Jinnah Pur: Maj Nadeem Dar Also Reveals Stunning Facts

This text is not a part of this post, but it was added later on. I am sorry to everybody for this post. I did not investigate about the personality for Major Nadeem before, he is a contravercial personality. Please forgive me. Don’t derive any results from these facts. Please check the comments below.

After listening interview of Lt Gen (rtd) Naseer Akhter and Brig (rtd) Imtiaz on ARY, I got so disturb, which forced me to open my mouth, which I kept shut for many years, as I never felt safe for the life of my family, especially kids. A big lie of General Naseer Akhter and Brig Imtiaz regarding map of Jinnahpur, as they also had no knowledge! In 1989, as a Captain I was posted to B Company 50 Wing Bhittai Rangers district center Karachi in aid of civil administration.

At that time MQM terrorist activities were on the top. I was local area force commander located in KDA office Liaqutabad and was responsible for almost entire district centre, where MQM leader was living (90) and had headquarter (89) in Al-kerm squire adjacent to my company location. I was the most active and well known officer at that time, because of my actions against all sorts of criminals. I had so much knowledge of the area, upon which general officer commanding major General Saleem Malik was assisted by me for the recce of the area. None of the IB person came forward or had the knowledge of the area, as they did not dare to enter the area being controlled by MQM. Whereas IB personal have been making their reports after getting the information from us, while sitting their offices. MQM never spared any intelligence agencies personal, if ever entered to their area, thus they had very little knowledge about offices and torture cells of MQM on ground and a very little knowledge about MQM activities. Thus how it was possible for Brig Imtiaz to investigate the map of Jinnahpur? How he confirm that it was not the actual? What were his resources, where as I was never contacted, since I recovered this map along with many other documents from Al-kerm squire.

I did not have any enmity with MQM or with any other political parties or criminals, but was doing best by performing my duties. I never saw that General Naseer Akhter or Brig Imtiaz ever visited our area. During this operation clean up our 50 Wing Bhittai ranger was placed under command of Brig Usmani, who later became corps commander the same corps, which was commanded by Lt Gen Naseer Akhter. Lt Gen (rtd) Muzaffar Hussain Usmani knows all about our raid to al-kerm squire (89) and Azizabad (90). He also knows about all the torture cells we found and were shown on PTV. We recovered lot of arms and ammunition from different offices of MQM. I also served as General Staff Officer-II (IS) with General Saleem Hayder, who became GOC after General Saleem Malik. He also has been appreciating my knowledge and experience.

On 28 May I arrested APMSO leader Shahood Hashmi from Karachi Poli_Technical College, on which MQM boycotted Nation assembly budget session in protest. FIR was launched against him in SITE police station. But I was forced to leave this criminal. My action was appreciated by General Officer Commanding Saleem Malik. Yes, that was the time once Major Naeem from IB contacted me and passed me a threat of General Naseer Akhter and President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, that if I will not leave Shahood Hashmi then I could be in civil cloth next day. Is it justice that a criminal, who was responsible for killing many innocents, especially students of JI in the same college from where he was arrested? Is it justice that a criminal, who scuffled with me and torn my military uniform, which belongs to the people of Pakistan?

In May I received credible reports about Karachi Sarafa Market, that there is lot of smuggling gold and Indian currency and then a plan was made, which later was discussed with Lt gen (rtd) Naseer Akhter by my commanding officer Lt Col Farooq Sultan and I was also sitting in that meeting. Lt Gen (rtd) Naseer Akhter permitted us and finally whole 50 Wing Bhittai Rangers along with police and magistrate executed a successful raid and seized a huge amount of Indian currency and Gold. Immediately after that the Sarafa union went on strike, where as the currency and the gold was deposited with custom after registration of the case under custom acts against Haji Ilyas. We were offered a bribe for not registering the case, but we refused. On the other hand these union people met Gen Naseer Akhter, who ordered us to hand over all seized items and release Haji Ilyas. Lt Gen (rtd) Naseer ordered an enquiry against the whole raiding party, including the magistrate also. I was the only officer among the whole raiding party who made a statement against Gen Naseer Akhter. At later many time I was asked to change the statement, but I did not. This enquiry can be found from the official documents. I got the information that Sarafa Union gifted him one land cruiser and to this effect I made the same statement at that time. Now the question comes that if my statement could have been wrong then why he did not ordered for my court martial. But true is that he got that, so that is why he preferred to keep quite.

