Family Visa for Saudi Arabia – Requirements and Process

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This article is Just shared for the sake of information from the Blog of Khurram Shahzad who has described the process of family visa for Saudi Arabia. Many of my blog visitors asking about this process at another post No change in family visa rules Saudi Arabia-Official. I will try to share similar stuff as per readers’s demand and interest in the future.

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About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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804 Responses to Family Visa for Saudi Arabia – Requirements and Process

  1. Syed says:

    Iam Civil Engineer , i want to know what are the rules for civil Engineer about his status ( whether about Expiatate or TCN

  2. Rashid says:

    Dear Mr.Imran
    Please let me know how can i apply for my Mothers visa.I have already followed the above mentioned procedure but Maktab Istakdam.Can I apply through E-Services.Please contact me at

  3. Rashid says:

    The Maktab Istakdam rejected.

    • IRFAN says:

      Fill the application on MOFA e-services. Get the signature/stamp from your sponsor and visit Chamber of Commerce Electronic Services counter and pay the amount for verification. Wait for your results in Online E-services.

      IF the results says…. you need to visit MOFA office (Kharijiya) for document verfication……. you visit to MOFA office personally with all your documents and verify once again with wait for the approval online. (Insha Allah)

  4. samullah says:

    apply for vast vas

  5. shazneyh says:

    hi good day , just want to know if you applied a family visa how many months will be waiting until it will aprove…

    • IRFAN says:

      It’s take me only one Hour at Istiqdam office….to issue me a Yellow slip…………………….If you have all the documents with you (ie.Degree/Diploma, Marriage cerficates etc. etc.) and forms signed by your sponsor you will get it within a hour. Insha Alllah.

  6. Don says:

    Dear Mr. Imran,

    I wanted to know if I can bring my kids in Riyadh. (20yrs and 19yrs old) only for visit (2 weeks). My iqama profession is Computer Network Technician. Thank you very much for your kind response!

    • IRFAN says:

      Yes I hope… Fill out the application for Online thru MOFA E-services, and get the signature and stamp from sponsor – Pay the amount at Chamber of Commerce – Electronic Services counter and wait for the update in Online System…… if required visit to MOFA office and verify your doucment as well… according to your results in Online – Print this and take with you.

  7. Ahmed Khan says:

    Dear Mr.Imran,
    Thanks for these valuable information about family visa and changing profession.However I want to know that i have done my master degree and I want to bring my family here in KSA on the basis of my present profession on iqama which is raw material receiver but i m working as an admn secretary in a company.Is there any process to bring my family with out changing profession?

    thanks & regards,
    Ashfaq Ahmed

  8. bashir says:

    i m an holder of maintenance engineer iqama.can i call my brothers wife on visit visa in saudi arabia .

  9. masood says:

    I have recently changed my profession as a pharmacist. can i apply for visit visa for my wife or i have to wait for few months like 3 or 6 months? what are the exact rule and regulation regarding the time frame???

    • IRFAN says:

      For visit visa.. apply online e-services and get the print out signed by your sponsor…..Take this Application to Chamber of Commerce Electronic service for sponsor verification. Pay the amount and take the receipt print out.

      Wait until the results updated in the Online system….. If they requested to vist to their MOFA office for document verfication — you personally visit MOFA and submit application with all the necessary documents…. Once it is approved…. YOU are gone thru…..

  10. ahmed79 says:

    Dear All,
    I am Software Engr. working on labour visa inriyadh. My company told me that visa status can be change in 2 months, Can you explain me that company can do this?

  11. Asif says:

    Assalam-o-Alaikum Yasir, i have family status in KSA and working on very good visa profession. Three month back I got visa for my family. On visa slip Point of arrival is “ISLAMABAD”, due to some reason i want to change it. My question is there any possibility to change Point of arrival from ISLAMABAD to KARACHI. if yes then what is the procedure?

  12. LIjo says:

    can i bring family on permanent visa if my profession in iqama is computer technician.

  13. Muhammad Asif Hussain says:

    I am computer Programmer in Dammam, having actual proffesion on my Iqama, “MUBARMAJ HASIB “. my question is if I want to bring my family here in January 2013, so When I should initiate the whole process. After visa stamping in pak, what is the validity of traveling. menas after how many days family has to travel.

