New Qaumi Tarana

Zardari Ki Zamin Shad Baad,
Bijli Aaye 8 Ghantay Baad,
Tou Nishan-e-Corruption Aalishan,
Shad Baad Sindh Rahay Abaad,
Zardari Ki Zamin Ka Nizaam,
Aate, Gas, Bijli Ka Bohraan,
Qaum Mulk Sub Gharaq,
Nawaz, Wakeel Pa-In-Da-Baad,
Benazir Duniya Say Farar,
Parchamae Sitar-O-Hilal,
Khoon Mein Ranga Sara Saal,
Bhool Apna Maazi Shan-E-Haal,
Saya-E-America Sar Pay Sawaar.

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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5 Responses to New Qaumi Tarana

  1. hasan says:

    bhi nawaz kai spelling nahi aayai app ko naqz

  2. Yasir Imran says:

    Welcome to my blog brother, Yes you are right, but now I have corrected it.

  3. shab says:

    فلم ۔ آؤ برباد کریں ۔۔
    ہیرو ۔ آصف زرداری ۔
    ہیروئین ۔ فہمیدہ مرزا ۔
    ولن ۔ شریف فیملی ۔
    سکرپٹ ان دبئی
    شوٹیڈ ان پاکستان
    میوزک بائے ۔ ایم کیو ایم
    ایکشن بائے طالبان
    سسپنس بائے ۔ چیف جسٹس
    کیریکٹر ایکٹر ۔ امین فہیم ۔
    فینڈلی اپیئرنس ۔ سعودی کنگ ۔
    کامیڈین ۔ شیخ رشید ۔
    سپورٹنگ ایکٹر ۔ مولانا فضل الرّحمٰن
    کیریکٹر لیس ایکٹر ۔ چودھریز
    ڈانسر ۔ شیری رحمان ، فرزآنہ راجہ ، کشمالہ طارق ، سمیرا ملک
    فنانس بائے ۔ پاکستان کی غریب عوام ۔

  4. Brother no one is happy after zardari has nominated his self as President, but but but.. at least don’t play with your national anthem.. do you think you are doing any good to your country? Don’t take me wrong, I know what are you feeling and everything, but a National anthem has its place and we as Pakistani should not, I repeat once again “SHOULD NOT” make fun of it. I really do not like doing that. I hope I will be heard 🙂

  5. Yasir Imran says:

    @ Hameed Bro

    Welcome to My Blog
    Yes you are very right, Infect I didn’t make fun of this but somebody else did it and I just posted it in my blog. I completely agree what you said 🙂
    Keep Visiting 🙂


    🙂 he he he very nice
    but sad thing is; it is true what you said
    Keep visiting my blog 🙂

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