A Review of Kashmir Conflict

Guest Post, Author: Arsh Qadiri

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=kashmir&iid=9452086″ src=”http://view2.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/9452086/kashmiri-woman-and-youth/kashmiri-woman-and-youth.jpg?size=500&imageId=9452086″ width=”234″ height=”296″ /]Kashmir is a disputed territory and India’s attitude is unrealistic. This is my sincere and honest belief. It is only for this reason that India is suffering due to its arrogant use of power. The extent of torture, killings and rapes perpetrated on Kashmiri people by Indian forces are already creating a new record of atrocities. Gouging of eyes, cutting off of men’s genitals, use of ever new methods of torture and endless curfews would shame Hitler’s SS death squads. The Indian occupation army’s deviltry such as gang-rapes, burning of entire villages and crops, destruction of economic life of whole communities and genocide of the Kashmiri people in defiance of international human rights laws, are everyday affairs.

Indian authorities must accept the harsh reality that Kashmir is a disputed area and stop being stubborn. India would have to accept that Kashmir is a disputed State and only after that will a solution to the issue take place. At this moment it is very unfortunate that the Indian leadership and the Indian government are not accepting the hard facts that elections & relief packages will neither solve the Kashmir dispute, nor stop the killings in Kashmir. Packages & Relief-Beliefs are just mere eye-wash, aimed at be-fooling international community with a deception that New Delhi is busy in the dialogue with Kashmiris. People should be able to express their opinions freely. The sacrifices of the people will never end in smoke and these sacrifices will take us to our goal. India has lost its credibility in Kashmir. The people have no faith in the promises of Indian leaders and the Indian government. No talks will be held with India until India accept Kashmir as disputed region, withdrawal of troops from civilian areas, release all political prisoners, repeal of draconian laws and stopping human rights violations.

Flatly saying such Indo-Zionist acts of killing young youth will not hamper us at all. We are meant to deal with them sternly to emancipate Kashmir from the clutches of Indian terrorists in uniform. Wholly & solely Indian government is responsible to impinge such butchery situation in Kashmir valley, had they followed the common people desire there would be peace & tranquility prevailing in the whole region but Alas! They follow their own rigid policies.

Regarding the Kashmiri pandits they were never forced by Muslims of Kashmir to leave valley in-fact they were be fooled by that time governor Jagmohan to move to Jammu as he plotted to kill all Kashmiri Muslims but Allah shattered his scheme. we always welcome pandits to reside again in Kashmir. indian media is biased & so they always try to cajole & defame the unity of Kashmiris but they should know that this is 10 million people movement & they can’t shackle it even in their dreams. They call themselves demon-cratic & sick-u-liar country but they lack the bare bones of humanity.
Let us be very clear that we Kashmiris will take our holy cause to its logical end…

Kashmiris, after all, are human beings too. Then why these double standards? The international human rights organizations must take a serious note of the unabated human rights violations in Kashmir and killings of youths in particular.


About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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17 Responses to A Review of Kashmir Conflict

  1. neel123 says:

    Kashmir is a result of mischief of Pakistan to avenge the loss of Bangladesh …….. Pakistan tried all it could, but over three decades and three wars later it has not managed to get even an inch.

    The international community has seen through Pakistani mischief, and now they are not interested to interfere in Kashmir, as made clear by repeated American snub to the Pakistanis for mediation.
    Law and order will be enforced and Pakistan’s agents will be crushed with iron fist…. !

    For India, the bottom line is, Kashmir is as much a part of India, as Tibet is to China and Balochistan is to Pakistan. India’s borders will not be redrawn on religious lines …… the muslims may leave for Pakistan if they wish.

    • Yasir Imran says:

      This is just a crazy statement. Kashmir conflict started in 1948 when India entered its forces in Kashmir illegally and Baluchistan is an Issue of today.

