Hindu Poet Lata Haya praising Islam




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13 Responses to lata-haya

  1. Arup bangladesh says:

    Before commenting islam she should know about muhammad’s character and his concubines

  2. Arup bangladesh says:

    Lataji you must know about the muslim invador’s past activities in india and should also know about the sentiment of those people who had lost all in bloody partition of india (result of muslim’s bad politics )

    • Muhammad Faizan Khan says:

      sach agaya hai bhai…ap kahan lage huay ho…invasion bhi kia to ap sab ko sachai sikhanay k liye..aur invasion k liye ap k kings ne majboor kia…

  3. Syed says:

    Arup Saheb,

    If today there is any Religion that is Maligned most unjustly is ISLAM, Kindly Know not Islam from Media and the critics of it but Know Islam from it’s Sources.
    I.e. Quran and Hadees.
    May Lord Give you Hidayat( Straight Path).

  4. Muhammad Faizan Khan says:

    Lata behen ko ALLAH “apni tarz aur hikmat k mutabiq” mazeed hidayat ata farmaye…Aameen

  5. mohammad wahaj siddiqui says:

    ALLAH LATA HAYA ke dil mai noor bhar de taki woh HAYA FATMA ho jayen ,ammin

  6. K Khan says:

    One day she will convert to the religion which she praises for the reasons which she knows and in her mind. This requires no pressure no compulsion but signal from God Almighty which is the only right path. The actions of some negative elements cannot represent the entire nation or community. .

  7. maya ghose says:

    Some people have so much hate in their head — this is in their DNA. It’ waste of time to talk to them. Why we can’t take lata Haya as a great artist and great human being as she is? Why she has to take side or why should we divide ourselves? Keep your religion and hate to yourselves.

  8. Mazhar Ullah says:

    A very fine poet, extremely confident and an over all a nice human being

  9. Barkhurdar says:

    Great daughter and hearts touching courageous poetry. May Allah bless this daughter Lata with Haya and protect her every where.

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