Such corrupt people are the bad name to our institution, where as our army is the best in the world and I am proud of it. I will end my article with these questions:-

  • Will you believe those, who never were present on ground for the operation?
  • Will you believe those, who have the history of being corrupt?
  • Lt gen (rtd) Naseer must be asked, that under which power or law can order a case to withdraw, once FIR is registered, so why a court should not be allowed to make the justice?
  • From where and from which sources Brig (rtd) Imtiaz confirmed that Jinnahpur map was not correct?
  • Will you believe that Altaf Hussain is not the Indian RAW agent, as he visited Indian and made the statement that “idea of Pakistan was dead at its inception”?
  • He also said that “The division of the subcontinent was the biggest blunder…it was not the division of land, it was the division of blood. Still you think he is loyal to Pakistan?
  • He wants India to open its doors to every Mohajir, the Muslim refugees who went to Pakistan after the partition. “I appeal to the politicians here to forgive the people who left and let them return, ” said Hussain. What this shows that it was mistake to migrate to Pakistan!

Still you believe Altaf Hussain and his helper has spoken truth by nullify his heinous plan to divide Pakistan and make new country as Jinnahpur?

I swear upon God that what so ever I have written is correct and I stand on my words. Till today I am the victim of MQM. I have very long history and story, on which people can weep, how I and my family have gone through a painful torture after this operation against MQM and other criminals.

By Maj (rtd) Nadeem Dar

Source: The Pakistani Spectator

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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25 Responses to Jinnah Pur: Maj Nadeem Dar Also Reveals Stunning Facts

  1. خرم says:

    During his time as a Corps Commander 5 Corps, Gen. (R) Naseer Akhtar was a legend of corruption. So much so that we, the people living in Sadiq Abad Punjab, knew that he is an extremely corrupt person. I would not believe any statement from him or from Birg. Imtiaz. Truth is not a thing they move their tongues to utter.

  2. talkhaaba says:

    It is reported that Musharraf has given a large sum of ammount to Brig Imtiaz and Naseer Akhter to divert the nation’s attention from him towards Nawaz Shareef.

  3. Two senior officers of Pakistani army are talking and a junio Major is also talking(without revealing his real idenity).Hope and wish Pakistan becomes a nation where leaders donot have to go in hding into London or Dubai but debate openly inside PAKISTAN.

  4. عبداللہ says:

    listen mister we listen many false stories before and now but I say only one thing,
    jhotoN per Allah ki lanat ,is banday ki sachaai to is baat say hi zahir horahi hay kay woh apni shanakht chupaay betha hay,
    if he is telling the truth why not he goes to his chief justice,or to the media openly,many people do this and they are still alive 🙂

  5. عبداللہ says:

    many people did this and they are still alive 🙂

  6. optimist says:

    i have no knowledge about jinnah pur or whatever but i was so curious to know something about it coz it is discussing too much on news channels now a days,Breg Imtiaz is just diverting the attention of people from trying of Musharraf voiced up by Nawaz sharif.
    i will must say that Altaf Hussain looks like a RAW agent, hahahahah have u people ever noticed his facial expressions entirely looks like typical indians.
    But beware MR.RAW AGENT we are pakistanis and no power in this whole world can even break our unity. u will be ruined by ALLAH, coz Allah has a alots of blessings over PAKISTAN

  7. S.A.R.A. says:

    I am sure you have seen this about Nadeem Dar… http://www.unhcr.org/refworld/docid/47975afcc.html


  8. Yasir Imran says:

    I am sorry to everybody for this post. I did not investigate about the personality for Major Nadeem before, he is a contravercial personality. Please forgive me. Don’t derive any results from these facts.

  9. Major (Rtd) Nadeem Dar says:

    Asslam o Aliakum to all on this Blog including admin.

    Please do ask me any question and even your doubts. I can asure you that you will be answered.


  10. Saima says:

    Mr. ND, Just answer in one word only. YES OR NO.


  11. Nadeem Dar says:

    @ Saima

    No. I am not Qadiani, but a true Ahmadiyya Muslim.

  12. Talkhaba says:

    Dear Nadeem Dar Sb, You can never be Muslim is there is no shit like Ahmediyya Muslim on earth. They are Qadiani or Ahmedis. Between what the proof that you’re the same Nadeem Dar?
    Could u pls upload your video on you tube uttering the same words you have used above? I thing you will not as you will punishable after doing so under the Pakistani Laws.

    @ Yasir Could u verify the same from email his ID?