      The Blind International community might be with India because they want financial benefits from India but organization who speaks truth only like amnesty Int’l blaming India for Killing innocent civilians. About your last lines, I’ll give you same answer, I have given to Jai…

      If you are saying that Sub-continent doesn’t belong to any religion but to people who are living here then don’t worry about Lahore & Nankana, No-arabs are living there, The same people are living here whose forefathers were living here. Tomorrow if 90% Indian Hindus become Muslim then will you throw them into Indian ocean & give India to rest 10 % ?

      & Do you want Hindus to forcefully remain Hindu ? If someone is impressed from true light (Islam) would you stop him from embracing Islam. Don’t do that. Let people use their brains & don’t impose your personal ideology.

  2. Yasir Imran says:

    Please read this report with open eyes.

    Click to access asa200172010en.pdf

  3. neel123 says:

    You will find many such Amnesty reports implicating the US, China and Pakistan also ……… a state is not run on the basis of Amnesty reports ………. !

    India is proud of its large number of patriotic muslims …… hindus and muslims lived side by side peacefully in India for ages ………… if 90% hindus convert to Islam no one would stop them ( although it is your wishful dream only ) ……………. however as long as they live in India, they would follow the constitution of the land ………. if they do not want that, they may move to Pakistan ………. !

    • Yasir Imran says:

      You are head of state or What ?
      Indian govt takes decisions on your liking or disliking or there are some policies to follow.
      How easily you say Muslims may move, where they are living it isn’t belong to any religion, it belongs to them, the people. It is their choice what they adopt in their lives. To stay in India or Pakistan. Don’t limit India to Hindu only. You must be comfortable if multiple religions are growing in India.

      Long time ago when first Muslim scholar came into this part of land (sub-continent) and he started preaching Islam no body thought Islam will be dominant in this territory but see now there are 500 + millions of Muslims through-out (Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh). See how dreams came true 🙂

      if Pakistan start sponsoring Khalistan movement a little, it doesn’t take much time for Sikhs to get their own septate country. Also think about that a little.

  4. neel123 says:

    In India, law of the land is supreme, not religion ……… no middle age barbarism in the name of Islam …….. !

    Pakistan tried its best to push Khalistani terrorism in India, it has failed. The Sikhs have not forgotten how their Gurus were killed by the barbarian muslims (Mughals) ….. !

    The Jews-Christians-Hindus are coming together to crush the muslims that are trying to propagate the barbaric (Taliban) version of Islam.

    Keep dreaming, one day the whole world will have only Allah and nothing else …… good luck …….. !

  5. Yasir Imran says:

    Middle age barbarism in the name of Islam ???
    You too much criticize on ISLAM, What do you call Hinduism, where thousands of infant daughters are killed every year, just to have a baby boy.
    Where widows got burned with the dead body of their husbands.
    In the city like Bombay 67 % of female consider them unsafe from sexual harassment (BBC Survey)
    Where you marry 8 year old girls with dogs. (https://yasirimran.wordpress.com/2009/02/08/dog-marriage-with-8-years-girl-in-india/)
    The Jew/Christian enmity to Islam is not new, conspiracies are coming from the first day of Islam. Islam is facing this and surviving , Alhamdulillah
    You think Islam supports private militancy ? No, your concept is wrong, please read true Islamic point of view about it & then come to debate.

    Yes, last line is true, one day every creature on the earth have to die & Only Allah will left alone then he make everything alive and judgement day will start.

  6. neel123 says:

    Similarly, the examples that you have mentioned, is not Hinduism ……. !

    What do you have to say about the Sikh Gurus killed by the muslims …….. you prefer to keep quiet …….. ?

    Keep dreaming ……….. it costs nothing ………… !

    • Yasir Imran says:

      Sikh gurus killed by Muslims?
      I don’t know about that.

      Every Religion/Society has black sheep in it. Every Muslim is not following true Islamic teachings and I am sure every Hindu is not following his religion properly. Good & Bad people exist every where, we should not blame a whole majority for action of few. There is nothing extra ordinary thing to discuss about. Such kind of argument cannot make any of the parties understand.

