Rang-e-Hina (Mehndi Designs)


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10 Responses to mehndi-designs-122

  1. someone not as nice as u think says:

    i like this one. i am sooo making this one for myself!

  2. AnGeL says:

    ur an amazing artist

  3. sonal says:

    the only design i hav seen here

  4. Yasir Imran says:

    Dear Everybody

    Thank you very much for liking these design. anybody may use this design anytime. However I am not a mehndi designer and I don’t have contact with anyone who do it professionally. Please try to find a designer in your locality and ask her to make such design.

    Thanks again

  5. seema says:

    so cut and hot mehendhi

  6. Revathi says:

    hi……………..yasir designs r wonderful

  7. mahee says:

    its simply awesm!!!!!!!

  8. tauqeer says:

    very beautiful very prety sooooooooooooooo nice

  9. Himani says:

    ur design 122 is simple but it is beautiful also. keep up ur good work.

  10. NITHYA says:

    wow its amazing…. Will you come to my marriage to put mehandhi dear……….

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