Musharaf after Resign

Some Possible Professions for Musharaf

After Resign He could be..


Parvez Musharaf

Parvez Musharaf


Parvez Musharaf

Parvez Musharaf


Parvez Musharaf

Parvez Musharaf


Parvez Musharaf

Parvez Musharaf

Donkey Driver

Parvez Musharaf

Parvez Musharaf

Sabzi Farosh

Parvez Musharaf

Parvez Musharaf

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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10 Responses to Musharaf after Resign

  1. as says:

    interesting 🙂

  2. Khanzads says:

    Great job dear.. am really impressed your work.. keep it up..

  3. Hasan says:

    hey!! very amazing……u a also unique…i like it

  4. Dear .

    G.Musharaf is the best person for the Bright Future of Pakistan

    why you forget good Stuff about him What What he DO for pakistan

    (1) he make Bridges ,
    (2) he give you new image
    (3) he work hard for stock Exchange (17,500 point high ) on his time
    (4) he show u new Respect in world
    (5) he make new Comutrized ID card and passport
    (5) he work Alot for Punjab province
    (6) he always help pakistan

    than why Aziz Aunty Run from LAL mosque in Burqa ?
    than why Nawaz Accept to go SAudia 🙂
    before Pakistna Railway ZERO , he give u new Trains 🙂

    (7) he make University , and make FREE admission of million pakistani all world

    (8) he make very strong plan for Gawadar port ,

    he finished Devil stuff in pakistan ,

    any how if your Education person
    and if you love pakistan

    you must see what happen in 1992 ,

    what happen in Kargil war ?

    what the Condition in 1999 when Musharaf hold pakistan

    2006 pakistan world TOP 18 countries


    u never see any person who Resign that place ,

    but he Do it and show it self this is your country


    IS BLIND …..


    • boht beghairat tha ye kutta, sari qoum ko beghairti sikhai is ne
      boht khabees tha hr srkari mehkamay ka baira Ghraq kia is ne
      kafiron se mil kr lakhon begunah afghani muslim mrvay is ne
      pakistan ki baiti amarican kutton ko sale ki is ne
      qaoum ko dehshat grdon k havalay kia is ne
      amrica ka ghulam hamain banaya is ne
      buhk, berozgari, aor mehngai di is ne
      chor , badmaash hm pr musallat kiay is ne

  5. ahmad khan says:

    very funny plzz can you that kind of pics of karzai

  6. pervez Musharf do a great job for pakistan. we ,ll remember in future. He has brought transforms in education sector sp. in higher education.

  7. Famiha says:

    Hey this s very funny.Yet u should remember his good things too.

  8. Nasir Mahmood says:

    Great Job done my Dear.
    Please ask Musharaf to come back. We want to salute him. He destroyed everything and ran away. He must be here in Pakistan and do the these jobs suggested for him.
    ” Main darta wart nahi hoon”

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