20 Responses to How to Donate for flood victims

  1. Due to heavey monsoon rains in Pakistan, about half of the Pakistan is under flood. Millions

    of people need help. They have no food and shelter. Please create awareness and try to help

    these needy people. You can give your suggestions to us at info@forumpakistan.com , your

    little help can save a life.

    A message from http://www.forumpakistan.com , we request all the charity organization in the

    world to come in Pakistan and help in this hour of need.


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  3. Its really very great post about Donate for flood victims. i like it very much.

  4. No Yassir bro.. I have not made anything yet… But I want to make something like this, which can help Muslims and Pakistan. But for this work need talented people, like you…
    I read your blog every day, you are doing a great job. I love your blog…

  5. With the name of ALLAH Almighty

    Mere azeez doston,

    Assalam O Alikum.

    Apne pichle pegham main aap sy kuch arz kari thi, mujhe nahi elm k aap log kitna active howe hain ya nahi, lekin main ny arz kia tha k apne aglai pegham main aap sy arz karon gaa k yahan kin cheezon ke buhat sakhta aur fori zaroorat hai. Aur yehi arz le kar main aap ke khidmat mai hazir howa hon.

    Most Urgent Requirement in Flood effected areas:

    * Mineral Water – Fresh Drinking water “Unlimited” ( First High priority).
    * Medicines for Scabies, Dieria, Motions, Vomiting, Fever, Multivitamins etc “Unlimited”. (Second High priority).
    * Anti Germ, Mosquito, fly spray / liquid / Lime stone& Soap / liquid. Unlimited. (Third High priority)
    * Clothes “Especially for women, children’s – all ages”. “Unlimited.” (Fourth High priority).
    * Raw food stuff “Rice, Beans, Flour, Sugar, Tea, Bread, Rusk etc” Unlimited. (Fifth High priority).

    Mere doston, ye buhat thodi chezain hain jo hum apne gharon sy, ya apne hathon sy khareed kar kisi bhi organization ya NGO ko de sakte hain, ya fir apne apne cities k COD, Army garrisons main ja kar jama kara sakte hain jahan sy ye ashya jitna jaldi mumkin howa Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah k selab zadgan tak puhanchai jaa sakti hain.

    Mai aap subh he doton sy ALLAH k naam par yahan k seelab zadgan k liye bheek mangta hon k oper bayan kari gai ashya main sy aap loog jitna ziada jama kar sakte hain karain aur jitna jaldi mumkin ho yahan k logon tak puhanchain.

    Jazakuk ALLAHU Khairan Khatreen Abadan.

    Aap ka bhai.

    Mansoor Ahmed

    Ps. Ager aap humare zariye seelab zadgan ke koi maddad karma chahte hain tu neeche diye gai numbers par contact karain.

    +92 343 535 7247

    +92 313 297 8085

    +92 333 342 6031

  6. sohaib khan says:

    my name is sohaib khan.

    father name fazal shaheen.

    i am a student of agriculture universty of peshawar.

    my father is a taxi driver.

    sir the flood has damage our all home and we have no mony to repair it and also my education suffers.

    and no one helped us for and kind of food or something else plz sir help us

  7. Saif says:

    Sohaib bhai pls give me your number
    may b i can do some little help for you

    Fi Aman ALLAH

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  9. Yasir Mughal says:

    Yasir Iman can you please give me the complete account number for the MCB Pakistani rupees account?

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  11. Join us to help others, specially remote mountain village widows.
    A4S Family living in Saudi Arabia, EU & Bahrain is helping Remote Mountain Village Widows. Join us & forward this to women social well wishers..
    M Ashraf Khan
    cell: +966 553947899
    cell: +45 40292213
    email: A4SAid.HelpingVillageWomen@gmail.com

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  13. Atayeb says:

    Hi All
    i would just like to know that are there any other Donation Programs in Saudi Arabia and is The Embassy doing anything About it???

  14. Aamir Shaikh says:

    I wish to participate in the relief operation , however what i can offer my flood affected community , is to provide ozonated drinking water at ex factory cost prices. We can mutually work out the cost meeting available resourses. \the water is availabale in 600 ml, 1.5 ltr, 6 liter and 19 ltr packs. Please Feel free to contact at 0323-5186667 asking for flood relief prices. Thanks

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