  13. Nadeem Dar says:


    Please make me Muslim, if you think that I am not, otherwise I will be holding your neck on the day of Judgment.

    Remember that if some one ask you to become a Muslim and if you will not help him then that will be you to be answerable to God.

    I call myself Muslim and fallow the complete rules of Islam and if you think that you are the true one then let me know the exact law to become Muslim, but if I will come to know that you are fallowing the wrong law then you have to fallow me.

    Are you agree to make me Muslim?

  14. S.A.R.A. says:

    This is your Nadeem Dar. If you have the guts you will not delete this post after reading this about Nadeem Qadiyani Dar: http://www.unhcr.org/refworld/category,LEGAL,,,NOR,47975afcc,0.html

  15. S.A.R.A. says:

    … comments have been removed due to use of bad language …

    Please avoid such comments

  16. Nadeem Dar says:


    Well, that show your family grooming and the manner you have learnt. That shows, how much self respect you have for your own family and for others. The reference you gave of United Nation is correct and after investigation by United Nation my all the information proved correct. Thus, what you want to prove out of this. read completely and see, what United Nation is writing.

    Would you like to get the reference of Canada or USA or even United Nation, where they have already declared MQM as terrorist?

    Well–you can not prove to be innocent, because you people have killed so many innocent people of Jamat e Islami, Punjabi, Pashtun, Baloch and Sindhi.

    You know, what I call MQM—worst than Taliban, since Taliban accept–what so ever they do. But MQM never accept–rather throw their dirt on others.

    Tell me if you need all the references, which can prove MQM as terrorist.


    Have a nice food and think–what you are?

  17. talkhaaba says:


    Could U pls edit the comments of S.A.R.A. abusive language should not be used.

    @ Dar Sb

    I can Just pray from GOD for U and nothing else as Ahmediat is nothing but Kufar and even worst than Kufar. As for As the “act” is concerned pls upload these words in your own language as video on youtube and then i’ll should u what can i do.

    The MQM gang leader Altaf Hussain is worst than Qadianis but his fellows which worngly support him are misguided muslim brothers of mine.

  18. Yasir Imran says:


    I have edited the comments where bad language is used. Also I agree what you said about Ahmadi, They are not muslims and I also know Nadeem dar is among them. Also Mr. Nadeem dar is using this email id: nadeemd@yahoo.com

    I know that the purpose of Qadyani or Ahmadi group is only to create fights between Pakistani, so it is just a stupidity if we expect truth from them. I have added some red color text at the top of this post as my apology on this post.

  19. Muhammad Ahmed says:

    MR. Nadeem plz tel how Ahmadi are muslims in Pakistani constitution, and tum ne army main yahi discipline sikha he k on duty ap apne officers k khilaff kaho,

  20. Nadeem Dar says:

    @Muhammad Ahmed
    @Yasir Imran

    To become a Muslim one must simply pronounce the Shahaadatayn (Declaration of Faith) with sincerity and conviction.
    The Shahadah can be declared as follows:
    The English translation is:

    “I bear witness that there is no deity worthy to be worshiped but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.”

    The Shahadah is the dividing line between unbelief (kufr) and Islam. It is also called the kalimah (word). Whoever says it with truthfulness will enter the Gardens of Paradise

    It is [a kalimah] that Allah Himself has testified to, as have the angels and those who possess knowledge from amongst His creation. Allah the Most High said:

    “Allah bears witness that none has the right to be worshiped except Him; as do the angels and those who possess knowledge. He maintains His creation upon justice. None has the right to be worshiped except Him, the All-Mighty, All-Wise.”
    [Soorah Aal-Imraan 3:18]

    It is a concise declaration that contains few letters; light upon the tongue, yet heavy in the scales.

    Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam, who said: “A person from my ummah will be summoned in front of everyone on the Day of Resurrection. Ninety-nine scrolls will be unfurled for him, each scroll extending as far as the eye can see. Then it will be said: Do you deny any of this [i.e. your bad deeds]? So the man will reply: No, 0 Lord. Then it will be said: Do you have any excuse or any good deed? The man, in a state of terror, will answer: No. It will then be said: Rather, you do have some good deeds and no injustice will befall you this Day. So a parchment will be taken out for him, upon which there will be the testification of laa ilaaha illallaah and the testification that Muhammad is the Slave and Messenger of Allah. The man will say: 0h Lord, what is this parchment in comparison to those scrolls! It will be said to him: No injustice shall befall you. The scrolls will then be placed in one of the scales and the parchment in the other; the scrolls will be light in weight, whereas the parchment will be heavy.” ( Reported by at-Tirmidhee (no.2641), from Abdullaah ibn Amr radhiyallahu anhu. It was declared to be saheeh by Shaykh al-Albaanee in as-Saheehah (no.135).
    The first part of the Shahadah is laa ilaaha illallaah (none has the right to be worshiped except Allah) and the first part if the Shahadah has two pillars:
    The first pillar is the pillar of negation (nafee), whilst the second is the pillar of affirmation (ithbaat). What is meant by negation is to negate divinity and worship (ilaahiyyah) for anything except Allah, the Most High. What is meant by affirmation is to affirm divinity and worship only for Allah the Most Perfect; for it is He alone that is the true Deity. So whatever else is taken by the unbelievers as deities to be worshiped are in fact all false and futile: That is because Allah is the true Deity to be worshiped, and whatever else they invoke besides Him is vain falsehood.
    [Soorah al-Hajj 22:62]
    Imam Ibn al-Qayyim said: The significance of laa ilaaha illallaah in affirming divinity and worship for only Allah is far greater than just saying that Allah is an ilaah. This is because the saying that Allah is an ilaah does not negate divinity and worship to other than Allah. This is different to the saying: laa ilaaha illallaah; which obligates restricting divinity and worship to only Allah.

    All the messengers of Allah told their people none has the right to be worshiped except Allah

    Allah said: “We did not send any Messenger before you, except that We revealed to him that none has the right to be worshiped except Me; so worship Me.”
    [Soorah al-Anbiyaa 21:25]
    Allah the Exalted also said: “He sends down the angels with the revelation of His commands to whosoever of His slaves that He wills, saying: Warn mankind that none has the right to be worshiped except Me. So fear Me [by keeping away from sin and disobedience].”
    [Soorah an-Nahl 16:2]
    It is a concise declaration that contains few letters; light upon the tongue, yet heavy in the scales. Allah’s Messenger Peace be upon him said: “Moses said: 0h my Lord! Teach me something by which I can remember You and supplicate to You. Allah said: 0h Moses! say laa ilaaha ilallaah. Moses said: 0h my Lord! All Your slaves say this. Allah said: 0h Moses! If the seven heavens and all that they contain, other than Me, and the seven earths were placed in one scale, and laa ilaaha ilallaah were put in the other, then laa ilaaha illallaah would outweigh them all.” (Reported by Ibn Hibbaan in his Saheeh (no.2324) and al-Haakim in al-Mustadrak (1/528).
    Ibn Uyaynah, (radhiyallahu anhu) said: “Allaah has not bestowed any favour upon His slaves greater than the favour of them realizing laa ilaaha ilallaah. Indeed laa ilaaha illallaah is to the people of Paradise, what cool water is to the people of this world.” ( Related by Ibn Rajab in Kalimatul-Ikhlaas (p.53)

    The second part of the “Shahadah” i.e. “Wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluh” means that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the servant and chosen messenger of Allah. No one should be in any doubt about this matter. In fact, the Muslim has to obey the commands of the Prophet (PBUH), to believe in what he has said, to follow his Teachings, to avoid what he has forbidden, and to worship A11ah alone according to the message revealed to him.
    Thus—no body have the right to call me as kafir and if some one will call me then, he should get ready to answer the God and that time is not far away.
    Now about the Constitution of Pakistan
    I don’t believe such constitution, which always carry a double morality i.e.
    20. Freedom to profess religion and to manage religious institutions.
    Subject to law, public order and morality:-
    (a) every citizen shall have the right to profess, practise and propagate his religion; and
    (b) every religious denomination and every sect thereof shall have the right to establish, maintain and manage its religious institutions.
    The Blasphemy Laws
    Several sections of Pakistan’s Criminal Code comprise its blasphemy laws.[4] § 295 forbids damaging or defiling a place of worship or a sacred object. § 295-A forbids outraging religious feelings. § 295-B forbids defiling the Quran. § 295-C forbids defaming Prophet Mohammed. Except for § 295-C, the provisions of § 295 require that an offence be a consequence of the accused’s intent. Defiling the Quran merits imprisonment for life. Defaming Prophet Mohammed merits death with or without a fine. (See below Sharia.) If a charge is laid under § 295-C, the trial must take place in a Court of Session with a Muslim judge presiding.[5]
    § 298 states:
    Whoever, with the deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person or makes any gesture in the sight of that person or places any object in the sight of that person, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.
    § 298-A prohibits the use of any derogatory remark or representation in respect of Muslim holy personages. § 298-B and § 298-C prohibit the Ahmadiyya from behaving as Muslims behave, calling themselves Muslims, proselytizing, or “in any manner whatsoever” outraging the religious feelings of Muslims. Violation of any part of § 298 makes the violator liable to imprisonment for up to three years and liable also to a fine.
    No judicial execution of a person charged with blasphemy has occurred in Pakistan.[6] Article 45 of the Constitution says, “The President shall have power to grant pardon, reprieve and respite, and to remit, suspend or commute any sentence passed by any court, tribunal or other authority.”