      Still it was offensive but Thank you for sharing your point of view. I hope we could make a positive discussion in future.

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  8. Sachin says:

    Kashmir is a integral part of india do whatever you can hindustan jindabad


    MR. Yasir Imram…lets start with islam…get your facts right and object freely:
    1.prophet mohammad(paigamvar mohammad) tried to make his followers in meeca, failed so he left to medina made his followers there and attacked meeca..won and that is how islam started spreading on sword.
    2 islam started in 500 AD and India ,then till afghanistan(check ,rulers of afghamistan in 500 AD in google search).India is attacke in about 740 AD because it was golden sparrow then.
    3.You people who speak of kashmir,pakistan or bangladesh are basically HINDU COWARDS of past who were unable to defend there lady and honour and converted to islam by arabs and moghuls.

    \Now see Hinduism
    1. Name give by arabs as they crossed “SINDHU”,river and as they pronoumce ” “H” AS “S” SO NAMED US HINDU.We are basically “ARYA”
    2,Hindus never attacked amy coumtry,AND God kmows patience is runnimg out here.
    3.We have history of 2.5 crore years. This is 17 kalyuga, nothimg big will happen in 2012.


    • Yasir Imran says:

      I would love to answer your questions, infect I should say, to clear your misunderstandings.
      1.Muhammad started Preaching light in Makkah but people there were very illiterate and have huge ego so they didn’t understand his message. Muhammad left to Medina, build a nice society there, Raised his Army to defend his followers from non-Muslims and then go to conquer Makkah & What he did there, no one can expect. He forgive all. Even a single casualty was not reported. He didn’t force a single person to accept Islam but people impressed from Islam and accepted Islam, so slowly slowly Makkah become center of Islam.

      2 and 3. Yes our forefathers were Hindu, but we have white hearts, Allah granted us reach to light and we accepted Islam. Tell me the scholars who come to preach Islam in India, from Arab world has killed how many Hindus or forced them to accept Islam? People took that action themselves when they properly studied Islam.

      1. You might be Arya, I have no objection on that.
      2. Hindus never attacked but still they have killed +70,000 + Muslims in Kashmir in last 62 years in Kashmir, they have created roites in Indian Gujrat and Killed thousands of Muslims in front of police and Govt but no body stopped them. They have also destroyed Babri Mosque barbarically and Indian state allowed them in all their gangster actions. They are beating Muslim students in many states and killing them. Still they didn’t attack anyone. In 1962 They attacked china and got hard punch on their face. In 1965 they attacked Pakistan and got big slap on their face, In 1971 they funded money in North Pakistan and managed to break it. It was worst terror activity supported by USA and UN.

      You, your next 100 generations will not able to destroy Islam by any means you adopt.

      We freed 37 % part of Kashmir from India and soon we’ll free all of it and decide its future on the choice of Kashmiri people

  10. Yasir Imran says:

    I advise you to watch a video just once. Forget your hate, forget misconceptions just for 7 minutes and watch this video. After that if you want to continue your debate, I am here to answer you.

  11. hindu militant says:

    @yasir Imran your quote,”How easily you say Muslims may move, where they are living it isn’t belong to any religion, it belongs to them, the people. It is their choice what they adopt in their lives. To stay in India or Pakistan. Don’t limit India to Hindu only. You must be comfortable if multiple religions are growing in India”

    Why are you such a hypocrite? If you pakistanis wiped out 28% hindu-sikh population from pakistan, wiped out 10% hindu minority from kashmir, dont we have a equal right to do to 12% muslim minority in India what happened to hindu minority? My family hails from lahore, but I cannot go to lahore because I am hindu. Why should I keep muslims in MY state of maharashtra? You gonna stop me? In MY state? the stronghold of shivsena?

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