  14. Babar says:

    Dear Mr. Imran
    your “Family Visa for Saudi Arabia – Requirements and Process” blog is really very help full for me and others may Allah bless you. I am working in KSA as an engineer and my visa profession on my Iqama is Alhamdulillah also Engineer (Muhaandis) and now I am planing to get visa for my family. Could you please answer me about my following question/confessions.
    As you mentioned in your above mentioned blog that (i.e. : 4. Arabic Translation of Marriage Certificate from an approved Translation center & 6. Arabic Translation of Degree from an approved Translation center.), So my question is like that is these Arabic translation copies from approved center required attestation from Foreign office of your home country or not.

  15. Usman Baig says:

    Aslam o Alaikum,
    Dear Imran,
    can you please tell were i can find who are able to apply for family and visit visa.
    like my profession on my iqama is building electrician and my friend is labor. so were we can see the list on net which can apply.

  16. Babar says:

    Dear Mr. Imran
    your “Family Visa for Saudi Arabia – Requirements and Process” blog is really very help full for me and others may Allah bless you. I am working in KSA as an engineer and my visa profession on my Iqama is Alhamdulillah also Engineer (Muhaandis) and now I am planing to get visa for my family. Could you please answer me about my following question/confessions.
    As you mentioned in your above mentioned blog that (i.e. : 4. Arabic Translation of Marriage Certificate from an approved Translation center & 6. Arabic Translation of Degree from an approved Translation center.), So my question is like that is these Arabic translation copies from approved center required attestation from Foreign office of your home country or not.

    • IRFAN says:

      Yes… both should be attested by the Foreign Ministry and Saudil Consulate/Embassy as well… – FYI… I have done for my family visa… Alhamdu Lillah..

  17. asad says:

    sir mughy visat visa chahiy

  18. zainab says:

    Assaalam.o alikum.actually i want to know the procedure of stamping my and my little daughter’s family visa of Saudia from Pakistan.plz tell me what papers should i hav before stamping.and also tell m the procedure to stamping by myself.not frm any agent.thanks

    • IRFAN says:

      Are you got yellow slip (visa paper) from Saudi………..?

      IF yes… go to GAMCA medical centre along with Yellow slip, Original passports, 6 photographs each, Attested educational & marriage certificates. Employer salary details letter, passport copies, Iqama coipies of your husband. Once you obtain medical report from GAMCA the proceed to Saudi Embassy for visa processing.

  19. touseef says:

    All i have got Yellow Slip (not white) from Istakdaam… A person who issued the slip told me that send it to your family to stamp it in the embassy after two weeks. Now i am confused between filling online form in ministry of foreign affair site. Do i still have to do it? or just send the yellow slip to the family?


    • IRFAN says:

      Send the Yellow slip with your passport copies, your IQAMA copies, Attested certificates copies (Education, Marriage etc.,) Employer salary details Letter to your family for Saudi VIsa… Family need to visit GAMCA for Medical cerfiticates and get the details from them how to obtain VIsa from Saudi Embassy. Need to pay little sum for medical etc…..

    • IRFAN says:

      Send Yellow Slip with your Iqama copies, passport copies, Attested certificates copies (Educational & Marriage etc.), Employer Salary details letters to your Family…. Family need to visit to GAMCA for Medical test… Once obtained medical reports…. family want to visit to Saudi Embassy for Visa processing.

  20. muhammad arshad says:

    i need form print copy for pernament familyvisa

  21. muhammad arshad says:

    my perofession is civil surveyor with diploma surveying.can possible to take it?

  22. Waqas says:

    Dear ALL,

    My profession on my iqama is BUILDING CARPENTER. Can i have visit visa for my family?
    My kafeel tried to change my profession from this to computer programmer (i have masters degree in computer sciene) but labour office denied him saying that his contracting Mosasa don’t have possibility of this profession or any computer related profession. is there any way i can change my profession?

  23. Rehan says:

    SALAM !
    I want to send my wife to pakistan for 8 months exit re-entry. but during her visit to pakistan her Iqama will be expired, in this situation what should i do? is there any ristriction for exit re-entry duration?

    • irfanmmm says:

      IF you are sending your family for 8 months Exit-Reentry… Iqama should valid at least for 9 months… family should return to Kingdom before expiry date of Exit-Reentry. One month grace period given for Exit-Reentry extension, if unable to return in case. Should return within the expiry date of Iqama.

  24. Ahmed Khan says:

    Dear Imran,
    Thnx for the above datailed infromation about family visa procedures.Hopefully these are very usefull information for those who dont know about this,I would like to ask you that i have been working in ksa from the last six years .My profession on iqama is raw material receiver .I have done my master degree and i want to bring my family in ksa,do you think that i can do ? I am working in company as a secretary and as per the co employees rules and regulations and employees grading policy, i have family status from the company.

