Stop! Before you eat your next favorite samosa chat

Pakistani SamosaPakistan is an Islamic country. It was achieved on the name of Islam for the sake of Muslims. In Islamic scriptures, food is a sensitive issue and a few things are strictly prohibited for Muslims to eat. That’s why Pakistani Muslims are very choosy about their food. Like they don’t eat pork, insects and dead animal’s meat. While same things are eaten by other countries’ people very often.

Pakistanis are fond of spicy food and they like to eat outside. The same way Pakistani hoteling is built. You can found good spicy food like Samosas, Gol gappy, Dahi Bharry, Bar-b-Q and fruit chat on the streets. Street vendors selling this kind of stuff at most of the place in all big and small cities. But the problem is, quality measures are not adopted and fulfilled in such kind of Junk-food. You cannot make sure the Cutlery in which they serve you was clean or not, if it looks clean was it washed properly?

What types of ingredients were used in preparing food, which cooking oil was used for frying and what type environment where they make this food. This food is prepared with the use of spices and people don’t worry about its ingredient but they eat it happily because of nice spicy taste.

This issue has gone to the worst level for me when I have watched the following video at YouTube.

After watching this video what my personal condition was, I can’t describe it in words. I was feeling like vomiting. It feels me all junk food I ate in Pakistan in last few years was cooked using same oil that was extracted from dead animal fats. These animals include Dead Donkeys, Dogs, Rats and anything that you can imagine or you can’t imagine. The report was made by Dunia TV a while ago. Our Pakistani Muslim brothers are involving in a hidden crime that no one could expect from a Muslim. They purchase dead animal from local people and then process it and make it poison and then sell this poison to other Muslim brothers, who then bake samosa, pakora and other junk food and sell it to us.
These people also use dead animal blood, bones and other body organs to develop feed for poultry forms and fish forms. Adeel Ayub also discussed this issue at his blog GeotuAisy some time ago. Last month also a similar report was published by some local newspaper that a kind of juice that is sold in market for pets has been sold at regular shops to civilians.

And a long time ago Geo TV has created a report in Peshawar about local restaurants who were using such color powders as food color that is intended to use for dying Leather products.

Is this that we have expected from our Pakistani brothers and business man who just forgot humanity values and started playing with human lives by serving them impure food, they are making us eat harmful and Haram food. Even no responsible person from Govt taking action against this. Food inspectors can be stopped performing their duties by just paying a little bribe.

I am more disappointed today than any other day. Now I am confused what has been happening to us in the form of natural and un-natural disasters is right or wrong. And I am sure now, Allah never is cruel on its people but it is people who are responsible for such disasters, being sent to them from nature.

More about this at my blog

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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10 Responses to Stop! Before you eat your next favorite samosa chat

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  2. عدنان says:

    Asslam-o-Alycum Dear Brother

    I am agreed with …….. Thats why i dont eat junk foods

  3. munir ahmed says:

    What a great information for the people! Thanks for sharing this precious information among us and I will say about it that our government should take action!

  4. Thank you Imran for mentioning my post, yes this is very serious issue, and the most dangerous thing is people know the reality but still they want to buy these kind of things just because they are affordable. I think that government can’t do any thing because current government has lots of things to do like corruptions, getting fake degrees etc etc.

    So its our responsibility to create awareness among the people and point out these sinners from out community.


    • Yasir Imran says:

      Thank you Adeel for visiting my blog, If we discuss it more in this way it will go to another topic, however expecting it from Govt is really useless. I don’t think this govt came into power to make Pakistan better but their clear cut target is to fill their pockets and I really do believe Pakistanis have to make Pakistani society better themselves. Until Pakistanis don’t follow the right path Pakistani will remain in troubles. 🙂

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