Family Visa for Saudi Arabia – Requirements and Process

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article is Just shared for the sake of information from the Blog of Khurram Shahzad who has described the process of family visa for Saudi Arabia. Many of my blog visitors asking about this process at another post No change in family visa rules Saudi Arabia-Official. I will try to share similar stuff as per readers’s demand and interest in the future.

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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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804 Responses to Family Visa for Saudi Arabia – Requirements and Process

  1. jawad haider says:

    im a electonics engineer and working in saudi arabia as instrument technician, but on my iqama my professsion is general mason, my qafeel (sponser) dn have a licence for electron ics so i cant change my profession on my iqama,, the question is, is i am eligible to bring my faily here
    having this trade (general mason).

  2. Junaid says:



    Thanks with Kind regards,

  3. Amatullah says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I need to know if the agent in the home country has to register the number on the Enjazit website and if they have to pay anything to collect the Family Visit Visa for my mother.

    I need to know what they do exactly as they are claiming that the is a stamp of sr 500 / passport to pay to the embassy and further payment on the Enjazit website.

    Please help.

  4. Mehul says:

    Let me know how much total expeses of family visa and its process..

  5. pooja says:

    my husband have the degree of bachelor of science in physics holder, his iqama profession is oil we are start the process of degree attestation in home country.last year i was in saudi for family visit this eligible for family permanent visa please reply…

    • Majid says:

      Pooja, any technician profession in saudi arabia can’t get perm. family visa, but your husband can try through agent, i m sure he will get.

    • rehan says:

      technician can bring his family anytime in KSA.. just follow the proper formalitys or just produce company letter passport copys and 7700 sr u will get visa in 5 days…regards

    • IRFAN says:

      Once or Twice if you got a visiting visa to SAUDI….. You can try Resident visa now with all the necessary documentations after attestation from Foreing Affair and Saudi Embassy in your home country.

  6. M. Iqbal says:

    Dear Members,
    CAn I apply for a visit Visa for my borther while i am living in saudia arab.

  7. Hassan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your information above , i would like to know if i have a Labour visa , can i bring my family for a visit

    Thanks & Regards.


  8. Tariq says:

    Yasir bhai….!!
    my profession was Auto Electrician and now I changed to Marketing Specialist and also I have Degree which is in process of attestation in Pakistan.
    any how…! i applied before for visit visa three times during helding profession (Auto Electrician) but all in vain… I just got replied that… we hope you will apply with new application and make sure you provided accurate details for you and for the visitors. (also the professional helped me to fill online application while applying)

    now as i mentioned above I already changed my profession and now i need to apply for permanent visa instead of visit visa.
    is my new profession is good for apply now??

    JazakAllah khair…

    • IRFAN says:

      Please make sure when you are applying online (MOFA website)…. Just complete the application with exact information in your IQAMA and the visitors details Name exactly as in Passport (if it is in English then fill the form in ENGLISH) and age /citizenship/relationship etc.etc. Even a one simple mistake they will reject and mentioned
      ‘We hope you will apply with new application and make sure you provided accurate details for you and for the visitors”

      Marketing Specialist position good for Resident visa… but Salary also considered SR:4000 above..

    • Tariq says:

      Dear Irfan,
      thank you very much for your reply.
      my Degree is now attested and recently I got visit visa for my family but didn’t planed to bring here in KSA for some reasons.
      I will bring my family on visit and then i will apply for Iqama here by the help of my Company.

    • IRFAN says:

      Yes.. it is a good move. Once you got visit visa for your family…. then it is easing the process for Resident visa in future with all the attested documents. Insha Allah

  9. Majid says:

    This procedure is finished, now permanent family visa process by MOI.

  10. zishan arsh says:

    asalamualaikum, sir my proffision in passport is building painter, i am able to apply for family visa?

  11. MUZAMIL says:

    aslam o alikum ! any body here can guide me ,i am having “loading unloading labor” tag on my iqama as profession but working as technician in a well known company here in Saudi and also having 14 grade in company documents…..what if i want to get my family here ?

  12. Naz says:

    My husband is working here as engineer. I am under his iqama. Can I sponser my blood sister for a visit visa to Saudi, or does it have to be do e by a mehram?

  13. Nahashameed says:

    Dear Sir,
    i would like to know if i have a Labour visa , can i bring my family for a visit ???

  14. m.waqad says:

    Sir I want a family voza

  15. Mohsin says:

    Hey yasir imran, I am an INDIAN
    I am very impressed about ur shared information related family visa.
    Please clear one thing,
    Is there any rule to get family visa? means Your salary should be higher than that and related your profession.
    I am Biomedical engineer coming on biomedical technician visa.
    Can i get family visa after one year?
    Reply sooon. . .. . . . . .. . . . .. ..

