Join the revolution, Boycott Electricity Bill

Wapda-Pakistan-LogoPakistan is in crises from Long time. The 8 years time of Musharraf was bad but it was a little better than the current PPP’s government which got powers with sympathy votes from Pakistanis on Benazir’s assassination. A lot of think tanks consider Pakistani people are badly in deep sleep state and they are not becoming part of any revolution. But this time a very clear-cut message is coming from a Pakistani singer Shahzaman on YouTube and it seems a lot of Pakistani people will follow him in his suggested peaceful protest. The protest is to boycott Electricity Bill in November 2010 and not to pay it. The purpose of this protest is to Demand for basic rights for Pakistani people that Government is unable to provide in years.

Shahzaman is discussing big problems of Pakistan in summary and very sincere way. The problems like rising prices, unemployment, lack of basics necessities of Life like shortage of electricity, grocery, vegetable, flour etc. It is a true that as a country Pakistani has not enough resources that are required to run all state affairs in a smooth way but even with a few resources Pakistani government doesn’t look sincere much to solve basic problems in more than two and half years. Many politicians are involved in corruption but no check and balance. They are having fake educational certificates, they are involved in crimes like saving their lands on floods and destroying villages and cities. They are benefiting their families and friends and skipping interests of Pakistan. I must say this speech from Shahzaman is voice of every Pakistani who think for the betterment of Pakistan. At one moment during his speech it seemed to me he is Imran Khan who always has a sincere vision for Pakistan. Please have a look at this video.

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About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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22 Responses to Join the revolution, Boycott Electricity Bill

  1. Its his right, but what will happen if we boycott one time? they will add amount + late deposit charges and send again in December. What we need is a revolution and for that we need a leader, I believe that the nation is ready to bring a revolution but we need a leader, and that leader will not be anyone from our current politicians.

    Lets hope for the best.

    • Yasir Imran says:

      Adeel bro, that’s right. This revolution will start and end in one month. Govt has already faced small troubles like this and they dealt all of them well. People should define a long road map that leads to a better Pakistan. Probably Pakistani Youth should step in now and try to solve these issues. Off-course best among them might become another leader like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

      Another problem is, Youth is also busy in Flood Relief activities.

    • Yasir kamal says:

      if we all together then this protest will work InshaAllah….
      as we have all learned living without electricity by loadshedding and still we pay full charges.. what the heck..
      better to live without it …
      and this is not only for electricity but many other problem could also be resolved … it just a point from where we have to take start ..

  2. engrmuh says:

    It’s really hard , almost impossible .hmmmm

  3. eng mukhtar says:

    aap ne theek kha asa hi hona chahiy.

  4. Yasir kamal says:

    Khuda nay us qoom ki aj tak halat nahi badli jisay kuch na ho apnay ap ko badalnay ka..
    very well done … a great way to protest and askin for our basic necessities
    we are surly with you with this protest .. you are not alone we are all together…
    its time for revolution… we cant wait anymore… come on .. we all should Act Now.

  5. Asif Muneer says:

    ye pakistani kaminay kabhi sath nahi dain gay .. ye saray kay saray zardari hain . ye sub koi acha kam nahi ker saktay ye andhay hain aqal kay .
    g may aur meri family aur saray dost apkay sath hain .lykin phir bhi ye protest kamyab nahi hoga kyu kay pakistani aik baigairat qoom hay.
    doob mary sary meri tarf say ksi ka achay kam may sath bhi nahi datay.
    bus ayashi kervalo india ki sari gungdi aur ghatya filmo daikhany say in kamino ko time nahi milta , ya internet per charray bazi kartay hain… ye khabees hay saray…

    • Yasir Imran says:

      Asif saab, cool down
      Itna ghussa acha nahi hota. galiyan dene say baat ki ehmiyat khatam ho jati hai

    • knownstranger says:

      I can understand what you said , but this is not the right way to spit your venom out.
      most pakis are ignorant have no guts to speak up or to take stand.

  6. Samina Ahmed says:

    I cant believe in what i am seeing, keep it up. We need a revolution to get rid of these crap politicians…..I am seeing a change coming soon. May God bless us and help us to get rid of problems we are facing right now.
    we are with you and will not pay electricity bill Nov 2010 .great job . we need peoples like you to come forward and do something.Allah give you great reward of this.

  7. amir butt says:

    wow,great step toward revolution,we must take a part in this protest.It may solve may other problem also.We should be united now if we love our country.

  8. knownstranger says:

    I am with you.I will not pay electricity bill November 2010
    Everyone shud sms this message to everyone and post it on facebook walls to all your friends.

  9. knownstranger says:

    make some correction please type “am” instead of “are” I typed by mistake .thanks

    • Yasir Imran says:

      Your correction is made. There is a small flaw in this protest, It ends in one month and it doesn’t provide a road map to the destination. i.e. A clean and secure Pakistan…

  10. Thanks for admin wonderfull information..

  11. Shr19 says:

    Well…. KESC have monopoly.. and what we can do about it?

  12. Umar Sharif says:

    Well.. Kesc have Monopoly.. what we can do about it?

  13. mdanishtaha says:

    we should boycott all currupt POLITIONS NO one is in favour of PAKISTAN

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