Call world-wide at Local Call rate from Pakistan

Recenty I came to know of this nice telecome service from Pakistan. These guyz offering you a benifit of world-wide call at local rate from any PTCL landline or any mobile number from Pakistan. To setup the system properly you need to install a software called fring or another software nimbuzz at the mobile phone you want to enable this facility or if you have a latest nokia phone that has SIP functionality. Also if you want to call from Landline / Mobile to PC you may do it and only you have to pay for a local call in Pakistan.

Infect this is a telephone number mapping service. First you have to register an account at their website You have to provide any landline or mobile number as a source number (The number from which you or your family want to call from Pak)

How Connect2pk works

How Connect2pk works

When your registration is complete you are ready to use this service. Then prepare your Mobile phone/PC to recived the redirected call. You may do that by following ways.

  • Install Fring at your mobile and setup SIP settings in it.
  • Install Nimbuzz and setup SIP settings in it.
  • Use SIP setting in your phone (If provided by your phone manufacturer)
  • Install X-Lite Software at your PC to recive call from Phone to PC

When you finished with any of the above go online from your Mobile Phone/PC. Please note that your network operator will charge you for Internet Data usage. I suggest subscribe for a data package provided by your Network operator, as I am living in Saudi Arabia I am using Al-Jawal 120 data bundle. You may subscribe for a bigger bundle depending on your use. Finally ask your buddies in Pakistan to call at the given numbers (Provided by This will connect your buddies in Pakistan to Connect2pk server in Pakistan, then your call will be redirected to the Mobile phone/PC where you are online, any where world wide, Your buddies will only be charged a local Pakistani call.

That’s it

Currently the maximum duration of a single call is 20 min, however that’s enough when it is cheaper. May be in future they will update this service.

If you need more support about Installing software or setup, please visit and check forums or support section.

The Freedom to talk globally:

The rise of revolutionary new PC telephony concepts has given birth to a Pakistani venture,! The vision is to provide free international telephone service initially and then to expand, making Pakistan and its people proud! lets you call absolutely anywhere in the world for free. You have to register on the website and map a number to your account to enable it to dial for free! The receiver (on a PC) also needs to be a registered member of and he can receive any calls using a PC based phone software at the convenience of only a few clicks!
Long distance calls, which have traditionally been extremely taxing on one’s financial resources are no longer a worry. saves you thousands of Ruppees!

Just log on to and register yourself as a member. Extensive FAQ’s and guidelines will help your way to setup your account!

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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  2. what a tremendous package !!! telenor is awesome …. what a great package they are going to provide …. great …. and thankx for such a nice information……….

  3. muhammad zulqarnain gondal says:

    kindly tell me about how can i call to a mobile num in ksa from my pc pls pls…

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