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Allah-o-Akbar (2)

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4 Responses to Allah-o-Akbar (2)

  1. Shahid ali says:

    Allah is the most powerful of this whole world who creates all things.

  2. one of allah's humble servents says:

    masha allah
    la ilaha ila allah, wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahu almulk wa lahu alhamd wa hua ala kul shya kadeer

  3. Maymun Abdihalim says:

    Inaalilaahi wainaa Ilayhi rajicoon, Allahu Akbar Alhamdulilaah , SubhanaAllah, Astaqfirulaah,

    • narjes says:

      MAYMUN if you are the one who used to live @1460 limberlost please contact the land lord as you have a ASAP kind of mail

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