Stop Buying Danish Products

Stop Buying Danish Products

Assalamualaikum. (We greet you in the Name of God. Peace be with you).

I refer you to the latest Lego “collection” recently launched in Denmark.
As a law abiding Muslim who has respect for all other faiths, I wish you could start thinking about the actions of these “kafirs” (infidels, non-believers and mindless people who have no regard for other faiths and care even less if they should cause harm or inflict pain on others).

Please inform ALL our Muslim Ummah to stop buying Danish products and boycott Lego products.

Will the onslaught against the Muslims ever stop? Nay! It seems the evil ones have aligned themselves with the Devil to try and bring shame on the Muslims and blaspheme our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him); little realizing that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has been sent as a mercy unto all mankind (not only for the Muslims)… !

We ask all God-fearing people of the world, be they non-Muslim, Christian, Jewish or of any other faith, to condemn this type of action by the Danes (and in particular the Lego company) and distance themselves from the work of these evil doers. We ask you as a servant of God to distribute this e-mail message so the world can see the evil ways of these insane people.
God Almighty have mercy on us all!

About Yasir Imran

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. He writes because he want to express his thoughts. It is not necessary you agree what he says, You may express your thoughts in your comments. Once reviewed and approved your comments will appear in the discussion.
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5 Responses to Stop Buying Danish Products

  1. Dan says:

    The images of this alleged “collection” were faked. They were made by some disrespectful idiot who thought that it would be funny – the LEGO group has nothing to do with those photos, and has no intention of ever releasing sets like that. I’m pretty sure that the moron who photoshopped these images also is responsible for the equally offensive “Concentration Camp Playset” images.

    Thank you for not linking to those disgusting photos. If people would stop making and passing around such inflammatory images, there would be much fewer false alarms.

  2. mirzayasir4 says:

    You are right, I was not sure about the images so I didn’t post them here, But I am sure about Denmark’s publishing, So as a Muslim I boycott Danish products and expect from my Muslims brothers same thing.

  3. Danish toymaker Lego Group today issued a pre-emptive apology to Muslims (pbuh) around the world for the appearance a second time since spring – via e-mail and on numerous Web sites – of an authentic-looking Lego box showing the prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in a sexually compromising position with his 6 year old wife, company officials said.

    “The picture of the box is computer manipulated and in the picture Lego elements are used to depict the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in a situation of a sexual nature – with a severely offensive text,” Charlotte Simonsen, Lego’s head of corporate communications, said in a company statement.

    Lego operates its headquarters for North and South America in Enfield.

    “The Lego Group wants to stress that there is no such Lego product, and that the company totally condemns the picture and the manner in which someone has made use of the Lego products and brand,” Simonsen said.

    “The Lego Group does not know the original source of the image which back in spring appeared on some European Web sites,” she said. “Possibilities of stopping this use of Lego products and brands are being investigated, and the Lego Group is collaborating with the Danish police in the matter,” Simonsen said.

    Lego has posted a statement on its Web site,

    Reactions have been mostly disbelief that Lego would ever produce such a vile product and people who have contacted Lego thus far have been understanding.

  4. Rael says:

    I’ve boycotted Lego since they provide financial support for American terrorist Brett Kimberlin, the “Speedway Bomber”, who put bombs in high schools in Indiana and horribly maimed a man.

    Lego gave him $5k to produce a music video about “destroying” President Bush.

  5. Yasir Imran says:


    A lot of European countries are supporting behind such stupidities against third-world countries and against Islam. Thanks for your comments
    Keep visiting my blog 🙂

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