Geo TV made Fun with Pakistan Flag

Is this happened by-chance or is it pre-designed?

A program (Hamarey Mutabiq by Dr. Shahid Masood) was aired on Geo TV (Pakistan) and NDTV (India) on the eve of Pakistan’s & India’s 60th Independence day where guests from both India and Pakistan were invited for discussion and included Sheikh Rasheed, Syed Mushahid Hussain and Mirza Aslam Baig from Pakistan side.

Geo TV made fun with Pakistan Flag

Geo TV made fun with Pakistan Flag

The backstage was a TV screen showing flags of Pakistan and India. The Pakistani flag showed Star of David (Jewish sign) instead of the regular five-pointed star.

Geo TV made fun with Pakistan Flag

Geo TV made fun with Pakistan Flag

This, if unintentional, is a serious blunder on part of Geo TV and they should apologize to the nation as they make a mockery of Pakistan’s identity in front of all world. However, considering the professionalism shown by the tv channels these days, this seems to be a deliberate act.

Allah knows best.

Quoted from Omar’s Blog :

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15 Responses to Geo TV made Fun with Pakistan Flag

  1. shahidrizvi says:

    I think its not un intentional..geo making these things on and off..its so controversal chanel

  2. Omar Ali says:

    there must be some reason behind this.

  3. usman aziz khan says:

    wats wrong with it?

  4. Yasir Imran says:

    They are trying to destroy Pakistan’s identity by doing this.

  5. Jack Frost says:

    6 pointed star belongs to the jews(Isreal) who wear it as locket around their necks, it is called Star of David, Pakistan has a 5 pointed Star.

    Someone should check who has controlling interest of Geo, who is the parent company and if this does not help then lift the veil of incorporation. this is serious business.

  6. Asma says:

    Its a serious issue & i dont think that it was done unintentionaly!

  7. Ahsan says:

    Stop Geo doing this.

  8. Zeeshan says:

    I’s a very serious issue.. Unintentional is a very small word for committing such a big mistake. It’s a blunder with the nation of Pakistan and more over Flag of Pakistan, which is our pirde, indeed. Geo should appologioze over this..

  9. yaasir says:

    you r right
    geo sucks
    i never watch this freak channel

  10. zahabia rashid says:

    well, i wil just say tht its not un intentionaly. geo has been spreading controversies b/w govt n public rather than playing any positve part. this chanel ws rightly banned n it shuld b again now.

  11. Mehar Waqas says:

    Yeah Its a Very serious issue…
    And this game is played by Hammid Mir

  12. Farhad Ahmed Jarral says:

    Its not GEO its JEW.. Jew had always tried to make wrong propaganda and wrong news.. This Nation needs to condemn these type of stupidity by JEWS.. SHAME on geo, this channel is to be sealed by the Government!

  13. Jubair says:

    I was in doubt before that its geo or jew but from that activity it is confirmed that its jew not geo.

  14. Saad says:

    Geo is a zionist channel supported by zee network which is further supported by Raw.And as we all know Raw is funded by MOSAAD and CIA.
    The Best thing to do is to stop watching TV.Esp ARY network,GEO network,QTV,HUMTV,ATV etc
    To add more alfalah alliedbank and warid are owned by zions.Avoid it.
    Thank you.
    May Allah Keep Us Muslims United.

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