The Sailkoti Butchers

I have no comments for the killing of two young brothers in Sailkot district. Who were killed barbarically. Even no one kills animals like that way. I have never seen such killing in my life.A really shameful act for whole society, for whole Pakistani nation and for all Muslim world. I am totally out of senses after watching that video, I really don’t know how to show my condolence on this stupidity. I don’t know if the people standing around have stones in their chest instead of hearts or they were in some kind of trans, unable to move, unable to resist.

Few guys continuously beating 2 young boys with rods till death, considering them gangsters by mistake. A crowd of almost 50+ people was standing around and watching all this event as it is a circus play or some kind of fun activity. Few Police men also standing there as it is their duty to organize this event. Both brothers got killed barbarically like butchers. After their death they were hanged and crowd beat their dead bodies. I suggest people with weak hearts don’t see this video and also kids don’t see this.

Now I have no option to say except, Pakistani society deserved that flood disaster, it was a right decision from Allah and it is us who are responsible for our actions.

I am feeling very sorry and can’t right anything more on this issue, I have only one demand from law enforcing agencies of Pakistan, please bring justice to the parents of those two innocents.

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About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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7 Responses to The Sailkoti Butchers

  1. Naghma Sehar says:

    We live among humans or animals are.
    Never seen such injustice. O,my God
    Is there a law in our country?

    • Yasir Imran says:

      Pakistani society needs huge change, these people are illiterate and they become law themselves. They become religious scholars themselves and give fatwa on any issue they like. Probably education can improve them. So we need a better education system to handle this all. Thank you.

      A suggestion: if you are an urdu blogger and write your own content, you may submit your blog into Urdu blogs aggregator,

  2. after watching ths shokin video….. i really hate pakistani police…. i really dnt believe tht none of the ppl who wer standing hv courage to stop… sch a harmful… n stupid … n painful act…. ths al z jst kox of unawarenes….i dnt thnk so the ppl who did ths wer MUSLIMS………

  3. after watchin it i only cn say tht… its nt only the MURDER of these 2 young boys its the murder of humanity….

  4. Gul says:

    it is too much ……

  5. sana says:

    may god rest both ov them in heaven.but is there any justice 4 these 2 brothers? noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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