3 Tips for Increasing WiFi Range of a Wireless Laptop

Many new notebook computers contain built-in Wi-Fi network adapters. These adapters are integrated circuit chips. Other wireless laptops utilize external network adapters such as PCMCIA cards or USB adapters. When using a notebook with public hotspots, a strong Wi-Fi signal is necessary to ensure successful Internet access and good connection speed. A wireless laptop with limited range is likely to suffer from slow or dropped Internet connections.

We may Consider these three options for improving the signal range of a wireless laptop.

1. Install an external Wi-Fi antenna on the laptop (if possible).

For this option to be feasible, the laptop must support add-on antennas. Look for a special jack similar in appearance to a headphone or microphone jack. Sometimes these are called “SMA jacks.” Consult the laptop product documentation for details.

2. Use a USB wireless network adapter with external antenna.

USB Wi-Fi adapters hook onto the back or side of a laptop with a short USB cable. The external antenna on these adapters improves signal range, and the antenna can be adjusted/pointed for fine tuning. To use this option, the laptop must have an open USB port available. Additionally, other network adapter(s) on the laptop should be disabled to prevent interference.

3. Check transmission power settings.

Some network adapters support adjusting their transmission power. If available, this setting can be adjusted through the adapter’s driver interface program, along with the other settings for wireless profiles and Wi-Fi channel number. The transmission power should be set to “maximum” or “100%” to ensure the strongest signal possible. Note that if a laptop is being run in a power saving mode, this setting may automatically be lowered and decrease the adapter’s range and signal strength.
By Bradley Mitchell

About Yasir Imran

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