Hindu Poet Lata Haya praising Islam


Lata Haya

Lata Haya is a popular Urdu poetess, television actress and a social activist. She is an indian woman in the manners of an ordinary woman’s extraordinary presence and supporter of humanity.

She was born in Jaipur in Hindu Brahmin Family, worked hard for Urdu language and also performed different roles in several TV serials and established herself as an outstanding performer in Poetry contests (Mushayras). She has a beautiful style of singing her poems.

During one of her participation in a poetry contest she told people she has a great respect for Islam and she is impressed from Islam very much. Then she also read her poem that describe her emotions for Islam.

The video clip is not new nor exclusive to my blog, someone shared it on Youtube long ago, and many people are spreading it on Facebook too. When I watched that I thought it to share it with my blog readers.

I must say she is a poet of big heart having good thoughts and emotions for everyone and we must appreciate it. A lot of people among us (Pakistanis) watch and like Indian dramas, movies and love to listen Indian movie songs. Let us watch and listen this beautiful poem too.

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About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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25 Responses to Hindu Poet Lata Haya praising Islam

  1. wow………….beautiful poem……..

  2. hindu militant says:

    WHEN are we going to hear some muslim poet sing praises of hinduism?

  3. hindu militant says:

    Its a two way street. Cant have one way traffic.

  4. Your blog is so nice thank you for your blog. Sir, please visit my website http://www.yakhwajagaribnawaz.com – largest collection of ajmer pictures and islamic photo gallery.



  5. mdanishtaha says:

    Nice share…
    I also have some poetry/naats ( on facebook) that is said by non muslims……some non muslim also inspire and believe on the Holy Prophet PBUH and Islam as the best religion but they are bound with thier family and relations and do not accept Islam…

  6. arshad ali arshad says:

    very very very very very very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice lata haya
    Allah aap per apna khasoosi karm farmay aor aap ko apni hifaazat main rakhay
    Allah bless you
    i have no words to express my feelings about your beautiful poem
    unique style, munfarid asloob, aor kamal ki khayal aafrini
    Allah kary zor e qalam aor zyadah
    jeeti raho isi saj dhaj aor aan kay saath
    aor sach ki pehchaan kay saath

  7. I really appreciate her devotion towards the religion ‘Islam’. It is surely one of the best masterpiece of poetry. She is an excellent poet and liked by everyone.

  8. azhar says:

    really nice

  9. azhar says:

    is she is MUSLIM now?

  10. absolutely v nice no doubt she did an excellent poem i have no words appreciate her , she herself is enough may Allah bless her

  11. Bashir awan says:

    i dont have words to explain my feelings.god bless him

  12. Satyen says:

    She is still a Hindu (Brahman) and Indian Nationalist. She loves India a lot. But as a Hindu in general loves humanity, irrespective of religion, she has love for everyone including the Muslims. Can I expect the Muslims to love people of other religions? Just think about it. You have got only one life according to Islam. Either you pass it hating others or loving others. She has decoded to love everybody in all her lives (Hindus believe in many births).

    • Yasir Imran says:

      I appreciate your comment Satyen and I agree what you say. I must say Muslims are facing terrible media propaganda these days, just few power wana fulfil their interests and they are blaming Muslims and Islam for every defect world-wide. Islam is a religion of peace and I am sure you must have a good idea of that. Muslims and Hindus, sikkhs spent long time together in Sub-continent and still they are living together in India and Pakistan. There are a huge number of Muslims in India, how many of them are involved in troubles? Few hundreds or thousands? but when media reports, they report accuse all 150+ million Muslims about the issue. There are Muslims in India who are doing positive things and they build their reputation on top like Dr. Abdulkalam, Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Irfan Pathan, A.R rehman and many others. If you check the opinion of a civilian Muslim, you will find them loving humanity. Doing positive things and helping others.

  13. sofia khan says:

    Lata haya…aap sach me shandaar shayraa ho,ALLAH aapki Qalam ko aur unchaiyaan Bakhshe,AAMEEN… ISLAM ko samjhne aur Izzat karne ka tahe dil se shukriya….Sofi

  14. Khan babu says:

    I am a big fan of u lata haya, i want to see u in chicago , how much did u charge to come to chicago

  15. vijaymohan das says:

    Islam is misunderstood by Miss Lata Haya . She has insulted Allaha by insulting Idol worship . All Muslim do Idol worship of as Allahatala is smallest idol in form of Basic Bulding Block -in form of Tachyon particles situated in invisible universe about 4000Mpc from Earth.

    [1] V.M.Das –Know allah (tawhid and trinity) in the light of science, International Journal of Information Research and Review Vol. 2, Issue, 05, pp. 711-718, May, 2015
    Pl click the link – pdf file http://www.ijirr.com/sites/default/files/issues-files/0385.pdf
    Know Allah in the light of Science —pl have interpreter

    Pl see 15 videos Science God Universe and Prayer . Pl send this message to all world — order of Almighty B.B.B . pl have interpreter. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXKlQIYaRFjDxqzSxQefMFQ

  16. javeed says:

    can i get lata haya email address please

  17. ABDUL RAUF says:

    Very much impressed with her poetry for Islam. It is amazing why she did not enter completely in islam when she has such a wisdom and deep study of holy Quran.
    When she know all in Quran , She should eccept islam and get eligible of Jannah believing akhira.
    I heartedly pray for her that Allah open her heart enter in Islam . Ameen

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  19. Sameena summaiyya says:

    Mashahallah your thoughts are very vast and very beautiful

    Allah har insaan ko issi tarah hidayat digiye

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