Pakistan condemns Indian brutality in Kashmir

Shah Mahmood QureshiISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Friday accused India of “brutality” and condemned its deadly crackdown on protesters clamouring for an end to Indian rule in Kashmir.

“Pakistan strongly condemns the brutality and the blatant use of force by Indian security forces,” said Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

“Gross and systematic abuse of human rights and Indian repression in Kashmir must end. Pakistan calls upon the government of India to exercise restraint,” he said, describing killings, arrests and detentions as “unacceptable”.

Meanwhile hundreds of people – including activists of the charity Jamaat-ud-Dawa, which is on a UN terror blacklist and is officially banned in Pakistan – held a demonstration in the eastern city of Lahore against “Indian atrocities”.

Carrying flags and placards under the banner of “Freedom struggle for Jammu and Kashmir”, bearded men shouted “We will continue jihad (holy war) till Kashmir’s freedom.”

“It is tragic that our government and political parties are silent over killings in Kashmir. They should tell India that if it does not stop the killings, Pakistan will attack,” Jamaat-ud-Dawa leader Amir Hamza said, addressing the activists.

Security forces have imposed a curfew on all major towns and troublespots in Indian-administered Kashmir for six days, in a bid to control protests that have escalated into arson and mob violence.

More than 90 people have been shot dead by security forces in anti-India demonstrations that began in June, with 17 killed on Monday in the worst violence for years in the disputed Muslim-majority region. – AFP

Reported by The Dawn Media group

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5 Responses to Pakistan condemns Indian brutality in Kashmir

  1. neel123 says:

    Let Pakistan first condemn the brutality of its own Army on the hapless Baloch people.. .. and then apologize for its historic brutalities in Bangladesh …… !

    • Yasir Imran says:

      What is Baluchistan to India?
      Why are you people worried about Baluchistan, there is no excessive use of armed forces against civilians in Baluchistan that results more than dozen civilian murders daily like Kashmir. Kashmiries are brothers to Pakistani people, we have geographic relations as well. You people have nothing to do with Baluchistan.
      Don’t just put another blame in reply just try to justify your country’s acts.

  2. neel123 says:

    Brotherhood in the name of Islam does not fly for Pakistan.
    Like Kashmir, the Pakistanis also claim Afghans as their brothers. But the reality is, the Afghans never trusted the Punjabi dominated Pakistan, never accepted the Durand line, the Afghans are historically friendly towards India. In Kashmir a few agents of Pakistan are creating trouble, along with the Pakistani terrorists infiltrating into Kashmir.

    Thousands of Baloch people have gone missing in last several years, and Pakistani Army’s atrocities and human rights violation of the Baloch people is known to the whole world. But this is nothing new, rape and slaughter of millions of fellow muslims in Bangladesh by the Pakistani army is still fresh in the minds of people.

    In India, rule of law applies, not some Military style of governance like Pakistan, Kashmiri protesters are being treated as per rule of law.

    • Yasir Imran says:

      What law ?
      Law of Barbaric-ism ?
      Who don’t bent just break him ?
      You are not aware of true Afghani’s relation with Pakistan, they are friends of Pakistan from decades, it is some Indians who went there and buy people against Pakistan. Yes there are crises in Baluchistan but it is India who is in cold war against Pakistan from 1947. Indians are the people funding those anti-Pakistan organizations. Well, Bangladesh is history, don’t discuss it here. I am talking about current affairs. What is happening in Kashmir is totally wrong and even UN is aware of that. But you guys will never accept your mistakes. Only using force against force is the possible solution.

  3. hindu militant says:

    They should tell India that if it does not stop the killings, Pakistan will attack,” Jamaat-ud-Dawa leader Amir Hamza said, addressing the activists.

    Ha Ha Ha . Pleaaazzzzeeeeee tell this windbag to come and attack India, and please come with all 16 crore pakistanis. We will be more than happy to fight you. Amir Hamza I live in Maharashtra state, come and fight me plzzzzzzzz….

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