Peer-e-Kamil by Umaira Ahmed

Peer-e-Kaamil - Umaira Ahmed

Peer-e-Kaamil - Umaira Ahmed

Last day I read this book , it is just brilliant, the topic is great and the way of writing and the method of constructing the story.

This is just an inspiring book, I suggest Muslims to read it, I don’t know if this is available else than urdu or not.

In this book there is a story of a girl who was from Qadyani (Ahmdi) firqa and she got the noor-e-hidayat and turned to Muslim but her family didnt allow her to do this but she did as she was engaged with one of her cousin who was also qadyani so it wasnt possible her to get marry with him so she takes help of his neighbor named Salar who has +150 I.Q.Level

He was very different guy but the both Imama (the girl who turned muslim from qadyani) and Salar dont like each other.
Salar was the guy who was in the depth of sins but after some time he got changing in herself and he realized lots of things about islam, about life about the reality.

Comming to point after salutation, the facts shown in the book were heart & soul shaking. Many among us dont think about this and commig life but only consider it as to have the luxeries and to relax after workiing hard for gathering these luxeries. The only right path starts from ALLAH (subhana wat aala) and ends at his beloved last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (salalaho alaihe wasalam). Not as many words in mind to give the compliments.

Life is to live according to what deem you right, not what the system deem it right. God has given us the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. And when we are given the option, we have to choose wisely, we wont be given chances too many times.

This book is published by ferozesons and it is copyright protected, however still some people scanned it and make it available for download and read online.

However If you respect copyright laws you may buy this book in about (17 $) from this website

From this link you can download this book. Remember it is not shared by me, I found this link on Halagulla forums.

To Download

To read online

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42 Responses to Peer-e-Kamil by Umaira Ahmed

  1. Syed Shah Nawaz says:

    Asalam o alikum

    Respected Humaira Ahmed apka Novel PEER-e-Kamil that’s awesome. main jub bee iksay baray main sochta hun.. ???

    anyhow i want to share something about you.. plz give me you Email id..
    my id is


  2. zahida sanam says:

    PEER-E-KAMIL(PEACE BE UPON HIM) aik aisa eman afrooz novel hy jis k baary me kuch kehna shayad mery liye mumkin nahi jis trha hm smandr ki gehraie nahi maap skty isi trha is ki tareef k liye mery pass lafz nahi ye novel me na jb jb prha hr bar aik naya jahan rab ki pehchan or mery mehboob nabi (peace be upon him) ky ishq ka mujh py khula. kash k me aik bar UMERA jee se mil sakon mery dil me un k liye kitni aqeedta hy bayan nahi kr skti.agr kisi ko un ka e.mail id hy to mujy btaen mera id ha to plz mujhy zaroor send karien me tah-e-dil se us ki mashkoor hu gi .mara id hy (

  3. yasir says:

    great novel superb story tussi great oo umera g

  4. jeera says:

    First learn Einglaish yasir pa ji

  5. shshryar khan says:

    A.O.A mainy phli bar koi book is tarah sy parhi hai mjhy smj ni a ri k kaisay is noval k baray main apny tasurat dun ap ny zindgi ki bht bari haqiqt bayan ki hai jo chahay jitna apni mrzi ka is novel sy hasil kr skta hia is ko parh kr haqiqi sakoon mlta hai or sub say barh kr salaar ki dua ko parh kar yaqeenan ap k is novel ny kaie zindgion ko rahat di hai plz aisi or rahnmai wali kitabain b lkhti rahna thnx alot 4 wrote peer ay kamil….ALLAH HAFIZ

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