Family Visa for Saudi Arabia – Requirements and Process

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article is Just shared for the sake of information from the Blog of Khurram Shahzad who has described the process of family visa for Saudi Arabia. Many of my blog visitors asking about this process at another post No change in family visa rules Saudi Arabia-Official. I will try to share similar stuff as per readers’s demand and interest in the future.

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About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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804 Responses to Family Visa for Saudi Arabia – Requirements and Process

  1. siddiq says:

    Hi Mr. Ysir,
    Very good information for who is planning bring their family.
    I appreciate.

  2. faisal mughal says:

    yasir bhai salary kitni honi chahey or

  3. Niraj says:

    Dear Yasir,
    I had recently Changed my IQAMA proffession to “COMPUTER PROGRAMMER” from AMMIL MACHINE OPERATOR”….legally through my Company .
    Please let me know i will face any difficulty for Permennat Family Visa if all attested certificates are with me…
    Awaiting your reply

  4. Junaid Khan says:

    Salam to All
    Sir I am planning to apply for my family permanent visa and all the required documents and criteria are fullfilled there is no minus point for me but I am facing one problem that I am unable to get the Family visa permanent application form, if you have please provide the information.

    With best regards

    Junaid khan

  5. Ammd says:


    I heard that, rules are now changed they dont need the company letter.
    is it correct ?

  6. shaenshah khan says:

    i dont have a degree and rest if the thing are ok good salary and good profesion on iqama can i apply for a family visa

    • visa expert sakeer peringady says:

      just try it depends on your luck and their mood, some time they dont ask original degree certificate,, just attach a copy.. and try..

  7. jags says:

    Hi.good day..
    Who is authorize to do medical test?
    thank you…

  8. Muhammad Asif says:

    nice info shared…

  9. Hameed says:

    Dear All,

    I need small help from you if you can;

    My company do not have his own work visas and we are working on other company sponsorship in Saudi Arabia. and I have got family visit visa, My Family is expected to arrive in July 2012.

    I would like to ask that:

    1 – Now my company is planning to change the sponsorship and give us his own work visas. Then what is the status of family visit visas issued and stamped already in Pakistan from my previous sponsor?

    2 – Either it will automatically cancel / transfer upon Tanazal?

    3 – Can I renew these visit visas on a new sponsorship which my company gives?

    4 – If my family enter in the Kingdom, will there be any problem while leaving Kingdom? if my previous sponsorship had changed?

    Thanks for you help….!


    • visa expert sakeer peringady says:


  10. asim says:

    Dear Yasir,
    Your information is only for Spouse Visa, there is no information about Children.
    Please also add what documents required for CHILDREN.

    • Yasir Imran says:

      For Children visas, you just need to provide an authentic birth certificate, also mention it in visa application. That’s it.

    • visa expert sakeer peringady says:

      just ur childrens passport copy needed, it must include parents name(yours)

  11. aaayan says:

    yasir bhai my profession is kharbayi mabani (electrician) is this eligle for family visa.

    • visa expert sakeer peringady says:

      dear aayaan.. if your sponsor is corporate(not muwassasa) and u hav been working for more than 10 years, and you have electrical diploma for three years from any university and attested by saudi embassy in ur country.. then there is a hope,, ur luck and istikdam officer mood must meet together.. gud luck ..

  12. Abdul Rahman says:

    Mr Yasir thank you for your comments. I have apparently been cheated by a person with regards to a family visit visa. Is it possible to check if there is actually a visa available using only the iqama number. I do have the screen shot of the visa details page but the application number and visa number have been crossed. The only things visible are my iqama number and my dependent details. Please help me. Thanks in advance…JazakAllah

  13. Sj says:


    Very good initiative.

    Can someone tell me that once the family visit visa is issued from MOFA, is there any time limit to apply for visa in the home country? for eg; within 3 months time otherwise it will be expired???

    Secondly; once visa is issued and stamped from home country, is there a time limit to travel?

    I short; I need to know the maximum time limit from issuing visa from Saudi to flying to Saudi.

    Thanks in advance.

    • visa expert sakeer peringady says:

      must be stamped on visters passport within 3 months, and must be travelled within one month..

  14. yasir Khan says:

    yasir bhai jazak allah..

  15. Sanaullah says:

    dear how r u all

    dear all plz help me i have one question

    i am working in riyadh as a civil engineer and my company head office is in damam so it is possible i will apply permanent family visa in riyadh istaqdam office

  16. arlyn says:

    sir, please help me. I would just like to ask if after visa stamping, what will i do after? thank you.

