamping a new one. Now, first visa had been processed by a Delhi agency, and we didnt have any papers related to the first visa with us. So we send the passport to the Delhi agent for cancellation of first visa. it had been two weeks now,nothing is happening. agent is saying they need to get some authorisation letter from attache or embassy, which they didnt get yet. We have already postponed our tickets thrice, and still dont know what exactly is going on. Kid’s holidays will be over soon,and we will not be able to make it, if this thing dont get done in a week.
    I would really appreciate it if you or anybody else here could tell me what needs to be done, how to go about it and how long would it possibily take.
    and also, how many days it would take for the iqama thing to be done, once we reach saudia?
    We will have to return in less than 2 weeks, due to all these delay in processing..I will be extremely thnakful if you could help us with these queries at the earliest.
    – Arifa

  23. Saqib Shams says:

    Dear Yasir – I am really impressed and appreciate your efforts. The information here is really helpful. I am also applying for family visa as my wife has got a job offer in Taif University. I have one query that my Marriage Certificate (Original) is in Urdu. Will I be required to produce its arabic translation or this Original Nikkah Nama will be sufficient?? Please reply

  24. ashraf says:

    this is my second post…i am aplying for permenant family visa..plz tell me the validity of yellow paper from istekhdaam office till i will submit in delhi….plz reply urgently..may allah bless u.

  25. Farhan Hassan says:

    yasir sb aslam ol akyum
    sir main saudia arab main premcoo bin ladun main job krta hunoo and main apni wife ko vist visa pr bolwana chta hunoo main edr surveyur ka kam kr rha hunoo meree salery 2400 basic+300 khany ka +200 alonace hai total 2900 ban jati hai ovr time mila kr 4500 ati hai mera eqama pr ( FANI ABNEYA) lehka hai ky is desenation pr meree family ah skti hai k nh kindely sir reply em i shall be very thamk full to u
    raja farhan from riyad

  26. Mustafa says:

    I live in Pakistan and I want to apply for Saudi Arab Visa can you tell me the procedure to apply. Budget is the main issue so can you tell me the cheap way. I am a technical carpenter so I need Azaad Visa.

    My contact number is = +923337804424

    • Yasir Imran says:

      The cheap way is. Try to find a job online and ask the company to provide you visa. The best places for doing that are and

  27. Kashif says:

    Dear All,
    I need info about new born baby..From Pk , baby can travel with passport with mother or need visa…colleague of from india..his wife came here with new born babe with visa only passport…how about pakistan?

    • Kashif says:

      Dear All,
      I need info about new born baby..From Pk , baby can travel with passport with mother or need visa…colleague of MINE from india..his wife came here with new born babe withOUT visa only passport…how about pakistan?

    • Yasir Imran says:

      No, its not true and I cannot believe this. My brother recently traveled to Pakistan and he got National IDs and Passports of all his children, including smallets Abdullah, that is only 6 months.

  28. Dr,Mirza says:

    Dear yasir,
    I am an indian and my wife is a pakistani national. I am selected for MOH saudia. I asked my agent to get me a to and fro ticket from pakistan to saudia instead of india to saudia as my wife will not be able to get a visit visa for india every year. According to my agent it cannot be done. My ticket will get reimberssed from india to saudia but in her case she has to bear her ticket from pakistan to saudia on her own. Do you have any idea what do one have to do in this case? Is there any possiblity to request some authority in my case? I am really confused if you could help me in this regard i’ll be very grateful to you.

  29. Azim Misbah says:

    Dear Brother
    I like to visit Saudi Arabia on visit visa in late December 2011 (as there is no Umrah visa at that time). I have some very good friend there…..Saudi and also Bangladeshi doctors. But they are not my blood relatives. Can they be my sponsor for my visit visa.??? I am trave
    ling with my wife and two children.
    Azim Misbah

  30. MAHAMMED says:



    • Yasir Imran says:

      Wa alekumslam
      Accountant profession holder can bring his family on visit visa or residant visa. Marriage certificate should be attested from home country s foreign office and you need it here to apply for visit visa.

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