    Respect to seniors
    Well, I always respected my seniors, but if I did a job in honest way just for the sake and betterment of our society and country and if some senior for their personal gain did wrong—never obey them and the Military law also allowed me to do that. Islam also say that never afraid from any one accept God. Thus I do not afraid of some one. Once I have been doing my duty in a perfect way and very honest, so why I should listen those, who joined the hands with criminals. I am also answerable to God—thus I did and will do in future.

    Please read the history of Pakistan and you will come to know what Ahmadiyya people have done for our beloved Pakistan—Please do not say any thing if you don’t have any knowledge.

    Allah ham Sub Ka hami aur Nasir ho aur Hum sub ko sidee rah dekhaee (amin)

  21. Nadeem Dar says:

    So, now you people are making certificate for me or thinking some thing else.

    I will just advice you that you should read Ahmadiyya books and then you will come to know the reality.

    Alhamdolillah I am a true Muslim and nothing else and even I do not consider to give you any justification.

    Yes, if you want to have the knowledge about Ahmadiyya then I can give you.

    Please remember that this Pakistan is for every one. We Ahmadiyya requested our beloved Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to come anf join Muslim league. We strugle for creation of Pakistan, but sorry today we are treated like enemy and those people who were against for the creation of Pakistan are treated as loyal.

  22. shoaib ahmed says:

    bhaio suno these qadiyanis are liars and we can’t believe them and nadeem dar is one of them.they are trying to create hatred and espeacially for those who founded this country therefore he posted this .because they are the ones who do not want MQM to be all over PAKISTAN .well nadeem dar when there are lots of MUSLIMs being evident of another muslim’s innocence in that case we can’t believe any non-muslim.

  23. Taimoor says:

    Doob ke marne ka moqaam hai tum sab ke liyeh, Nadeem Dar Qadiyani hai ya nahi, hum kaun hote hain use Musalmaan ya Kaafir hone ka certificate denay walay. Musharraf ka kiya mazhab hai, Altaf Hussain ka or Zardari ka? Kiya Islam qatal, zina , rishwat or sharab noshi ki ijazat deta hai? What Nadeem Dar said is true, I give a damn about his religion because Allah will punish or reward him, is tarhan to hum kissi non Muslim journalist jo kissi Pakistani newspaper mein kaam kar raha ho, us ki khabar ka yaqeen na karein! or aqar phir bhi kissi musalmaan say such sunna chahate ho tu read this

  24. Abid says:

    Janab Daar sahab,
    Ye bataiye k army or rangers mai aisee he situation hai ab bhi? Jaisay aap ka interview dekha tha hamid meer sb kay saath, jis mai brig aur general aur jin k woh naam le raha tha kay jinnahpur kay naqshay k peechay koi haqeeqat nahe. Kuch sahi tasveer kashi key jaasakti hai?

  25. Major Nadeem Dar Sahab Assalamoalaikum First of all how are you and how is your All Family I really very Respect u and ur whole Family because you are the only in one in Pakistan and in all over the world which is very very Brave Best Great Intelligent Patriotic Muslim Pakistani I have seen ur all videos in youtube i have uploaded in my computer saved u never scared from MQM Altaf husain and Musharraf all Mahajors u are the real Pakistani Personality I saloot u Im Pakhtoon a younger boy from Timergara District Lower Dir KPK and Imsearching every time u by google ur home address ur complete data but u are not in google ur all information home ETC thats not present in the google anyway ye jitney bhi fazool question aap sey loog kartey hay ye saarey MQM waley ladkiya aur boys hay ye tu aap mujse behtar jantey hay k ye dehshatgard hay already aur Altaf husain k Kuttay hay NAdeem Dar Sahab Apna khayal rakkiye take care its my real own no u can call me every time 03459535401 I really Love you My Great Elder brother NAdeem Sahab

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