  17. sundas says:

    Aoa mery husband ka zaiy khaas yani gher ls driver ka visa hai ager wo new visa lay ker wapis pakistan ayain tu kitny time main new visa lugy ga or new visa kon sa layian jos per easy family ja saky

  18. MATHEW says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Name Mathew,
    I am planning to join Jeddah, my designation is Senior Design Draftsman, salary also more than 10000, my qualification is Diploma in Electrical engineering (3 yers), I am eligible for sponsoring family and parent’s visa.
    Thanks and regards

  19. maria says:

    What is the cost of getting family visa per person. can a nurse get a family visa?

  20. Akmal says:

    Dear Mr. Yasir, Can I Bring My Aunti on Visit Visa in KSA, My Profession is Mandoob Mabyat and secondly If some one Know about Umrah Visa, How we can change Umrah Visa to Visit Visa, Is this Possible? or No. Please If some one Know this Information let us Know. Thanks.

  21. Khurram says:

    Hi I recently change my profession General Accountant. Please let me know if any one can do from back door wife and daughter. How much is the money and time limit.


  22. riaz mohammad says:

    Assalam alaikom:how i wil know in pk that my famiy visa has been stamped?is there any web address of that:thanks

  23. tariq hussain says:

    asslamo alaikum yasir bhai
    i am tariq hussain currently living in saudi arabia .my visa status is saiq khas (house driver) i have done M.Sc in psychology from punjab university lahore and i have degree of from HEC and foreign office ,can i apply fo my family visa ,if i can apply what is the process .plzzzzzzzzz guide me in a good ways.i want to bring my family here in saudia.tell me any solution.waiting ur reply

  24. Muhammad Farooq says:

    Dear All,
    Assalam o Alaikum,
    I’ m farooq from Balakot (hazara) victimise of earth quick area (2005) now living in karachi, now i want to get family visa, preority Makka, Madina Munawara, Jeddha or any where in saidia do u support or help me in this regards,

    Thank u so much

  25. Jaffer says:

    My iqama profesion is Funny cianath aalath tharak (Mechanical Technician for machine methods)
    and I Have only Attested(saudi emb.&mofa) Bsc. Mathematics degree cirtificate. Is It Possible to get visa using this cirtificate?. 1yr back me & family left exit visa ( i took that visa for 12000 sr because aamal profession) now im with new kafeel.
    looking for your king reply.

  26. Kashif Adeel says:

    Dear Mr. Amir,

    It is pleased to request you; recently I came Saudi Arabia from Pakistan. By profession I am electronics engineer, but company gave me electronics technician visa with 10,917 SAR per month salary written on offer letter.

    Please advise me; with electronics technician visa status can I apply for my family visa (my wife and son) and as I am degree holder attested from Higher education commission and foreign office in Pakistan but not attested from Saudi culture and embassy as my visa is electronics technician and attestation not required for this professional.

    Now, for my family visa! Do I required to attest the my degree from Saudi culture and embassy in Pakistan?

    Waiting for your kind guidance.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Kashif Adeel

  27. yahya says:

    Assalamualaikum all,
    Dear i have got family visa yellow paper from ISTIKDHDAM. SINCE 1 week i am trying to check status on mofa website. but couldnt see anything but only an error in different language not in arabic too. plz. help if any one know.. jazakallahu khair…
    my mail

  28. RAJU VYAS says:

    Dear Sir
    I have come to KSA last month on Oxygen Welder Visa in a contracting company , whereas I am post grduate in Civil Engineering , I brought my last degree with HRD attestation as per request by my company to change my profession. Sir , I want to know how long it will take. my company saying after change of prefession i will be able to call my family here. For family visa what I should make (documents) ready to call my family here without any more delay.
    Your reply will help me a lot.

  29. hashmat says:

    can i apply for my parent for family visa

  30. Omar says:

    I am a British citizen and currently working in Saudi Arabia. My wife is Pakistani national and I wish to call her on a family visa to Saudi Arabia. First of all is it required to get the marriage certificate attested? If so Is it ok if the marriage certificate is only attested in Pakistan or do I require the marriage certificate to be attested from the UK also? And is it ok if my degree is not related to my profession on my iqama?

    Thanks in advance.

    • yunus hussain says:

      Dear Sir,
      I have done S.S.C AND DIPLOMA IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (full time from a government recognized College).3 months back i have attested my S.S.C CERTIFICATE FOR UAE Visa ,due to problem i have cancelled to go.Now i have got a offer from Saudi Arabia ,can i re attest my S.S.C certificate and as well as my Diploma certificate for Saudi Visa On the same certificates.please help its Urgent.


      Yunus hussain

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