Reko Diq is a small town in Chagai District, Balochistan . World’s largest Gold and Copper reserves are found in Reko Diq.
Tethyan Copper of Australia has taken the contract to develop this mine. Barrick Gold Corporation of Canada and Antofagasta of Chile have a joint-ownership of the copper-gold deposit at Reko Diq.

The Reko Diq deposit is being explored by…

Tethyan Copper Company Pty Ltd (75%) and the (BDA) Balochistan Development Authority (25%). Tethyan Copper Company is held jointly (50:50) by Barrick Gold Corporation and Antofagasta Minerals.
Currently the deposit is at scoping / pre feasibility stage. It is a world class copper / gold porphyry style deposit, typical of the tethyan belt.
It has been sold to the Zionist controlled regimes by the Pakistani Government under the dictator at a price of $21 billion. Rough estimates suggest that the gold and copper at the surface accounts for $65 billion worth of deposits.

Tell me how many of us know about it …remember the total debt on Pakistani Nation is $38b,
Now the question is why Pakistani media and Government is silent about it? Why it is kept secret from Pakistani Nation?

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  1. JAWAID says:

    This is the history of Poor Pakistan – Never had any loyal leader. The system is now such that honest / hardworking people can’t even compete for leadership. You can see who is leading Pakistan. May Allah help our nation, but then Allah dosen’t help those who do not help themselves. Ameen

  2. AQEEL says:

    Basically when Pakistan came into being in 1947 all their leaders except M.ALI JINNAH and LIAQUAT ALI KHAN was no more who sacrificed their lives for this beloved country and you see QUAID-E-AZAM passed away in very early stage of Pakistan and the enemies of this country killed Liaquat Ali Khan when he started to move this country to be debt less and after that these enemies ruled over Pakistan and they filled their pockets only during their rules, so how can you expect that they will think about their nation and their country, I think it will be hopeless to make a hope that our government will take a step to move this country up.Only the people of Pakistan can do this if they become unite as before 1947 and kickoff all the beurocrates from this country.

  3. Yasir Imran says:

    Exactly you are absolutely right, however I must say that Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was a loyal leader, he thought for Pakistan, he was brave and if he stayed a few more years, I am sure Pakistan is not like what it is now. He knows the politics and he knows what’s going on in the region. But if USA planned troubles for him & removed him from govt.
    BTW thanks for visiting my blog, keep visiting 🙂

    Yes that time, most of the people in the government were Nawabs and Jagirdar type, they don’t want Pakistan to grow. Also USA helped the army generals to rule the country and supported them, that’s why Pakistan in bad condition.
    Thanks for visiting my blog brother, keep visiting in future 🙂

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