  16. Farooq Khan says:

    I want to share my personal experience with u.I have changed my profession recently from labour to Computer Programmer.I have all my degrees attested from saudi embasy.I have been rejected from Istikdam office three times once from Jeddah and two times from Riyadh.In Jeddah they dnt see my documents.The Clerk only ask one question that u have changed your profession recently.I reply yes.He reject my application and from Riyadh they told me that your chamber of commerce is from Jeddah u have to go to Jeddah.If you pay round about 10000 Riyals bribe then you will get family visa even you dnt have any thing.I am asking one question if someone fullfill all requirements which are written in istikdam office then why they dnt issue the family visa

    • Junaid says:

      brother you have to wait for atleast 6 to 12 months after changing your profession. then you may try your luck. thank you

    • Atif says:

      same thing happened to me…….when i went to israqdam…the guy who was giving token..he saw my iqama profession and passport profession…he reject me to give token even…he told me to come after 1 month, or may be 2 month

  17. lemuel d. bagang says:

    is topography position eligible to sponsor the family for a permanent visa in KSA

  18. muzammil says:

    assalaam, i want to apply for family visa,my profession is autocad draughtsman(electrical & mechanical) but on my iqama its carpenter my salary is 4200 including food,accomadation & transportation. can i eligible to call my wife & daughter here in madina

    • IRFAN says:

      Try your best…. first prepare all the nessary documentations (as mentioned by Mr.Yasir above) and attest from Foreign Affair and Saudi Embassy in your home country. And then apply for Visit Visa / Resident Visa. No problem you will get it Insha Allah

  19. ali says:

    asalam u allikum . dear all brother plz give me information family visa. i m 3 year (DAE)diplome holder eng. MY IQAMA STATUS MECHANICAL ENG so how i can get family visa . plz i m ist time try for visa . plz help me . remember my iqama is mechanical eng . its easy to get visa . but i have no deegre i have only 3yrs diplome in mechanical eng . plz reply my . thanks for all.

    • Junaid says:

      brother it is difficult to get family visa in your scenario but u can try ur luck but please attest ur diploma before applying or you can get family visa by giving may be 8000 sar to some agent

  20. ali says:

    asalam u allikum yasair bai . and other frrd . i m mechanical DAE 3yrs holder , but i have mechanical eng IQAMA STATUS plz in form me can i get visa easly . plz i m worrieed may he ask me about degree . so plz tel me can i get visa ?

    • IRFAN says:

      Try your best…. first prepare all the nessary documentations (as mentioned by Mr.Yasir above) and attest from Foreign Affair and Saudi Embassy in your home country. And then apply for Resident visa.. No problem you will get it Insha Allah.

  21. Mohd.naseer says:

    Sir”pls give a replay for my request i applay a family visit visa on 17/04/12 application no 4364158 iqama no 2232257903 still his application no process pls give a help for my matter

    • munnan says:

      shayed is lye sir k ap ka iqma number yellow cattgery mai a raha he.mjhe ye cofirm nahi hai k ye isi waja se hai .ho skta ho koi aur waja ho ap istaqdam se ja k raju krein.

  22. Nadeem says:

    Dear yasir,

    Good effort done by you to help us, thanks.
    Kindly let me know the family visa fee (i mean pre-requesit for visa stamping) I have 5 family members (wife and 4 kids below 18) shall i pay fee for all individuals.

    • IRFAN says:

      For Resident Visa processing in Istikdham office…You have to pay SR:2000/- for wife and kids. IF they ask more then you have to…..
      For visa stamping in your country…. You should pay SR:200 Each (ie SR:200 x 5)
      Plus Medical / other Agent expenses etc…

  23. tehseen says:

    Assalam u alaikum… dear brothers… I eagerly wish to be in the Holy place of saudia… i m CA Finalist having 4 years experience with International Audit firm KPMG. I am looking forward to work in saudia… plz let me know if u can tell me abt any opportunity there.

    Secondly… the most important thing… i want to know that i m not yet married. If i get a job there in accounts, would it be greater than 8 grade, and I only have my old parents with me… so am i allowed to bring both of them on family visa or on dependents’ basis immediately or after few months as i cannot leave them alone for such long time in pakistan.

    plz let me know ASAP

  24. Munzer says:

    I want to bring my secound wife on visit visa ,since i have already my first wife on Resident visa.what is the latest rules for bringing secound wife on visit or resident visa..I am in ebgineer visa right now.Please advise

  25. mohsin says:

    I want to apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia…For it I want to get a visit/tourist visa…can anybody tell me the process to get that….Thanx & Regards….

    • Junaid says:

      brother u need to apply for residence visa.. try to find some agency in pakistan who are dealing with saudi work visa. thnx

  26. kabali says:


    i am kabali, we want need visit visa, my wife his there india, my visa position Electrician Technician

  27. mohsin akhtar says:

    dear i am from pakistan karachi and ask only one question is the family visa allowed for the profession funny electroniat

  28. Anzar says:

    Sir please how to know about visiting visa status ?

  29. Anzar says:

    How I could get information about visiting visa status recently applied?

  30. Kamel says:

    Hi Yasir,

    I am Canadian, I signed a contract with Saudi company, I wonder about the Visa process durantion for Canadians.

    Thanks a lot.

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