    Thanks & regards,
    Ashfaq ahmed Khan

  25. Shaharyar says:

    Dear Imran,

    On behalf of you blog i started family visa process. My visa is Mechanical Technician. i want to ask how much minimum salary require for family visa. or is it possible you will post any sample for that letter which will be issue by Employer to shows salary and profession. and how much time required for family visa process. one more thing you mention pay chamber of commerce fees and wait for result. i want to ask u mention that fees which cost is SAR25 or other fees we need to pay their?

    • irfanmmm says:

      For family visa charges SR:2000 and for Visit visa SR25 at Chamber of Commerce for sponsor verfication. Minimum salary required SR:3000 or above.

      Once you submitted all the ncessary (attested) documents…. they will process with 14 days period.

    • Shaharyar says:


      Thanks for your update..if you allow me i ask only one more question. i chambered my application from CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. they will update status on MOFA or i need to sumbit without any update status on MOFA. Chamber Application still with me.

    • IRFAN says:

      Please make sure….

      1) If you are applying for Visit visa thru online E-Service… after Chamber of Commerce verification… you will received cash receipt for SR25… you can check the status online..with application number and ID number.

      2) If you are applying for Resident Visa… after Chamber of Commerce… Stamping their logo and signture… To submit application, you need to visit ISTHIKDHAM office … with your application/all other documents (Attested etc..), you have to pay SR2000 to the bank before you go.

    • Shaharyar says:

      Dear Imran,

      1: i applied for resident visa? which documents are require for this. i have below documents
      a) Visa Application (Chamber)
      b) Employment Letter (Chamber)
      c) My Passport Copy
      d) My Marriage Certificate (Arabic Translation)
      e) My Diploma (Arabic Translation)
      f) My Wife Passport Copy

      is these documents are enough for visa process? my original Marriage Certificate & Diploma in Pakistan, but my translations are original. Kindly Advise.

      2) After visit ISTIKHAM office how many days require for issue visa?
      3) Where is ISTIKHAM office? i am in jubail. i need to go DAMMAM?
      4) Is it sure that my visa will be issue easily after my pay SR.2000, or if not issue it will be refundable?

      I am waiting for your response. I am appreciated to you for my brotherly help. i pray for you always.


  26. Muhammad Imran says:

    Dear yasir brother,

    Do you have to wait for 6 months after profession change to apply for family visa? is there any such rule?

    Kindly advise


    • irfanmmm says:

      First try with visit visa… MOFA online……. if succeeded…. call your family for visit visa and send back…. After a month(s) apply for a Resident visa with all the necessary documents.

  27. Fayaz says:


    I’m working as Engineer and my Visa proffession is House driver, can i apply for Family VISA?

  28. mohib bangash says:

    i got senior craft visa could i bring my wife & 5 years daughter to ksa dammam

  29. steven says:

    hi i am working in saudi for the last 15 years my proffession is also manager in iqama but i dnt have a degree but i have a diploma stamped by the home department but not stamped by HR & ministry of EA can i get a permanant family visa thanks

    • irfanmmm says:

      You have attest all the necessary documents from Foreign Ministry and Saudi Embassy in your home country and then apply for your family visa…. whether Visit or Resident visa….

  30. Tariq says:

    my name is Tariq and recently transferred to new company from Saudi Sponsor on 1st of March 2012. after getting my Iqama with new sponsor I applied online for visit visa of my family on 3rd March 2012 and I went to Chamber of Commerce to attest. every thing is ok…my profession is Auto Electrician كهربائي سيارات عام
    after 4 days I get notification on MOFA that bring original Iqama and photocopy of it and I visit MOFA on 10th March 2012. but till date I didn’t get visa.

    during checking the status of my visa.
    there is message تم استلام الطلب بتاريخ 10.03.2012

    can any one tell me how much time need for visa?

    JazakaAllah Khair..

    • irfanmmm says:

      You have to wait at least 14 days…. if you submitted all the necessary (attested) documents to MOFA

    • Tariq says:

      Dear Irfan 🙂
      thank you very much for your quick response.
      actullay I don’t know which documents you mentioned in reply.
      I just got attestation from Chamber of Commerce and after 4 days I got notification to bring original Iqama + this page & photocopy of Iqama. and I submitted.


    • IRFAN says:

      By today… you may received the VISA…….

      if you submitted the documents to MOFA what they requested…

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